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Relational Astrology Relationships and the astrological methods of interpreting them are discussed here.

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Unread 01-13-2009, 12:47 PM
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sun signs in quincunx 150' signs generally

Generally, then why certain sun signs dont get on with 150' quincunxed signs. Not exact sun sign to sun sign as in synastry, just generally. Just though you might enjoy my expressions....

Aries quincunx signs are Scorpio and Virgo.
Aries is very straightforward, what you see is what you get, calls a spade a shovel and is very direct and to the point, rather impatient and impulsive, soon to flare up soon to flare doesn’t hold grudges. Very good at starting things, motivating people and starting projects but not good at finishing them, not very good with money either except spending it. Aries belongs to a group of 3signs which values it freedom and independence very highly. Sagittarius and Aquarius other two.

Now Scorpio, definitely what you see is not what you get, very secretive, private and plays its cards close to its chest. Extremely analytical, great for research and ferreting things out but 100% wants control and will use any tactic to get it including psychological mind games and emotional manipulation. Scorpio will never understand why if you are in a committed relationship, would you want freedom and independence! Definitely won’t appreciate you blurting things out and telling everyone their business.

Although its easy to see why these people get together, because they are both highly sexed signs. In fact Aries is joint second place with Taurus, but Taurus is much more romantic and affectionate and loving, Aries wants quantity and Taurus wants quality.

Now Virgo is very similar to Scorpio insomuch as they are both extremely analytical, but Virgo is ‘born worrier’ same as Cancer, these two signs can really worry for the rest of us. They do keep churning things over and over and this can cause mental stress. Can be quite, sit at the back of classroom, wants to go unnoticed, power behind the throne. You find a lot of Virgo’s in banking/finance or complimentary therapies. Do have a thing about health and hygiene, most are very clean but some are complete opposites. Can nitpit and sometimes pay too much attention to small details and not look at broader bigger picture. Can be sarcastic, critical and very restless, cos it’s a ‘mutable sign’ and all the mutable signs are restless! There is nothing restless about Aries, can make decisions in snap instant and really wouldn’t appreciate nit picking. Aries wants to start lots projects, have a go at allsorts and Virgo does not want to scatter its energies, it focused and practical. Virgo probably wouldn’t appreciate the direct approach cos it wants to look deeply into things first, weigh up pros and cons

Its very common to have Cancer, Virgo and Leo on the Ascendant as they are signs of long ascension and get approx 4- 4 1/2hrs each sign which means there are a lot of people born with these signs on the Asc. Whereas Aquarius and Pisces get only 30-40 minutes, so obviously quite rare.

Taurus quincunx signs are Sagittarius and Libra
But with Libra they have the same ruler ie: Venus therefore there is a mutual reception going on here. Quincunx themselves are bit like an itch you cant scratch, never quite understand where each other is coming from. Little miss of something missing and can cause health problems if issues not resolved.

Spiritually any connection with another person is a Learning Lesson whatever contact but these quincunxs, people don’t really understand where they have gone wrong. My belief is that people come and out of our lives for a reason, usually there is something we have to teach others and perhaps learn from them anyway.

Taurus earth and fixed; is very practical down to earth, highly sexed, romantic, affectionate sign. It is a fixed sign as is, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo and ALL the fixed signs are stubborn and dont really like making changes unless it suits them, but usually lots of loyalty and fidelity going on. Taurus has expensive tastes, doesn’t do cheap and cheerful, likes the finer things in life. Likes gardening, cooking, great organiser, secretary, likes methodology. Doesn’t like surprises, likes partners/lovers on an even keel like themselves. Very patient but if you keep pushing will explode in volcanic manner eventually.

Sagittarius is fire and mutable sign, therefore restless wants lots freedom and independence and movement within relationships. Sagittarius the sign of born careerist, teacher and traveller. Very philosophical, broad minded free thinking and duplicitous. ALL the mutable signs can be duplicitous, do as I say but not do as I do! Sagittarius doesn’t usually like being stuck at home doing nurturing it wants to be out having social life and social contact (and drink….) with people and independence.

All fire signs tend to act first and think later. Some Sagg can be bit of thrill of chase me merchants or catch me if you can, cos they like to play the field first and usually quite late for settling down. Taureans wont understand this need to be out all the time and why they not content like them to be in the family unit. Sagg may well feel bit stuck in a rut and want to do things without partner which will inevitably make Taurus feel insecure and unloved.

Libra is cardinal and air sign. ALL air signs want to talk and Librans can be very charming diplomatic people but extremely indecisive. Doesn’t want to have to deal with anything ugly or unpleasant or argumentative around them even though quite capable of starting an argument themselves. So Taurus doesn’t have any problems making decisions and wont understand why Libra procrastinates so much. Taurus will have tendency to make decisions for both. Taurus may not talk enough for Librans or socialise enough

Gemini quincunx are Capricorn and Scorpio
Gemini is air and mutable sign. All air signs want to talk and Gemini is real chatterbox, tends to know a little about a lot but not in great depth. Gemini like Libra can really procrastinate and be indecisive and are usually attracted to strong partners who want to make the decisions for the relationship, like Leo or Scorpio. Likes variety, witty and quick and clever with their minds and tongues, but unreliable and very restless.

ALL mutuable signs, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo are restless and I have found the reason. They are all somehow looking for the divine answers to the meaning of life and somehow just think its always around the next corner or out of reach. Some are perpetual students thinking that if they have enough information, they will have all the answers that everyone else wants to know about.

Scorpio, there is nothing restless here but grimly determined and wanting the control and power in any relationship and wont understand their restlessness and need for variety and stimulus and why they don’t like or want to make any decisions. Gemini wont understand for Scorpio need to control everything and possible use sex and method of controlling. You find an awful lot of Gemini in service industry, shops, stores where they don’t have to deal with anyone on a deep and meaningful level (scorpio always wants deep and meaningful but wont get it with Gemini) just superficial. Gemini will probably find the digging and delving rather draining.

Capricorn is cardinal and earth. Capricorns, serious, hardworking ambitious. Care very much about status, achievements and career and what people will think. Practical, excellent with money and hanging onto it longer and harder than the rest of us. Cancer and Capricorn share these traits tight…. Capricorn and Cancer are also the two horders of the zodiac, Cancer hordes for emotional and sentimental reasons, old birthday cards, anniversary cards old photos anything looking back. Capricorns hords for practical reasons, these people have attic or/and garage full of junk just in case the brownies want a pair of curtains cutting up for something. Capricorns always want value for money and expect their purchases to last. Capricorn will always want to structure the life of Gemini and keep them grounded, which is probably what they need. Capricorn and Scorpio at the two least sociable signs. Hence the problem Gemini has to talk and socialise and doesn’t want to want the pennies

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