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Unread 09-29-2020, 04:14 PM
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Help reading a natal chart, outlining major planets and driving aspects

Hello all!

I have been trying to get into reading a natal chart and determining the strongest planets and major driving aspects in it! And well, then the harder part.. doing a little bit of interpretation. I am quite new, and wanted to share what I have been doing, in the hope of better understanding the meaning I have arrived to

I am attaching a where the natal chart is described, and I am following the advise at Hank Friedman´s site

To interpret the chart ad determine the strongest planets in the chart I did the following

First determine the power of the rising sign - (the Rising Sign, its ruler, planets that aspect the First house, and the occupants of the First and Seventh houses are the primary factors in describing both a person and the tenor of their life)

Rising Sign: Cancer

Ruler: Moon (in Piscis on the 8th house)
both first and seventh house are empty

Given that the first house is empty, I looked at the "strongest aspects" of the ruler, that is the Moon:
and although there are a couple, I used only the ones between 0 and 1°30s

that is Moon sextile Neptune (0°29) - which i understand is a very close sextile .. next would be Moon trine Pluto (at 2°02s)

2. The importance of the first house. Separate from the considerations in #1 is the fact that if there are planets in the first house, then they often have a profound impact on not only the self image but on the whole manner of expressing and embodying oneself. Never ignore first house planets.

So, no planets on the first - I guess I should then keep in mind the Moon, in Piscis - with its one or two close aspects (sextile with neptune and trine with Pluto)

3. Focality. The method used to determine which planets are strongest is as follows (The closer the planet or aspect to the Sun, Moon, or Rising, the stronger the emphasis)

A) identify planets conjunct, squared or opposite the ASC (6 degrees or less)

Sun square ASC (-3° 05s)
Mercury square ASC (0°19s)
Neptune conjuct ASC (-5°15s)

So it seems these three planets stand out, with Mercury being the strongest

Mercury is in Libra, with a close trine with Jupiter (1°29), conjunct to the sun (2°46s) and the previously mentioned Mercury square ASC (0°19s)

B)The Sun and Moon are always important, as are planets in tight (5 degrees or preferably less) aspect to them.

Sun in Libra

conjunct to the mercury (2°46s)
trine with Jupiter (4°08)
squared neptune (2°10)

Moon in Piscis

opposition to venus (3°37)
sextile neptune (0°29)

trine pluto (2°03)
trine ASC (4°42s)

So I guess here, mercury stands out for being closely conjuct to the sun, and again it before stood out for being closely squared to the ascendant. mercury itself has a close trine with jupiter, and the sun also has a trine with jupiter.

Neptune, who also had conjucting to the ASC (albeit at more than 5 orbs), also appears again, as a square to the sun, and a close sextile to the moon)

C. Bucket Handles. If a planet (or group of conjunct planets) is alone in half of the sky (i.e. with no planets in the two houses on either side of them), then they are very much strengthened and very important in the chart.

none, all planets are distributed in half the chart (mostly right side) in a somewhat even distribution in the upper and down side of the chart.

D. Stationary Planets. If a planet stood still within a day of the birth date, the planet becomes stronger and more important in the interpretation.


The Strongest Aspects. Some astrologers don't realize that the strongest aspects in the chart carry the most energy. Draw a chart with only aspect lines having one and a half degree orb or less. This "x-ray chart" will show you the strongest dynamics in the chart

So the strongest aspects have been mostly mentioned, but Ill add them here to look at the driving aspects

Moon sextile Neptune (0°29)

Mercury trine with Jupiter (1°29)
Mercury square ASC (0°19s)
venus sextile pluto (1°35)
venus sextile ASC (1°05)
mars trine north node (0°45)
Jupiter sextile midheaven (1°03)

And those are all.

So here comes the harder part, which is synthesising this analysis and trying to put the picture together.

It seems to me that, the Moon, the sun, Mercury, Neptune and to a lesser degree Jupiter are the strongest planets in the chart.

there is a balance of aspects, with very few oppositions, and quite a few beneficial trines and sextiles that are close, so they carry the most energy.

The Moon, which is in piscis, has a strong sextile with its ruler, Neptune..
and that same neptune as a square with sun (albeit at 2 degrees) and a conjuction witht the ASC (over 5 degrees)

Mercury in libra as a close trine with Jupiter in Aquarius (1°29), and also a conjuction with the Sun (which also trines with jupiter)... and both the Sun and Mercury square the AC.

Water and Air seem to be stressed in most of the planets and signs that are of most importance in the chart.

The more difficult aspects of the squares of the Sun and Mercury with the ASC might be softened by their beneficial conjunction, and also with the dual trine with Jupiter.

Would this mean that we are looking at an aligned ego with mind, agility of mind and mental energy, maybe a lucky person, but that works needs to be put into how things are communictaed, as it it can be perceived differently by others?

With the Moon, it seems that there is a strong emphasis on emotions, some psychic abilities? I believe that the placement of Neptune and the moon might mean that, specially since both seem strong in the chart. The moon trines with both pluto and the ASC which seems beneficial?
It might also be that there is a tendency to day dream? Specially the square between neptune and the sun might mean that.

As you can see, i am quite new! So I would appreciate so much any comments, and specially, pointers as tio how to interpret the chart (given the summary)

thanks for reading the very long post!!
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Unread 09-29-2020, 04:56 PM
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Re: Help reading a natal chart, outlining major planets and driving aspects

Mercury/Sun is not far from an angle (IC) and this is square Neptune which is not far from an angle (Descendant), so that is a good place start, and it will be a dominant force to which other indications may bow.

There are other prominent things that demand to be analyzed. Saturn is opposed As/Mc midpoint which is quite similar to Saturn conjunct either the Ascendant or the Mc. There is a Grand Trine Moon/Ascendant/Pluto. Some sticklers will insist that "grand trine" is the wrong description. To that I say, one trine linked to another and then another to return to the starting point. I welcome aspects to the angles, and it would be unwise to ignore such things, and so I consider it a grand trine.

Mercury-square-Neptune is prominent and critical. Sun is involved too. You are wily and slippery. With Sun near, you are a bit self-centered, and you may entertain beliefs about yourself too much.

With Saturn opposed As/Mc, you have survived a difficult life to this point. You were disadvantaged in very significant ways. Any public life may come at the price of difficulties. With this combined with Mercury-square-Neptune, you struggle to articulate. With this and an angular Sun, you have tendency to a kind of preening overconfidence that is designed to compensate for your inhibitions, but which is seldom convincing to others. You may have many older friends, and you may marry a partner who is older.

The Grand Trine Moon/Ascendant/Pluto suggests that you have keen insight into human nature. You are an intense study of those you meet. You might find profit and satisfaction from the field of psychology. You might become a gifted therapist. You are very transformative, and your life is very transformative, and those who knew you when you were young may be stunned at the change later. You are temperamental, restless, and moody.

You might do quite well as a writer. You will show great imagination with a poetic flair and a deep understanding for the motives of your characters.

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Unread 09-30-2020, 09:56 AM
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Re: Help reading a natal chart, outlining major planets and driving aspects

Thank you very much Cary2 for the thoughtful response,

specially because interpreting aspects that include more than 2 planets is outside of what I can do currently!

I am quite interested in the role of Saturn, specially because it seemed to me (in my limited understanding) pretty much left alone in most of the chart - with regards to it being opposed to the AS/MH, I guess I was sticking to the major aspects since those are the ones I can tackle (or attempt to hah). But with respect to this aspect, the way the idea is developed, does it means a difficult life as a young person? because if that is the case I can say that I have been extremely lucky (in the sense of being born with access to many things that a large part of the global population does not have access to, like healthcare, education, leisure and on top of that a loving family.... which is really just luck based.. you could have been born in a war torn location, or within an unsupportive environment).

With regards to the part of leading transformation and interest on huma nature, that is quite accurate, and that was a key characteristic of the main chanllenged I faced as a young individual... to transform myself into a version more aligned to who I was and not what was expected of me! and also, this specifically speaks to moving away from harder sciences into sciences that put human nature at the core of their study (along with nature)..

I thank you very much, because I can now begin to see how you triangulated the effect between several planets aspected with one another.

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Unread 09-30-2020, 04:06 PM
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Re: Help reading a natal chart, outlining major planets and driving aspects

Angular Saturn does not usually mean that you were materially disadvantaged. Usually the authority figures were unsympathetic to a large degree or controlling. Your individuality may have been minimized. Being raised that way leaves a mark, but it is a deep issue that most people are not open about. In my practice, clients don't acknowledge the Saturn scars because that delicacy and defensiveness is the very nature of Saturn's influence. I mention them anyway even though it is a dangerous thing to do because it is my job. If you disagree, that's fine, but I did not mean materially disadvantaged. I meant psychological disadvantages more.
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Unread 10-01-2020, 11:04 AM
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Re: Help reading a natal chart, outlining major planets and driving aspects

Thank you very much for the response again, and if it came across as defensive, sorry was definitely not the intention - but was more interested as to what it exactly meant. In that regards, Id like to think I am a bit of an open book with regards to past experiences and the opportunity to grow/learn, so ill do some meditation on the role of Saturn to see what comes up
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Unread 10-08-2020, 01:32 PM
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Re: Help reading a natal chart, outlining major planets and driving aspects

Big mistake with the birth time (mom was confused, so we checked the actual birth date on the birth bracelet) ... I had it as 00:50 AM, where it was 22:50 PM.. she got it right tho that it was 26th at night! Sorry Cary for the bad info.
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