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Unread 12-03-2018, 11:02 PM
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Any experiences with Moon and Mercury in hard aspect to Venus and Neptune?

I've had a crush on this girl born in 1993 (I was born on July 3rd, 1996). Her birthday's September 24. I don't know her exact time of birth so I'm missing a key piece of information, but without knowing her ascendant and planets in houses I can see that she has Mars Square Neptune. She was born in Chengdu by the way. She doesn't believe in astrology but I've told her a bit about it, she didn't seem so keen but anyway.

What strikes me is that she has her Moon conjunct both Uranus and Neptune, and her Mercury squaring both Uranus and Neptune. Aspects such as these significantly contrast my chart, because my chart does not have a single personal planet in aspect with an outer planet.

I've been attracted to her in a way I can't really put into words, she does have Venus Sextile Mars and from my experience Venus-Mars aspects do give people a decent amount of charisma even if they're not the prettiest or most handsome in objective terms.

However, after getting to know her better, I already have doubts as to whether she'd be compatible for me in the long run as I am looking to settle down. This leads me to her Moon-Uranus / Neptune and Mercury-Uranus / Neptune in hard aspect.

Starting off with the Uranus aspects, I've noticed that emotionally and in her thinking, she is a lot more free-spirited than I am. She believes in maintaining distance even with people she has close relationships with, and believes distance is the key to longevity. While I also need time to myself for recharging my batteries, I believe the opposite. For me, the key to longevity is intimacy and closing the distance. I try to take care of her and do little things for her but today she said it makes her feel uncomfortable as she's used to being independent. The way my personal planets work in terms of aspects seems to be completely different to hers.

To give some key examples, while she has key personal planets in aspect to Uranus and Neptune, my personal planets have a much heavier Saturn theme to them, which makes me more reticent and tied down. My sun, Mercury, and Jupiter all square Saturn, which makes me feel a lot older than my age, and my Venus is sextile Saturn (hers is opposite). My Moon also has much more 'intimate' aspects with other planets, being in trine with Venus and Mars. My Venus and Mars are both opposite my ascendant and therefore conjunct my descendant, making me a 'we' person more than a 'me' person.

On the other hand this girl's Uranus energy, especially in hard aspect to her Moon and Mercury, makes me feel that a fear of very deep attachment in mind and heart is something within her character. She has commented on how remarkably mature I am in some ways, but feels that our approach to relationships is too different. Moon and Mercury squaring Uranus, I believe, may also lead to wild mood swings and unusual thoughts that are bad for stability.

Neptune in hard aspect to Moon and Mercury is equally concerning to me. It points to delusions, restlessness, and a constant sense of wanderlust where one's emotional and intellectual needs may never be fulfilled.

She seems a lot more sociable than me, despite other placements such as Capricorn moon and Venus in Virgo while I have Aquarius moon and Venus in Gemini. She seems to be a lot more lively than me and doesn't like to be tied down, while I'm a lot more restrained and I feel guilt and duty a lot more than she does. She says it feels "strange" and "pressuring" being with me but doesn't want to upset me. She doesn't like being taken care of too much by anyone, while I'm all about caring.

I'm also seriously re-evaluating things, because at first I got the impression that she's the kind of person who's calm and collected on the outside but deep and sensitive on the inside, but it turns out she's not as deep as I thought and she has an independent / erratic streak in a negative sense.

Now the question is: Unless there are mitigating factors, what are your experiences with people (or with yourself) who have key personal planets in hard aspect to the outer planets (especially Uranus and Neptune), and in this case, Moon / Mercury in hard aspect to Uranus / Neptune. Also, on a broader level, have you noticed any differences in "energy" between people whose personal planets don't form any aspects to outer planets versus those who have personal planets in aspect to outer planets?

My hypothesis is that individuals whose personal planets form aspects with outer planets have, more or less, an interest in connecting with an impersonal / universal / global dimension over sticking to the personal and down-to-earth. I could be wrong, but as someone whose personal planets don't form any aspects with outer planets, most of the time I feel grounded and secure when I stick to what's close and known. This could be the influence of Cancer + Saturn, but I'm not certain.

It's like we're opposites. The more you know me, the more conservative and rigid you'll find me though I appear easygoing. She can be very determined and focused, but the more you know her the more you realize how free-spirited she is. It's still hard though because it's like this girl has some kind of inexplicable magnetic force drawing me towards her.

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Unread 12-03-2018, 11:07 PM
BaoSanniang BaoSanniang is offline
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Re: Any experiences with Moon and Mercury in hard aspect to Venus and Neptune?

Thing is, you'd think she's the one with the Aquarius moon and Gemini Venus while you'd think I am the one with Capricorn moon and Virgo Venus, if you get what I mean.
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Unread 03-31-2019, 03:13 PM
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Re: Any experiences with Moon and Mercury in hard aspect to Venus and Neptune?

The Moon, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune interplay you describe means she is strange and wild.

I agree about the Mars/Venus aspects. I call it animal magnetism. There is the suggestion in their manner of a passionate and erotic dimension. They are accomplished flirts. They don't like to go long between lovers.

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Unread 03-31-2019, 09:06 PM
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Re: Any experiences with Moon and Mercury in hard aspect to Venus and Neptune?

Please post her birth date and place. We can use noon as the time of birth.

Do you and she DATE or is this just attraction from a distance?

You have the advantage of looking at your chart and hers. If you want information from US you have to give us the same info you have. Otherwise it is just guessing which is useless. In other words we need your chart too.

Combinations of Moon, Merc, Neptune, Uranus are not considered energies that lead to logical, honest, conscious, communication and action. Adding Mars just puts into action dynamics which may not be linked to reality.

But other indications might modify this. So we need the charts,

"The universe does not care if it inconveniences you."

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