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Relational Astrology Relationships and the astrological methods of interpreting them are discussed here.

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Unread 10-24-2018, 05:58 AM
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venus-pluto, mars-pluto and a couple more aspects experience

I thought I'd make this forum to give people more of an explanation of how venus-pluto, mars-pluto and a couple of other aspects really manifests and feels like.

I went on a date yesterday with a man who's pluto squares my venus 0.38 degrees and our mars conjunct pluto below 1 degree in the composite chart. There are a couple of more aspects like sun sextile pluto, venus on my asc and north node, mars square venus, and sun opposite saturn.

We are also both double hades moon. He has a moon in scorpio conjunct pluto. I on the other hand have moon in 8th house trine neptune, in taurus, opposite pluto(also keep in mind I have moon conjunct algol)-this is very important to this experience. I also have lilith on my MC opposite my sun. I feel like all of these natal aspects come out in the way we acted in these situations. I also natally have a mars conjunct neptune.

He adds me on facebook and messages me after a day of me accepting his request. I feel an urge to not only respond but to continue talking to him (which is soo different from what I usually feel for a long time). He also tells me he saw me on the streets before. (So I don't know if he made an effort to find me from that day or it was random)

We have our first phone conversation and in it, I tell him a lot about myself, my past history and who I am. I naturally felt comfortable. But he starts talking sexual to me, and tries to make it into a phone sex session.

We talk another day but the sleeziness wouldn't stop but when he's not being that way, he seems very kind.

We finally plan to meet at a coffee shop. By the time I arrive, he calls me and says that he is at the drive through and asks me to choose what I want before I'm even there. When I do arrive, he parks the car, doesn't get out, and once I'm by the car, I realize things are not going according to plan and he tells me to sit inside.

I kind of get scared but I enter because I didn't want to be rude or seem weak. He looks older than the pictures, and chubbier. He asks me why I seem so shy and said "I don't look much like my pictures do I?" I say no not at all, that is not it(that's a lie but I just want to be nice. But I ask him how old he is to which he says 27, and then he proceeds to ask me if I'm sure I'm legal 'cause I look really young. (I'm 22)

He drives me to a 'park he wanted to show me.' This is when I start getting frightened because there was nobody there in the park. He asks me if I'm afraid and he's insecure I may think he has other intentions, and I lie to him that I'm not. He asks me to kiss him, and I tell him that if it feels right, I will. He tells me that I promised, so he just ends up kissing me, holding my face and pulling my hair slightly.

Each time, he figures I'm scared and so he feels the need to tell me to chill and that he would never throw his career and everything away.

I try starting a conversation, but he kisses me again and grabs my hand and puts it 'there' to which I take my hand back.

He asks whether I wanted to go for a walk, to which I gladly replied yes.

We get out and see a nice hill (woods) that's terribly hard to climb. He wanted to go up there, and I took up the challenge for the hell of it. But he helped me climb up. This hill once you're up, it's not easy to climb down.

Each time trying to manipulate me with words so I could succumb. And tries one more time. At this time, I am scared that he'll rape me as there were literally not a soul there. I tell him that I promise to kiss him if he helps me go down the hill. That it would be like some sort of reward.

He goes on a rant about how, he knows what I'm doing and when we go back in the car, and he drops me off, I'll discard him. He also senses that I'm scared and I'm manipulating him.

But he gives in and we climb down the hill. And I break the promise, didn't kiss him. We both go inside the car, and he looks mad. He answers three phone calls and has a conversation with each. I message my friend to call soon.

When he gets off the phone, he tells me that when he was younger he was a lot more vindictive(moon scorpio pluto anyone?) and when a girl would refuse him he would say awful things to her. And I'm like what awful things do you feel like saying to me?

He's like "I'm not going to lie, the things you said in regards to your past. I mean most guys want a fresh apple."

I tell him, I don't do things with guys on the first date and if he wanted something sexual, he should have told me. I tell him I am looking for an emotional connection and he tells me no such guy will ever want that with me and no such guy exists.

Then he's like "I'll show you something that'll make you like me."

He showed me his pictures of him earlier when he had abs and claimed he'll go to the gym and get them back, he showed me pictures of his vacation (trying to indicate he comes from wealth).

[deleted graphically sexual descriptions - Moderator]

Then I told him I wanted to leave while he was driving and to drop me off to the same location we had come from. He said okay, and he drove at high speed, took me back and dropped me off to the coffee shop and said have a good night.

I cry for a bit because I felt dissapointed, violated, insulted and scared all at the same time. Simeultaneously, a part of me felt powerful for making him apologize and beg for me(That too a scorpio).

After I go home, I cuss him out. Call him a borderline paedophile for liking "fresh apples," and say he looks nothing like his picture. I tell him I would've given him sexual heaven if he was a decent human being. I tell him I know he was trying to buy me as well. I also tell him that I hate him for what he had done, and wish harm would befall him. He said sorry for touching me but also said I need psychological help.

That was that. I think the pull's still there. I think about him a lot but also know he's a creep and a terrible person.

I know a lot of things I did that day, was very naive of me. (Can I blame it on the neptune?). But in many instances, I did think it was in my best interest to cooperate. I also didn't think he would downright rape me. I thought he would try and get as much sexual favors from me as possible.

What I have noticed surprisingly in comparison to him though, is that I'm much more psychologically probing, private, introverted than he is(moon in 8th house opposite pluto conjunct algol, but also trine neptune and uranus, in taurus). I also seem to have the too nice until you cross the limit thing going on(then that's another story). Him on the other hand is insecure, vindictive-in the moment, senses certain vibes and acts on them instantly and impulsively and extremely sexual. We both like horror although he thinks these things are ****** up and tried stopping his like for the subject. He also has no sense of humour whatsoever unlike me who's silly quite a bit. (libra asc) He's mooon in scorpio conjunct pluto.

So what do you guys think? Of our aspects in synastry and natal aspects?

[please do NOT post graphically sexual descriptions - Moderator]

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