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Astrology and Psychology For interesting discussions on psychological meanings and deeper implications in natal charts between members passionated by both psychology and astrology.

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Unread 04-16-2019, 02:50 PM
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Re: Borderline Personality Disorder

The problem so far seems to be that you still don't know what borderline personality is. Ok, according to object relation theory, it is a specific constellation of ego (and nope, normal people are nothing like bordeline, you can say that with some neurosis but this is sliding to psychosis). Bear with me now. A baby is born. A baby thinks he is still one with his mother. He has some images of him he has some images of her. He thinks they are representation of one 'self'. However, he starts to devide two categories: bad images and good images. He doesn't want to compromize his world so he thinks that good self and bad self are two separate things. Good him and his mother are awesome and has nothing to do with bad them. That is called splitting mechanism. That is the main characteristic of borderline ego and you know it under the term idealization and devaluation. Healthy adult people do not do this. What is really happenenig is that borderline people until their adulthood don't understand (rationally yes, emotionally no) that good is the flip side of bad, they literally feel like they are two distinct things. So one thing you really need to look for is the split, two sides. They are split by this axis internally, applying to their self. So you know, even the gemini could be examplary. Different symptoms are derived from this but this is really the core that needs to be there. Now why does it happen. Back to the story. The mother here is so uncertain and so emotionally unsatisfying and distant that the babys world would collapse if he put the two pieces togheter, because the bad side would vastly overweight and swallow the good traits. Normally they are somehow balanced and that enables them to be put togheter. Here, no. So another very important trait you can look for is lack of love, care and support of motherside. Your thoughts about where the father traits are are unfruitful. Now back to the story again. Normal baby is able to put good and bad togheter. Instead of this devide they apply devide between 'myself' and 'herself'. They come to understand that they are a separated thing and mother is a separated thing and they have their own lives. They start to make their own experiences like walking to the other side of the room which makes them feel almighty in that moment so they start to built selfconfidence. They feel they still have a mother to return to so everything seems ok. Borderline baby's gods are too cruel for him to do this. He won't separate himself because if he had done that, he would be alone for all eternity because hack their mother would forget about them in seconds. So another vital trait is lack of self. Self is compromised in the most profound way, with no clear boundaries. They have problem to distinguish between them and their surroundings. Again, many symptoms are derived like anxiety, emotional agony, insecurity, lack of selfconfidence, fear of abandonment, which they have, because if they were alone they would be just f-cked.

Many people can have anxiety, low selfesteem, be impulsive, drink too much, fear being alone and so on, but what is the trade-mark of borderline ppl is: 1. splitting, 2. very poor emotional backround from the mother in very early childhood, 3.basically no solid self to the point where they do not know, who they are. These are the traits you need to look for.

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dcps10 (10-10-2019)
Unread 04-23-2019, 04:39 AM
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Re: Borderline Personality Disorder

i have been diagnosed with bpd. after being diagnosed, i looked at my natal chart in full and noticed i had several placements/aspects/etc that were very similar if not exactly the same as some of my bpd symptoms, with, in my opinion, my most notable and frequent symptom/placement being my pisces moon idealizing someone i barely know and making me quite emotional and lost in my feelings. i would definitely argue the chart of someone with bpd would show some symptoms of theirs
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Siannais (05-24-2019)
Unread 05-02-2019, 04:03 PM
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Re: Borderline Personality Disorder

hello i just joined today, i have been diagnosed with bpd and fibromyalgia I think that inflicted moon, also i the moon and north node and mars in my natal chart 12th house, piesces is also 12th house, neptune the planet that rules pieces is the strongest planet in my chart also, but i think whatever transirt is happening brings the symptoms up more.
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Unread 05-03-2019, 05:25 PM
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Re: Borderline Personality Disorder

Originally Posted by melisa View Post
I am curious if there are factors indicating borderline personallity disorder. With the impulsivity, instability of moods and feelings, substance abuse or binge eating, and seeing people in extremes, along with the cutting off and then reuniting of relationships with partner, I would guess:
--Heavy Pluto influences
---Heavy Moon influences
----Moon oppose Pluto, Venus oppose Pluto
---Uranus in harsh aspect to mmoon and 7th house
---Uranus and Moon in harsh aspect to Venus
---Mercury in harsh aspect to Mercury
---Neptune to Venus aspects

I have been implied to have this by the doctor of my university. After giving me phone couselling, I just entirely stopped answering my calls. This is my natal aspects.

Moon in taurus opposite pluto conjunct algol
Moon in 8th house
Moon trine uranus, and neptune, and mars
Stellium in fourth house capricorn.
Venus in aquarius quintile pluto

Since I've stopped answering my calls, I've stopped drinking, and solely focused on school, and my future and nothing else.

So what triggered this. My ex returned, humiliated me in public, and once I reacted to it, he ghosted me. He was the only love in my life but I am a slut in his eyes because in his mind, girls like me doesn't exist. Accused his past girlfriends of cheating, got a younger woman(I was 19), got her to have sex(lose her virginity), only to ghost her and accuse her of cheating. 2 years later after I got my life together and overcame the suicidal feelings he had left me, guess who returns?

So I think it's important to remember that it's kind of a spectrum. People will broad cast certain BPD symptoms at a particular time in life because these are what is triggered. People will attract certain people (sometimes because of their birth chart) and exhibit BPD symptoms. People will have bad childhoods to one day set them up to choose unavailable friendships/relationships and this will trigger their anxious-ambivelent attachment style. People will solve their unconscious issues with parents by choosing exactly the same kind of mates.

What I'm trying to say is people tend to label people so easily and in such a shallow way without really thinking about all aspects. They barely look at the psychological facet, environmental aspects, or even how the person's childhood is. They rarely look at how we as a human species have evolved.

For example, for a woman having sex without any promise of a man staying would be a highly costly mating strategy. Whereas for a man, it's like winning the lottery. But when women exhibit any qualities of being demanding, clinginess, inabilitiy to get over a relationship quickly, what are we labeled as? BPD? Crazy girlfriend? We are bombarded every day with media telling us if men can have one night stands we should be able to as well, but that's not how we have evolved. Couple that with bad childhoods, absent moms or dads, sexual abuse, bullying and more, I'm sorry but what do you expect?

No one thinks about these things or these things holistically, they just assign you a label and believe CBT or a pill will help.
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Unread 10-10-2019, 11:19 PM
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Post Re: Borderline Personality Disorder

Today is the World Mental Health Day.

I have BPD and here's the aspects, as well as other configurations I identify immediately with this mental disorder:

02/16/1994 cancer rising; moon in taurus intercepted (not able to deal with emotions)

Recently found out about intercepted houses, so I have the axis 5th house Libra with Scorpio intercepted (Jupiter, Pluto and NN) and 11th house Aries with Taurus intercepted (Lilith, Moon and SN).

With these signs being intercepted there's an uneasiness on the matters relating to each of them. Taurus being the lack of security or else stability, not feeling safe, not being valued, mostly not being loved, as Venus rules Taurus. And Scorpio being the fear of the deep dark inside world, hidden, painful, and avoiding it.

I'm not sure but those intercepted planets might have been expressed fully in a past life so in this life they operate in an intuitive way. Or else they were just not fully grasped because BPD subjects didn't get contact to these traits when young.


Sun in Aquarius (27Aq) (fall) tight square Pluto (28Sc) (20') and nodes (28Sc-28Ta)
Stellium with sun (27Aq), saturn(2ºPi), and Mercury-Venus (5ºPi) (10') both semisquare Neptune (22Cp)
Stellium in the 9th square Pluto and nodes
Moon in Taurus (4º) tending to a square to Mars in the 8th (anger) to Uranus (24Cp) in 7th, together with Neptune (22Cp) in the 7th (uneasiness with relationships)
Moon biseptile Neptune
Moon wide opposition to Jupiter
Mercury in Detriment and Retrograde heavily aspected
Venus exalted in pisces, however, but heavily aspected
Mars in Aquarius square Jupiter (47')
Midheaven in Pisces
Part of Fortune in Virgo in IC (rich inner world)
Chiron (6ºVi) in the 3rd opposite Stellium

That's all
Thank you for introducing this topic to this forum.

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Unread 10-12-2019, 06:08 AM
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Re: Borderline Personality Disorder

Taurus is ruled by Venus. Signs do not rule planets.
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dcps10 (10-13-2019)

borderline, disorder, personality

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