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Unread 03-04-2018, 09:37 PM
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Question Experience with rings and/or gems?

A while ago I found a website that was showing the birth chart with each planet strength and sign strength, I can't remember the name and can't seem to find any website like that anymore. Does anyone know a website like that?
Based on what I remember my Venus was weak and Moon and Jupiter as well, Mercury was the strongest followed by Sun. I was born on Sept 19th 1985 5:25 AM Galati, Romania and based on western astrology I have a
9 Virgo ASC, 5 Virgo Mars, 22 Virgo Mercury, 26 Virgo Sun,
23 Scorpio Saturn, 26 Scorpio Moon,
26 Leo Venus,
7 Aquarius Jupiter;
based on Vedic astrology however I have a Leo ASC, Leo Mars and so on, but I think the western description fits me better rather than the Vedic one. So, should I take into consideration that Venus, Moon and Jupiter are weak, or not?
The thing is, ever since I can remember I've never had a good relationship with ladies. Even if I am a girl I don't have any girl-friends and at school even from the 1st grade all women teachers have been constantly traumatizing me, trying to kick me out of school, giving me failing grades and forcing me to be re-examined by other teachers in order to pass, one of the ladies hated me so much that she lowered all my average final grades with half a point, so I even have proof but I just became so used to it that I just didn't care any more. And I am not talking about one or two cases, because I went to 6 different schools trying to escape, till one day when I just decided that whatever happens happens.
The thing is, when I was 15 my parents bought me a ring with a tiny diamond that I started wearing on my right hand middle finger and in less than a month all women teachers started being replaced either with men teachers or at those subjects where we did not have a male teacher, we were getting a new female teacher every month, so the torture ended. Ironically I was in a 80% girls class this time, I was the only one with no desk-mate however. In previous schools (with 20% girls classes) girls were all hiding in the toilette talking behind each other's back, after I got the ring I no longer noticed them doing that, and they even started talking to me as well while we were at school.
Now however none of my ex-classmates from high-school or universities wishes to interact with me, or if they do, they are rude or distant. So, I was wondering if diamonds loose their effects after a while, or will I just never be able to have any female friends?
And because I am 32, and never been in a relationship because I have not been able to find a a decent and respectful boy, a few months ago I removed the ring thinking that it might affect my love life... (I am able to talk with boys, but none of them is decent or respectful or cares about me)

So, in conclusion:
1. Do diamonds or any other rocks loose effect after a while and should be replaced? (that makes no sense to me, but I found that written online) Or should I keep it in water with salt or something for a while to regain its powers or whatever?
2. Wearing a diamond on middle finger could have a negative effect on love life, or mood, or anything?
3. I found online that wearing a ring (with or without rocks) on middle finger makes a person more depressed, unhappy, workaholic. Is that true? The term workaholic does seem to fit me, but I was thinking that is because I am a Virgo and I have 4 aspects with Saturn. Could that however be due to the ring?
4. If the diamond improved my relationship with women, but it also kept me from finding a man, is it possible for me to ever be able to have a normal interaction with women and also be able to get married and stay married to a man?
5. I read online that Jupiter is supposed to "represent" the husband, and since mine is in Aquarius and badly influenced by Mars and ASC, could that be the reason I am having a hard time finding the right guy? Is there anything I can do about it? A yellow sapphire on index finger? I read somewhere that if Jupiter is afflicted, wearing any stone on the index finger could have a bad effect on health and spiritual growth.
6. According to this book My Jupiter is supposed to be influenced by a pink diamond, so I've placed the diamond ring on the index finger for 2 days and during that time I've been a bit more jumpy, kept on singing and jumping around (I usually do that when I'm stressed) Now I took it off and I feel tired (which makes sense after two days of jumping and singling and talking and not being able to sleep) but I can no longer feel my chakras either, which scares me a bit. So, I've placed a simple silver ring on the index finger hoping to help Jupiter and help improve my mood. Could a rock on the index finger harm me, or could a simple ring (without a rock) on the index finger harm me in any way?
7. In that book it also says my Moon is supposed to be influenced by Spessartite Garnet and I wore a bracelet made of that on my left hand for two weeks but during that time my left hand hurt, and the pain got stronger and stronger, and the hand felt like it had fever, like it was getting some sort of inflammation. After I took off the bracelet, the pain went away and the temperature dropped as well. So I am a bit confused and scared of trying any rocks now. I also wore a Black Spinel silver ring on my right hand ring finger, which is supposed to influence the Sun, but I didn't feel anything or noticed anything out of the ordinary. I did not clean the Garnet in salt water and sage smoke before wearing it though. Could that be the reason for the negative effect? However, I'm also wearing a Shungite bracelet on my right hand that I did no clean, but I don't feel anything there, yet.
8. According to that book Citrine is supposed to influence my Venus. Does that mean that the book is wrong and Diamond is the one that influenced Venus? Or could the book be right and Venus had nothing to do with it, but Saturn did something because of the ring on the middle finger, and it was some sort of coincidence that only male teachers remained and only in my class all women teachers kept on being replaced every month for 3 years while I was there?
9. If the book is wrong, why did I have such negative reaction to Garnet? From what I know Garnet is supposed to have something to do with Sun or Mars, and those two from what I remember were positive, I think. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance,
This is my chart, in case it helps

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Unread 03-06-2018, 08:34 AM
moniro moniro is offline
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Cool Re: Experience with rings and/or gems?

There is one more thing that doesn't make much sense, or it does, but in a weird way. All chakras have planets associated to them, or the other way around, planets have chakras. For example throat chakra (blue) has planet Mercury associated to it cause it deals with communication; but Mercury also has the little finger associated to it where we're supposed to wear green emerald. The only logic I could find behind this, is that before blue (Mercury - throat chakra), there is green (Venus - heart chakra) -- so green helps blue to form, to receive energy.... so we are helping blue with green -- we are helping Mercury by giving it the Venus rock? Why are we doing that? Shouldn't we give Mercury (the little finger) a blue rock, instead of a green one?
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Unread 03-08-2018, 12:10 AM
mathur_dinesh mathur_dinesh is offline
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Re: Experience with rings and/or gems?

Your Moon is debilitated and Venus is with Mars. Both the Moon and Venus represent women. Saturn owns the sixth house in the chart and Mars and Saturn are in close relationship. Therefore the Moon and Venus are in difficult condition. Hence women have been opposed to you.
From 1988 to 2007 you have been in the major-period of Saturn. The adverse women related results were on the front.
Venus responds to diamond and the Moon to pearl or silver. When you used them you were better.
Gems are tricky to use as they can act adversely too.
Mercury is closely aligned to Saturn through Mars. Therefore the results pertaining to difficulty in relationship continued with moderate effect.
Ketu major-period will be free of these adverse influences.
Your marriage will happen in Ketu major-period after January/2024.
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Unread 03-08-2018, 12:17 AM
mathur_dinesh mathur_dinesh is offline
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Re: Experience with rings and/or gems?

Index finger is of Jupiter. Your Jupiter is badly placed and debilitated. Middle finger is of Saturn. It is with debilitated Moon in the house of mind. Any influence through middle finger will influence a poor Moon and mind will be disturbed.
Trial and error through gems and metals is dangerous. Pray to Lord Jesus Christ for good relationships and marriage.
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Unread 03-08-2018, 04:39 AM
kshantaram kshantaram is online now
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Re: Experience with rings and/or gems?

western placidus chart : hope this helps, do share pointwise feedbacks,

mer elevated own virgo asc, growth-riches through intellectual pursuits;
wear green emerald over Gold over the little finger;

sun-mer-mars virgo, aptitude for
medicine-surgery-audit-quality management-hospital management roles;

moon lord 11th for gains debilated scorpio 3rd, gains through
moon-sat-ketu scorpio, research-occult-forensic-investigative aptitudes;
wear Pearl over Silver pendant;
moon elevated aspect taurus 9th for luck-edu-travels;

scorpio secretive, suspicious, sentimental, sarcastic, passionate;

ketu separative SN scorpio 3rd, accident prone, pain-injury-surgery,
arms-shoulders-ears-urological-piles etc;
offer red flowers at the alter at home, tues evenings;

separative south node ketu now 1.5yr transit acq 6th,
accident prone and job separations to care;

sat aspect own cap 5th, protective of luck-edu-position,
but not good for health of children;

pisces-jup 7th inimical-malefic for virgo asc,
stress-delay in marriage-relationship-vocation-business;

inimical jup over acq 5th, jup retro moreover;
stress-delay in luck-edu-romance-children-position;
gains from spouse, but under stress-delay;

lords 1/7 mer-jup over virgo-acq 6/8 unfriendly signs,
prone to conflict in marriage-relationships;

jup retro towards capricorn 5th in debilation,
elevated aspect over cancer 11th
for income-gains-friendships-relationship;
wear yellow sapphire over pendant;

jup now transit moon-sat scorpio,
trine aspect pisces 7th for marriage-relationship,
and trine elevated aspect cancer 11th for income-gains-friendships;

sat now transit own cap 5th, transit 3rd from moon,
hope good for public admin-advisory roles,
elevated aspect over libra 2nd for family-finances;

rahu NN transit venus leo 12th for foreign lands and relationships;
natal rahu taurus 9th, love of food comforts, foreign travels-pilgrimage;

venus lord 9th for luck-distant travels over unfriendly leo 12th,
artistic aptitudes, high self-pride; venus lord 2nd libra for family-fin too;
may need zinc supplements for health;
venus 12th seeking comforts in foreign lands; possessive spouse;
may wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;

sun over asc impressive personality,
but weak health during infancy especially,
and prone to separation in relationship to care;

moon-sat and rahu opposition, rise-fall in life,
seek ancestral blessings fasting No-moon evenings, taking milk-fruits;

may adapt as relevant, look forward to hear of prompt pointwise feedbacks,
true-insightful-helpful, traits-talents-health-events-prospects-plans etc,

wishing well, kshantaram
Donate to your Delight!!!

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Unread 03-12-2018, 10:59 PM
moniro moniro is offline
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Re: Experience with rings and/or gems?

I found a website that creates a vedic birth chart, also with planets strength and it says:

Planetary strength - Planet Strength
Sun (Lord of:1st house, Placed in: 2 ) 40%
Moon (Lord of:12th house, Placed in: 4 ) 35%
Mars (Lord of:9th and 4th house, Placed in: 1 ) 85%
Mercury (Lord of:11th and 2nd house, Placed in: 1 ) 65%
Jupiter (Lord of:5th and 8th house, Placed in: 6 ) 55%
Venus (Lord of:10th and 3rd house, Placed in: 1 ) 55%
Saturn (Lord of:6th and 7th house, Placed in: 4 ) 30%
RahuPlaced in: 9 80%
KetuPlaced in: 3 80%
Given planetary score tells about strength of a planet. A Planet with 50% above score will give good result and below 50% will give normal result in their dasha, bhukti periods.

And as you said, it also says Saturn period started in 1988 and Mercury in 2007. I have noticed my problems started in 1990. Could that be because of Saturn and not Venus? I had a previous ring that I also used to wear on the right hand middle finger from 1992 till 1994 when I lost it. The new one with diamond I got it in 2002 and fixed everything with ladies in less than a month. So, I was wondering, could it be possible for Saturn to have created the problems and Venus to have fixed them? And now that I am supposed to be in the Mercury period, which is supposed to be good, why am I not the little genius that I used to be when I was a kid? Donít get me wrong, Iím not complaining, I am glad to be where I am and how I am, but I was just much more understanding and intelligent and mature and profound when I was 5 years old than I am now at 32. I am experimenting with rocks that are supposed to be green emerald, I think. I am buying natural emerald beads online and putting them on silver wire to wear them on the pinky finger and as pendant, but I donít feel anything. Could it be that silver messes up with my brain cause of the moon, or are these rocks not emerald? In stores they give a detailed certificate only for diamonds, but they donít say anything about the emeralds like the cut, clarity, origin or anything else in order for me to know if itís real or not.
And if Mercury is supposed to be good and Venus and Jupiter is supposed to be good too, why am I not able to find someone compatible with me? Or how can I know for sure which planet is good and which one is bad and what to do to improve the situation? And during this Mercury period, what is supposed to happen? I mean maybe itís already happening and I just donít know thatís the thing I am supposed to look for. Should I go back to school since Mercury deals with learning?

And I do see the Scorpio Moon in me, meaning I want it all or nothing, I donít want to have sex with someone I am not married with. But I donít see the Leo Mars or Leo ASC. I see myself as more of a Virgo mars and asc who is obsessed with details and looking for perfection, and interested in health as you said. I know a girl who was born only 20 days before me and has Leo Mars and Mercury on western astrology and she really behaves like a Leo, being a bully and obsessed with getting attention, while I prefer keeping a low profile and not being noticed. So if western astrology shows where planets really were, and not the Vedic one, how do I know now which planets are strong or good and which ones are not? Cause the planets strength I have written above was from a Vedic website called onlinejyotish, if you know a better one, or one based on western astrology, please do tell. Thank you
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Unread 03-12-2018, 11:12 PM
moniro moniro is offline
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Re: Experience with rings and/or gems?

Dear kshantaram, yes, I think the western chart fits me better. Where could I find a more detailed interpretation of what you gave me? I am trying to stay away from the accident prone periods, or try to calm myself. Thank you
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Unread 03-12-2018, 11:23 PM
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Re: Experience with rings and/or gems?

I donít know about the weak health during infancy. My grandpa died when I was born and my mom was very upset and couldnít breastfeed me, so I grew up on rice milk cause thatís when a nuclear explosion also took place so they couldnít give me anything fresh either. And she also didnít know that she was supposed to dry my ears so I got otitis when I was only one month old, and they were afraid that something bad might happen and baptized me when I was only few weeks old. But despite all these bumps I survived, so I would say extremely lucky and healthy 🙂
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Unread 03-13-2018, 11:27 AM
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Smile Re: Experience with rings and/or gems?

Dear kshantaram, I find your description interesting, a bit confusing which is why it took me a while to process it, but overall true (the parts that I think I understand) and I am willing to try all the remedies you mentioned.

1 - elevated mercury - I can do intellectual work - true, I feel the need to understand and process data and prefer analyzing instead of doing things that make no sense, and overall I think I have more brain power instead of physical strength. I will buy an emerald ring in gold for little finger. White or yellow gold? Right or left hand, or both? With or without diamonds (most in stores are with, but I can order without)

2 - sun, mercury, mars in virgo - aptitude for medicine and surgery - true, I've always been interested in medicine and anatomy (till I was 6 I wanted to become a doctor) and as a kid I used to dissect dead creatures till my mother saw me and told me there are viruses and I could get a disease by doing that, and afterwards I started disinfecting myself and tried to stay away from kisses cause most viruses are in the mouth, which later on created a problem with a lady teacher who wanted to kiss me on my birthday and got upset cause I pulled away out of reflex. However the biggest problem is that whenever I see an injury my 1st chakra hurts so much that I feel I am about to faint.

3 - moon lord of 11th goes to 3rd - I don't understand much of this, but I learned to speak Italian and French just by watching TV from the age of 4 till 7 - I was translating TV conversations to my parents and they were verifying me by reading the subtitles. Later on TV switched to English, which is why I speak English now.
- research and investigative aptitudes - true, I think this is what I am doing now, trying to investigate and understand what is true and what is not about astrology. I will try to get a pearl over silver pendant. White, yellow, pink, gray, blue pearl? With silver necklace as well?

5 - I don't understand this one - do I have to give my mom red flowers on Tuesdays in the living-room?

6 - 10 - I don't understand these, except that there is delay in marriage - true, I'm 32, never been in a relationship cause I can't seem to find someone I like and who likes me back and who I am compatible with, so there is a bit of a delay. Any ideas how to find the right guy faster?

11 - in order to fix relationships I need a yellow sapphire over pendant - in what kind of metal and how many carats?

12 -14 - I don't think transits work for me, or maybe I just don't know how to use them? I haven't met and I don't know anyone interested in me or anyone I am interested in. Is there a way I can make these transits visible or effective or something?

15 - when I got the diamond ring I also got a white gold cross with 0.25 diamond. Do you think that one influenced me, and not the ring? Should I get one of platinum instead of white gold? And could I combine the platinum with diamond and yellow sapphire, or do I have to get 3 different pendants with different metals and rotate them while experimenting with them? And should the diamond touch the skin at the heart chakra, or the platinum to touch the skin at heart chakra?
- may need Zn supplements - I do think Zn and Cu are out of balance and trying to figure out which one I need and how to get it (I am taking Fo-Ti or He Shou Wu supplements for that)
- artistic and high self pride - I don't know, compared to what? I guess only a third party can confirm that one

16 - weak health during infancy - definite no - many bumps in the road during infancy but extremely lucky and strong health. I was born with 5 other boys at the same hospital, same day; only myself and one other boy survived.

17 - seek ancestral blessing??? - I always felt like I am being protected by some form of energy, but they don't feel like ghosts to me, I mean they are friendly, they don't scare me (while the thought of ghosts scares me) And I do eat only once per day, in the morning only, even if there is full moon or no moon at all. It feels great, better than when I was a vegan. I've been a raw vegan few years ago, for a few years. Not any more, now I can no longer have fruits (my stomach hurts and I turn yellow when I eat fruits) Now I eat only once per day and it feels awesome, I highly recommend it.

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