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Unread 11-19-2018, 07:56 PM
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Govt job with diplomat job

Hi I am appearing for competitive exams. My dream job is Foreign Service. So far, things havent been too good. About to start jupiter mahadasha this month.

I am appearing again next year in june and it will be a yearly cycle. Is there any astrological possibility of clearing this exam and getting a govt job, particularly in diplomacy? Female 26


Thanks a lot!

(Sorry about the multiple threads - It wasnt showing on the phone when I posted)

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Unread 11-23-2018, 04:28 AM
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Re: Govt job with diplomat job

Not enough data. Need to know your present dasa (which can be derived from chart) and exact positions of each cusp.
Not sure if you've crossed rahu dasa or not. JUP can give you a job
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Unread 11-24-2018, 02:58 PM
Abigail1234 Abigail1234 is offline
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Re: Govt job with diplomat job

Hi, my jupiter dasha will start tomorrow.
The attached chart is as per vedic astrology, north indian style..
anyway DOB 20.12.1991 time of birth 16:35 pm and location is Chandigarh, India
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Unread 11-30-2018, 09:20 AM
Haran Haran is offline
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Re: Govt job with diplomat job

I have analysed your chart and readings specific to your question are made.

Qn1- Guru Dasa:
--Guru is under Venus' star - not a good thing.
--Mutual aspect between Rahu & Ju may not be a problem, but this may make you to question against anything religious, and common-man beliefs on spirituality etc. You may be like a rebel.
--The house (Leo) and houselord are friendly.
So we can expect moderate result with Guru Dasa.But thinking of only dasha is not right
thing, we need to consider Gochara (transit) together to know the effects.

Qn2 - Diplomatic service
1. You have strong possibilities for foreign travel mainly for career reasons.

2. Passing through competitive exams:
--6H and 11H having Venus and Shani with lordship - so chances are there
--Shani asp on 11th h - so chances are there
--6L Venus in Taurus by Jun2019 with aspect from Guru 11L from Sagittarius - chances for
success in exams
--Jun15-Jly15 (2019) Sun will be in 9th from LagnaLord - chances for success

3. Career and Govt Job:
--Sun is the karaka for Govt job and He is under ketu's star who is enemy. Also Sun conjoined with Rahu is not favorable. But the dist between Rahu and Sun is 12 deg which is not severe impact. More to it, Ketu's aspect on Sun is not good. Also, Guru's aspect on Sun will remove the negativity. Overall, Sun may offer you average results in terms of being in power of authority.
--Your career house receives aspect from Guru, Mars and Ketu. And no planets in this house. You may get prosperity, some aggerssiveness, confusion, indirect problems and possess wisdom in career.

Note: Although many careers are listed here based on the strength of the planets you
may get a specific job.
--Based on Navamsa
The profession is connected with bravery (military/police/security), weapons, fire, metals, tourism, surgery, medicine, spying, competitions (sports, litigation),
construction, dismantling, bricks, earthen wear,rocks, vaastu expert, sthapathi (temple
sculpture), wood work, welding, workshops
blood bank/ blood related
martial atrs, circus
magician-trickery, black magic
real estate, mines, electricity, coal
cooking, doordal,drinks, hotel
red-cross society
coral stone sales
theft and company of evil persons.

--10th lord in 9h: Family business or teaching possible
--Lagna lord in libra + birth star rohini ---> career in motor engineering
--AK, AL having at 3,6,10 a malefic -> police/ military service

--9th/10th lord - joining venus in navamsa -> ranks in par with IAS
--8th lord in good position in navamsa -> same
--AK getting asp frm 9th lord - govt job
--AMK own house (he is combust) - govt job
--9HL or 10HL asp llH - govt job
--9HL and 10HL same - govt job

--in dasamsa, Guru asp on lagna -> teaching job
--Saturn being 10HL
suggesting profession in /as minister, agriculture, judge, press owner,
fuel, cooking oil, ice, clock,bldg construction
--10house is in airy sign - career as/in scentist, reasearch, writing
--10H is Kumbha: career in computer tech, atomic power, aerospace, electronics
--as per Rishaba (Taurus) rasi career as/in
beautician, ornaments, decoration,
drama/dance/fine arts,
agri seeds and cultivation based
--Mer+ Mar
occupation is related to medicine and metal.
--Rahu in Eighth House
Rahu in this house concerns itself with secrecy. It is a perfect placement for those involved in high-risk work environments or work as detective, spy, secret investigator, intelligence officer, disaster mangers, executive secretary and so on. Such a person is attracted towards wealthy and knowledgeable partners.
Rahu in 8th house brings unexpected changes, often violent and destructive in nature. The person under the influence of this placement concerns themselves with confidential
information, hidden associations, risky secrets and volatile mysteries.
Such a person is inclined towards the occult knowledge, magic and forces of unexpected
transformations. The person puts himself in unusual circumstances concerning partnersí
financial assets.
4. Suggesting ability to be diplomatic:
Planets suggest some diplomatic skills that seem good to some level.

Mer on 7
--These natives are always ready for a good debate or argument, and do not mind accepting othersí opinions and suggestions either.

Mars+Mer (Mars is near Sun)
-- you may be sharp-minded and alert.

Venus in Sixth House (the following may turn wrong as Saturn And Rahu cast their aspect).
-- an inclination to be of service at work.
--Your employees as well as colleagues may like you because you may be a polite, sociable and easygoing person.
--You may think of the welfare of all at the workplace and seek to make it a better and
enjoyable working experience.
--Cooperation from female associates proves especially favorable for you.
--When there are conflicts, you tend to be the one who finds the middle ground and settles arguments.
--(On a side note, While your health is usually satisfactory, you should pay attention to
your diet. Over-indulgence, especially into sweets and rich delights could be detrimental to your health. This position of Venus can sometimes cause blood related problems like diabetes and ENT infections & kidney issues. Some sexual diseases are also possible to the natives depending upon the position and aspect of other planets. Venus in 6th house also suggests that you should avoid being a perfectionist too.)
5. Language/ Speech:
Ketu in 2 :
--Mars aspect and Star lord being Rahu means you will face troubles in foreign language
skills and expressive in communication and in seriousness towards life. However you can be aggressive in your efforts.
Remedy for Ketu is better.

Ketu in Gemini:
--a lot of confusion and irresolution in speech because Ketu affects the decision-making
-- Such people always remain doubtful thus struggle to capitalize on their cleverness.
Moreover, their personality also has an air of proud.
-- healthwise, prone to some gastric troubles. Anxiety is also a common problem
-- you may go on short travels .

6. More:
Taurus ascendant:
--The idea of having a permanent residence, job, car and relationship appeals to you.

Result of Sun in Eight House
-- protect your heart by proper medical check ups & excercises
-- benefit from inheritances.
-- capability to handle money wisely.
-- inclination towards the occult, mysterious and psychic fields
-- right eye sight is susceptible to problems

Taurus moon sign:
-- you don't like changes and you like fixed routines
-- you finish current work before taking up a new one
-- you always fulfill your commitments
-- strong rooted, find comfort in traditions and customs.

Moon in 1st h
-- you tend to be a people pleaser in order to get admired/ encouraged
-- try to pursue their career in a profession that enables self-expression, something that

you can put your heart into.
--Forming an emotional connection with people and things is very important to you

Rahu in Sagittarius
--you strive to achieve better in their education and learn more.
--interest in the spiritual realms of life.

Sat in 9h:
The following results may vary to some extent because saturn is under enemy's nakshatra.
--You always stand for their orthodox opinions. And in doing that, you may also criticize
othersí views and beliefs.
--deep interest in the occult areas of life.
-- There is also a strong possibility for the native to go abroad and become successful
--There could be frustration and delay in long distance journeys and stays abroad. Too much involvement in travel could pose health hazards.
--Your concentration level is good but do not overuse your energy in one thing. While the
native is philosophical and introspective in nature, he or she can be self-suspicious at

Mars Mercury Conjunction
--You might have faced problems in education.
--average financial standing.

Jupiter in 4:
--you get good home/native environment but you should not brag nor submit to over-indulgence.

Mercury in 7:
--People having Mercury in 7th house should try to be honest in their dealings and keep their motives straight.
7. Partially benefic yogas--
Dharma-karmathipathi yoga can exist as shani is both 9th and 10th lord.
But as Saturn is on Thiruvonam star with inimical moon lordship, these good results may not be realised fully.
-- gives you richness
-- others will obey you
-- you will be donating and doing charity
-- you will have many associates to help you

Kesari yoga: Jupiter and Moon each in kendra to each other
It will suppress other bad yogas in your chart. But Jupiter is under Venus' star (enemy) and with Rahu's aspect this yoga may not be effective. However, still good for you.

Mars in combust is at 13 deg from Sun which is not a severe combust. So this can give
some/partial benefits of Ruchaka yoga.
--fame , long life, wealth through work, power to win over opponents, political influence, career in police/military/fire guard, electricity.
8. Manglik Dosha:
This dosha because of Mars will affect your career and marriage prospects. However Mars is combust with Sun (13 deg diff) and also gets Moon's aspect - so will cause its negative effects partially/ lesser. Remedy is required.
Note that except Rahu and Moon other planets have some afflictions so remedy will be better overall.
Please reply to the correctness of the reading wherever applicable.

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