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Relational Astrology Relationships and the astrological methods of interpreting them are discussed here.

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Unread 05-15-2007, 09:07 AM
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Synastry aspects

Hi :-)

I'm looking at a synastry chart and I see: Mars in Scorpio (man's) and Venus in Scorpio (woman's) they are far away for a conjunct but in Sagittarius Mars of the woman and Venus of the man are at less than 1 degree distance... this sound very hot, what do you think? Both are with Sagittarius Suns.
Anyway, what I'm interested about mostly is Mars in Scorpio, is it easy to handle it?

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Unread 05-15-2007, 11:58 AM
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Re: Synastry aspects

Hi Cleopatra,

An intense combination although isn't Mars comfortable in Scorpio but Venus is less comfortable in Scorpio. I was looking at Leonardo Dicaprio's chart yesterday and he has Venus in Scorpio I can't remember now if he had Mars in Scorpio. But he had a lof of Scorpio energy (I used to fancy him when I was a teenager, posters all over my wall). I was going to post his chart and Julia Roberts chart as I found the charts interesting in that the film roles they played matched up to their charts. In Leonardo's case he must have been killed in about 5 of his films he drowned in Titanic, was shot in a western film, he shot himself in Romeo and Juliet. I can't remeber the rest but he also played the role of an young boy who's stepfather was very abusive. Fits his Scorpio character well Life and Death.

Sorry for going off topic , I am not sure if you wanted a natal reading of Mars in Scorpio, but if you did here is some of what Jeff Green says on the Mars/Scorpio placement.

Mars in Scorpio

This placement will correlate to the soul that desires to penetrate and understand the mystery of itself. Mars in Scorpio will produce an extremely intense energy system that is inverted from within itself. The inversion of this energy is used by the soul to consciously focus on the nature of it's desires, the nature of it's motivations, and intentions produce.

The souls intention is to understand the nature of it's emotional dynamics and the fears that emenate from those emotional dynamics, to understand the nature of it's anger and rage, to understand the nature of personal power and the proper and improper use of such power, to understand the right use of will at an egocentric and soul level, to undrstand how the misuse of will can lead to manipulating other's in order for the Mars in Scorpio person's desires to be met, to understand the nature of it's personal limitations relative to what is and is not possible, the reason's and role of inner and outer confrontation, and to understand the nature of sexual energy and the right use of such energy.

Within this Mars in Scorpio reflects a soul that desires to do a tremendous amount of personal work on itself in the sense of evolving beyond and metamorphosing the nature of it's fixed patterns of behavior and compulsions of all kinds. In this way the soul actualizes its Karmic and Evolutionary intentions.

Sexually speaking, Mars in Scorpio desires to use its intensity of the sexual energy as a vehicle to unite ego and soul of another. The intention is to merge in both ways so that the limitations of the ego metamorphosed through merging with the soul, and, through extension, to the Divine.

Mars in Scorpio will use sexual energy as a vehicle of emotional and psychic renewal, as an outlet for the build up of deep intense, and compressed emotional energy. Karmically Mars in Scorpio desires to learn the value of emotional/sexual comittment versus following every compulsive attraction. Within this the Mars in Scorpio desires to learn about it's sexual compulsions, it's attraction to sexual taboos, the nature of sexual possession, and the jealousy that follows the nature of it's projected sexual fears linked with a partners potential infidelities, and the nature of it's sexual desires that are linked with the archetype of the Dark Eros.

In evolutionary terms, Mars in Scorpio must learn, and desires to learn, that Karma is directly osmosed and exchanged through sexual union with others. Sexual discrimination becomes a key lesson as a result. In addittion one must learn, the difference between sexual intensity used as domination, possession, and as a potential vehicle to work out it's built up anger and rage sex as power-versus the need to use such intensity as a vehicle to unite the soul and divinity from within itself with another.

As their life evolves, Mars in Scorpio individuals must embrace their polarity: Taurus. The Mars in Scorpio emotional and sexual addictions, and fears linked with loss, betrayel, and abandonment that can create a fundamenatal fear of real intimacy can be overcome and evolved beyond by embracing the Taurus lessons of self-fulfillment, self reliance, and self sustainment. In doing so, an evolution in attitude and inner orientation has been accomplished that produces a state of self-empowerment. These individuals have learned to use themselves as their own vehicle of metamorphic change.

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Unread 05-18-2007, 09:58 AM
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Re: Synastry aspects

Thank you for your reply. I read it very carefully. I read also in Aroyo's books that Mars in Scorpio means in a man's chart a very strong magenitism. Maybe the same is for ladies when we talk about Venus in Scorpio. And I think you are right about Leonardo and he has Mars in that sign :-))
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Unread 05-19-2007, 04:59 AM
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Re: Synastry aspects

From my observations of Venus in Scorpio, it can result in a distrustful nature in love, quite suspicious of the other's intentions and much probing and analysis of the other has to be done before any sort of commitment is made. However, if the Scorpio Venus person does decide to let the other in, it can often result in highly intense, deep bonds on a soul level. The Scorpio Venus person is going to be highly selective about the other's they closely relate to, and not on a superficial basis; they are not so concerned with worldly achievements of the other as they are with soul and emotional purity and intentions. The high side of this placement is a very pure, deep and meaningful bond, but the low side may result in jealousy, extremes and overbearing attachment. It really depends on how the native handles the placement, as well as the overall placement of Venus by aspect/midpoint. The first meeting chart (and it's transits to both native's charts) will also reveal much about how Venus will function, and the composite and progressed synastry charts should also be observed for further clues.

Venus could be considered uncomfortable in this place, as it is traditionally in "detriment", yet it is possible for Venus to maintain a healthy expression in Scorpio. Relationships may take on a highly sexual tone, and certainly the Scorpio Venus person isn't going to get into frivolous or casual relations unless they personally experience power and control issues. If the partner is up for the intensity, and can gain the respect of the Scorpio Venus native, certainly things could be quite interesting. An other with a strong Pluto placement may also especially appreciate the other's Scorpio Venus, as Plutonians bear the intensity Venus in Scorpio admires.

Sharing of resources on all levels becomes very important to Scorpio Venus people, including internal (soul/sexual) and external (physical/monetary) resources. The Scorpio Venus native requires clear and honest communication in all areas of sharing and partnership, and detests any attempts to hide or obfuscate intentions.

Emotions run high with Venus in Scorpio, as water (Scorpio is fixed water) rules the emotional being. There is also often a degree of inflexibility, due to Scorpio's fixed nature. Sometimes this manifests in the native taking the relationship too seriously or personally, lacking detachment, and/or an "all or nothing" attitude towards relating in general. They tend to make extreme sacrifices for love, but only if they truly believe the other is worth it. For those relating to a Scorpio Venus native, it is best to realize and observe just how much the native may sacrifice for them, and show appreciation and understanding of the other's willingness to do so, and be sure the other doesn't ever get into a state of feeling used or abused by ensuring they don't cause the other to take unnecessary sacrifices leading to a less than mutual feeling from either side.

These natives tend to be preoccupied with the underlying psychology of those they relate to, and how their internal mental and emotional processes work. Don't be surprised if these natives want to probe your inner workings, and realize that shutting them out of your inner self will be equivalent to pushing them away.

Also be aware these natives may use sex or shared resources as a power tactic, "attachment entrapment", or method of control, yet those who handle this placement in a higher-functioning manner will have either transmuted this possibility or never expressed it in the first place.

The above words on Mars and Scorpio are quite well put, better than I could do, and one should remember that Mars rules Aries and Scorpio on the classical zodiac, so from a classical standpoint Mars is at home in Scorpio.

With the relating planets paired in signs, they may "click" very well, especially at first, but the lack of differences may create a slump later on down the line as the energies will be similar. Often times, we relate very well to people of similar energies, but lack the dynamic interaction to perpetuate the experience. However, one should take the whole of the chart into consideration, as there may be other highly dynamic and exciting placements which will constitute this part of the relationship. If that was to be the case, these sign-conjunct placements may constitute the similar ground on which the other dynamic interaction finds its "base" -- We all need a healthy combination of similarities and differences to perpetuate a healthy and meaningful relationship.

In consideration of the wide-of-conjunct but both-in-Scorpio placement first mentioned, you might consider the ruling planet of the decanates and dwads of Scorpio in question. These two planets will exhibit a further dispositorship of these natal objects, further affecting the planet's interaction. Decanates and dwads don't exhibit a really strong influence, but an influence none the less, and should be considered to extract more meaning from the placements

Of course I havn't seen the whole chart, but i would agree this is an interesting setup and will likely encourage some strong attraction between the two in question. Don't forget to look for close-orbed squares or oppositions between naturally at-odds planets, which can cause real troubles in relationships through strong and hard-to-resolve differences, and you might also check out the Sun/Moon and Venus/Mars midpoints to add some additional detail to the analysis. I also find the Lunar nodes to be very telling of relationship connections, as they often point to the karmic meaning of the relationship.
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