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Unread 06-19-2019, 09:04 PM
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I don't want to ask this but I will

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katydid (06-21-2019)
Unread 06-20-2019, 01:38 AM
ashriia ashriia is offline
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Re: I don't want to ask this but I will

Its an odd thing to say that you deserve females in your life! You may be frustrated currently with saturn transiting your 5th.

Looking at your communication house with Pluto square Mars in your friendship house in a t-square with your moon in the 8th might be the issue. I'm wondering if the way you come across is too intense. Women in general, prefer male friends that they can feel safe and at ease with. I think for now, focus on your work and health your north node path, and you likely will meet women along the way at the right time. Saturn is currently transiting your 5th house of romance, while its a good time to be reflecting on these topics and trying to make improvements in meeting new people, it may be more difficult to meet women to either date or go out with at this time. And if you do meet women right now they will be learning experiences for the future.
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Unread 06-20-2019, 07:51 AM
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Re: I don't want to ask this but I will

For starters stop calling them females haha. They are people just like you ,with you different sex organs .

Most men I've seen with Mars/Venus conjunction tend to have quite a lot of female friends but yours are challenged. It's possible that this is a lesson you need to overcome since Pluto is in play.

Also there is something else you have entirely missed in law of attraction. It's great you are using it but you need to understand it in order for it to work. Usually when we focus on something we don't have, we only get more of that.

Law of attraction is a great tool to help us know ourselves same as astrology. Try to have an objective view of yourself. Why do you think this is happening ? What in your behavior or inner world is repelling your desires instead of attracting them? It's that simple . Try to find and answer to those questions.

Maybe you have a deep insecurities when you are around women and that's felt vibrationally and by your behavior so that makes them feel awkward. Just search in your inner world. Your chart supports that .
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Unread 06-20-2019, 02:12 PM
Cecile Cecile is offline
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Re: I don't want to ask this but I will

The absence of a mother or mother figure in one's life tends to lead to difficulties in connecting with others. The grief over the death of a mother runs deep. On some level you still grieve and desire someone to fill the hole in your heart, the relationship you were robbed of.

Neptune in 4th House is the classic sign of the absence of the parent of the opposite sex.
To do an interpretation justice it's important to analyze the chart as a whole to see how you handle Neptune in 4th House.

Sun in Cancer in 10th; Moon in Taurus in 8th House; Asc. Virgo ruling planet Mercury in 10th; Final Signature Capricorn (ruling planet Saturn in 4th); Most aspected planet Sun in Cancer in 10th.

A repeating theme in your chart reflects the struggle between all things relating to Capricorn (success, paternal influence) and to Cancer (home, maternal influence). Look at your 4th and 10th houses. Cancer is the natural domain of the 4th House and Capricorn is the natural domain of the 10th House of success and paternal influence.

Saturn (Capricorn ruler) in the 4th House sextile Moon (mother) in 8th (death) suggests your father was both mother and father to you.

You have a 4th House Stellium in Capricorn - Uranus, Saturn, Neptune
Configurations: T-Square: Pluto-Mars, focal planet Mars. Yod: Pluto-Neptune inconjunct Mid Heaven. Mystic Rectangle: Saturn-Moon-Sun-Pluto. A 2nd Mystic Rectangle may exist with Neptune in place of Saturn.
The Mystic Triangle makes you more self-contained and less sensitive to the needs of others or how to relate to others. The opposition it creates between your 10th House Sun and 4th House planets suggests that the loss of a mother has been and is very difficult for you. It plagues you. You intellectualize a lot so you can maintain a degree of normalcy and go about your life, but you’re suppressing an innate struggle. You really should seek someone to help you heal this, someone who understands the depth of pain this has caused you.

The struggle between your 10th House Sun and 4th House Saturn influences your ability or inability to form relationships with women, especially with 4th House Saturn ruling your 5th House of Romance. With Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) on the cusp of your 5th House your approach to romance borders on cold and analytical. What you learned about relationships with women you learned from your father which is not adequate or emotionally fulfilling.

Your 7th House of partnership and marriage is in Pisces ruled by Neptune (4th House Neptune represents the absence of a maternal influence.) With this placement you tend to be passive and confused by one-on-one relationships. What really brings this to the foreground is the current transit of Neptune (ruler of Pisces) over your 7th House cusp (of one-on-on relationships). Note these dates: Neptune transited your 7th House cusp April 5, 2019; Retrogrades on September 13, 2019 and Direct on February 5, 2020. During these transits your analytical tendencies will be confused. Typically this is not a wise time to begin a relationship or seek counsel of any kind, but given the fact that your approach to women is analytical and rigid the confusion will possibly tear down your defenses and leave you vunerable.
Coinciding with Neptune's transit of your Pisces 7th House cusp (opposite Ascendent) is the transit of Uranus conjunct your 8th House Moon. This for sure will tear down your emotional defenses. Uranus is one of your 4th House planets. It’s transit conjuncts the ruler of Cancer which is the natural domain of the 4th. This could help you acknowledge the grief you've kept suppressed all these years. It’ll cause a lot of emotions to erupt that you need to deal with. You may need someone you trust or can confide in during this time. Uranus’ transit of your moon will also effect your planets in Cancer, and your Sun and Venus. This is not going to be easy, but it’s a necessary part of your evolution and loosening up. The dates Transiting Uranus conjucts your Natal Moon are: May 19, 2019; Retrograde November 12, 2019; Direct March 9, 2020.

Saturn is also transiting your 5th House Cusp of relationships: April 29, 2019; Retrograde May 4, 2019; Direct December 24, 2019.

Saturn's transit of your 5th House over the next 2 years and will hold your feet to the fire, so to speak. Saturn's transit will help you learn how to express yourself and your feelings in a relationships, but you'll have to put yourself out there.

Have you thought of joining a club or group or social media group? Warrior Mars is the focal planet of your T-Square, and with its placement in the 11th house of social interaction you might find the opportunity to express yourself in a social environment with women. Mars as the focal planet has a balancing effect over the opposition between Moon (mother stuff) and Pluto in 3rd house Scorpio (sister stuff). You're going to have to be proactive, but I strongly recommend you join a club or social media forum that's predominantly women. Take up cycling, yoga, tai chi, etc. and be friendly. Smile. “Fake it until you make it.” Don't be shy. Your Virgo rising means your careful, possibly a neat freak. Women appreciate that usually. Read some Romance Novels. The male character is usually very Warrior-like, and the woman very feminine-like. Find a book club. Put yourself out there. You have good qualities a woman would appreciate. You need help dealing with the lack of a mother and learn new ways to interact socially especially with women.

As for your sister, represented by 3rd House Pluto, she may have been forced to take on the responsibilities of your mother while still a child herself. On one hand she didn’t understand the grief you experienced. On the other hand she needed someone to help her deal with her own grief. It’ll help you to see what she experienced and that she was as much a victim of your mother’s death as you. I get the impression she’s older and that responsibilities and household chores were dumped on her. She was angry and hurt, and you were just one more responsibility she resented. I think she was “daddy’s little girl.” Just a guess.

The next few years are going to be tough, but the reward is there. Join a club or social media group and put yourself out there. Read about your Cancer Sun Sign. (A good source is Jean Dixon’s Sun Signs.) You have a lot to offer a woman, but you have a lot you need to work through first. The Law of Attraction won't work for you until you believe, and I don't think you believe in yourself -- yet, but with the transits of Neptune, Uranus and Saturn to your chart the opportunity to begin this journey is there now.
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Unread 06-20-2019, 07:55 PM
greybeard greybeard is offline
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Re: I don't want to ask this but I will

Your chart has all planets below the horizon retrograde, a dependable indicator of the solitary creature, the lone wolf.

The Venus-Mars-Moon configuration is an important factor.

And Mercury-Jupiter is a strong actor...integral with the configuration just mentioned.

Oh, look! Pluto-Moon. Pluto engenders either strong attraction or repulsion. Moon is Mother and Women generally (and relationships generally)...and the opposition shows a very difficult mother-son relationship. The same difficulties affect relationships with women generally.

So there you have three "complexes" directly affecting relationships.

There is more, but enough. Keep in mind that the solar dual opposition is central to the life pattern. We might say that the life turns on this opposition...In other words, this configuration describes the conditions, attitudes and other attributes that must be met and resolved for success in life.

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Unread 06-21-2019, 01:11 AM
katydid katydid is offline
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Re: I don't want to ask this but I will

Originally Posted by Amit89 View Post
I have it too difficult with females.

Every other man I know literally has many females.

This is me:

-No mother (she passed away when I was 12)
-My sister did bully me for long periods of time and this was when she was in her late teens, mid 20-late 20s a fully grown mature adult
-I only have one female cousin who I don't have a relationship with
-My aunties are very indifferent
-Grandma was callous towards me when I was a young boy
-I don't have any female friends for a long, long time (for 11 years)
-When I went to uni the universe did not even gift me a female friend where it did to other guys and yes they did not know them before, it's not they went for it, the universe put them in the situation (I can't control if I'm put with a lot of males in tutorials can I?).

-I don't have any community female friends in the community
-No network of female friends or anything
-Many more I can say

I did all the hard work but I didn't get the female friendships I deserved and yearned for.

I was the nicest guy who was very generous too who did practically everything, all the reading, law of attraction intense reading etc.

What else can I do? Nothing, I did go out there, I did try.

I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong places etc.
Can you join a volunteer group that has women involved too? Maybe a charity or a religious study group or a support group of some kind? Get to know them without any pressure?

Your Venus is in Cancer and I bet you do have compassion for groups or causes that could use help.
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Unread 06-21-2019, 04:24 AM
Amit89 Amit89 is offline
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Re: I don't want to ask this but I will

Thank you very much everyone for your kind replies and advice, suggestions.

I have been going out with a friend of mine where yes I do talk to females sometimes, but these females are not yet friendships.

Also I do have the ability to approach.

I am part of a community club for a long time. However I feel some these females have some snobbery about them for some reason-maybe some however not everyone.

My inner world needs to tended to first and yes the law of attraction also says if I keep focusing on lack, I will attract more of that.

Yes I will look into joining female clubs, some class, volunteer, study group, a club.

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