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Unread 05-15-2019, 05:44 AM
saurabh0611 saurabh0611 is offline
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Saturn Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha

Hi someone please throw some light on this. I found out after doing a research myself on internet that I am going through a Saturn Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha and it seems to be really scary.

Currently I am going through a lot of stress on all four corners of my life which includes family, carrer and finances.

Is it true that I have to bear this pain for another 1 year and 1 month?

My DOB is 6th Nov 1980
Time of birth : 21:00:00
Place: Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India.
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Unread 05-15-2019, 06:56 PM
kshantaram kshantaram is offline
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Location: india
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Re: Saturn Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha

hope information enables take stock, adapt as relevant,

sat-ketu dasa, sat lord 9th for luck over 4th, distant lands;
sat virgo, critical thinking, good for audit-quality control roles;
sat-jup-venus virgo 4th, art direction/sculpture/editing etc etc

wear 0.2 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;
prayers to saint of faith, donate 1.25kg yellow chanadal at
saint/saibaba temple wed evenings after sunset;

natal ketu cap 8th, accident prone, urological-piles-knee issues,
ambitious and hardworking;

coming 1.5yr sat-ketu transit sag 7th badhaka for gemini asc,
detachment in relationship,
pain-injury-surgery abdominals-thighs etc; sat-ketu dasa too;
donate 1.25kg white til sat evenings after sunset at Mahakali temple;
donate 1.25kg black uraddal at Durga temple wed evenings after sunset;
observe fast on sat evenings;

natal jup badhaka over virgo 4th, stress-delays
in mother-property related matters and advisory roles;
heart-lung-kidney health issues;

venus debilated, jup lord of elevation conjunct,
debilation cancelled, gradual improvements in 4th house matters;
venus elevated aspect over pisces 10th for career;
jup aspecting own pisces 10th;

sat coming 4-5m retro towards mars scorpio 6th,
research-occult assignments, stress in health-employment,
urological-intestinal inflammations etc;
previous 2.5yrs sat transit mars-scorpio under stress;

jup now transit mars-scorpio 6th, again research-forensic assignments;
jup trine rahu cancer 2nd, earnings from foreign sources;
jup trine own pisces 10th for career;

rahu transit gemini asc, manifesting earnings from foreign sources;

badhaka jup these 4-5m retro towards sun-moon-mer libra 5th,
public relations and advisory roles but under stress-delay,
including stress in luck-edu-romance-children-position;
previous one year badhaka jup transit libra 5th under stress-delays;

jup libra aspect aries 11th for income-gains;
badhaka jup libra 5th, stress in heart-stomach-kidneys etc

sat transit sag aspect own acq 9th, supportive of luck-edu-travels,
may not be good for general health of father;

hope find relevant, share salient pointwise feedbacks
how true-insightful-helpful,

Apart from current stress owing to sat-ketu dasa,accident prone etc;
sat-ketu transit badhaka sag 7th,
and badhaka jup retro now towards libra 5th causing stress again;

hope jup direct mars-scorpio 6th again trine pisces/cancer,
leads to research-occult-forensic assignments/work 4-5m later;
sat retro scorpio-mars now health-employment under stress
though research oriented;
care for sat-ketu transit bahdaka sag 7th;
hope various remedies help.

share prompt feedbacks, wishing well,

Donate to your Delight!!!
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Unread 05-15-2019, 09:20 PM
mathur_dinesh mathur_dinesh is offline
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Re: Saturn Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha

You are NOT going through the sub-period of Ketu in the major-period of Saturn so far. It will start on 6/June/2019 and end on 15/July/2020.
Ketu is badly placed in the eighth house. It is in the Sravan nakshatra of the Moon. Since the deity of the nakshatra is Lord Vishnu it should not cause undue trouble to you. Since the planet is also in Cancer navamsha the Moon becomes highly relevant for this sub-period. Since the Sun and Jupiter have exchanged nakshatras the Moon indicates gain of status and wealth. It seems the sub-period of Ketu should be good for you. These are the good effects of Ketu.
Ketu is in the eighth house therefore sudden ill health and financial constraints will also result.
Currently Ketu is in Sagittarius. It will be here for a long time. It has joined transit Saturn till 24/January/2020. So the adverse results will predominate till 5/November/2019 when Jupiter joins this combination and relieves you of some bad effects.
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antardasha, ketu, mahadasha, saturn

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