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Unread 10-03-2017, 04:27 AM
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Unhappy College Student: Lost, depressed, lonely. (Chart Reading?)

Hello, I'm a sun in Scorpio, and also new to the forum and looking for more of a in depth reading of my birth chart and how it is affecting my life, and how I should handle future endeavors

I'm in college with one friend (I've never had any friends in general), and I'm feeling lonely and lost and like I have no real place in the world D: I'm always battling with myself!

Life for me right now pretty much blows! I've read a website's description of my chart and is shows that I am very self-critical, and can be very self-destructing. Which is true (I suffer from body dysmorphia, OCD, anxiety etc)

I am a bottler of emotions, I struggle with self-confidence and major insecurities. I'd love to have WAY more friends, but I'm so introverted and picky! It really seems as though, I tend to not attract friends as much as I wish to.. I was wondering why.

It also seemed to say that I am very naive, and believing of people's words. Making it so I am easily manipulated. I tend to keep my head in the clouds, and also look for the best in people.

It seems as though I am always giving to people, and they are always taking and it feels as though I'll never meet someone who genuinely loves me for me. My relationships with others tend to die off fast either because of my insecurities or my tendency to make a relationship seem better than what it is. I also feel as though no one truly likes me like they say they do.

I also know somewhere in my chart (I believe the Sun Opposed Neptune) has to do with a distant and/or cold father. My father (an alcoholic) is and was physically and mentally abusive to my mother and I witnessed it within my childhood. I don't know if that factors into my life somehow.

I guess I'd really just like to know why does it seem like my life is just unstable and is destined for the worst? I read somewhere that I'll have to struggle and work twice as hard as the next person to make it in life. (I know it also says I love arts (which I do, I'm in school for Product Design (in which my portfolio was waitlisted )), My birth chart also claims I will be financially and professionally unstable?! Is school even worth it?!!!

Will I ever find friends? Or a love partner? How do I make sense of this all?

I appreciate any in-depth readings, or findings in general! ♥ Thanks guys.

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Unread 10-03-2017, 04:58 AM
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Thumbs down Saturn opposed Sun (Doomed in life/relationships?)

I recently read my birth chart and began looking up which each section meant, and came across Saturn opposition to the Sun. This article was very eye-opening and made me feel kind of sad as it is very true in many ways.

It basically says that I had a failed relationship with my father, whom is very distant, not family oriented, abusive emotionally and physically (to my mother), and is an alcoholic (although EXTREMELY lucky in life, good paying job, etc)

It says "As a child or adolescent you may not have had enough experience in being a part of life and of all of creation." I feel I never really had a good childhood due to the fact my mother was young, we moved a lot, my parents' unstable relationship. And just the fact I always worried about things children that age are not supposed to worry about

(I feel my mom is very unlucky in life as well, not many friends, being EXTREMELY giving and the world just seems to take, take, take) (I'm wondering if she plays an aspect into why I sort of suffer in this way) So I was sort of there for her to vent to, and help her through her endeavors. I had to grow up fast.

And it also claims that due to this failed father relationship I will always look for a fatherly-figure in love and relationships. And also that I will meet difficult and selfish people, always having to compromise?! Why?! This page says a lot about work, work, work and barely any reward or true happiness.

Even still, why I can't I meet people who have my best interest at heart?
Also, what exactly do they mean by:

"You will meet many difficult people with whom you'll have to learn to compromise. Some may be yourself as you once were on the path of life, but you won't recognize yourself this time in that other being. Others will be negative, selfish or stingy people to whom you feel strangely attracted; but again you need to learn to not react, and to understand that life is just showing you a dark side of yourself in the other. "

I do not understand this?! Will I ever find love with someone who is genuine? Or will all my relationships be about compromising? Will my life just be a bunch of hard work with no pay off?

Thanks in advance for any help! ♥

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