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Vocational Astrology Discuss finding out more about your work, job, career, calling, or whatever you do or want to do for a living.

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Unread 09-05-2017, 02:25 PM
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Military to artist?

Hello, and thanks for reading. I'll be brief in the interest of everyones time.

I was once a Soldier, although never a typical one. The best description would be "conscientious objector", but it was not religion based. I changed jobs in the military to be in a non-hostile field, as a bomb technician. Even the Army knows that most of us are not killers. It worked out well, as I did no direct harm and made lots of foreign friends, but a big bomb still found me.


Now, I'm mostly recovered and have been delivered some educational and career options, but cannot decide. I don't want to waste my time, or your tax dollars, pursuing the wrong career, but I want to find a "mission" again outside of being Mr. Mom. It doesn't need to be glorious or make a lot of money, but it would be great if it made people feel good. I'm also very bored with being a full-time "disabled person" and I hate the Soldier legacy.

Regarding my career question: In the hospital I went through a large battery of career-based "personality tests" and all came back with the description of "artistic scientist" as the perfect career for me. I know that's kind of weird, but its a great description. I love science AND the arts. My personal hobby is music creation via computer. Prior to this I did graphic design for websites, as a side gig, but an eye injury has sidelined that path.

Science marries Art. It's artistic technology. Yep, thats me!

So I'm very confused by my chart, and as stated above I don't want to waste your tax dollars, or my time, in a venture that will bear no fruit. To me, my chart says SOLDIER, and nothing more. Perhaps some of you can see something I don't?

Perhaps there is a way, with sheer willpower and a great work-ethic to make it in the arts? Maybe I can make a realistic assessment and choose not to be a touring performer, and instead be a recreation therapist, a lyricist, a music teacher or ghost producer? Or, perhaps since I'm good with solitude and have a great bit of luck in foreign lands, there might be a chance to do something bigger here? I'm itching like chicken pox to move to London or Paris, but thats another story.

In closing, thanks for your input, and thanks for the education. Astrology is really amazing, and I've learned so much here. It's really uncanny and almost unnerving, how accurate it can be.

I look forward to any input you may have to offer. Later on I'll blow everyone's minds and fill you in on the chart of when the bombs got me. Is there any free will at all?

Have a great week, and thanks again.

BB Gun

PS, and for fun: My Saturn sits on the Sabian "Unexploded Bomb" point, and my Neptune sits at "A Military Band marching through the streets". My ASC is at "Two Awards for Bravery". All true, and very accurate.
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Unread 09-06-2017, 09:30 PM
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Re: Military to artist?

That's a very strong Mars. It's the final dispositor of all the planets, involved in a grand trine and pointed to by 'The Finger of God' aka the Yod with Neptune and Uranus.

Your Mars rules the 10th house of career and the 3rd house which can represent working with your hands, heightened technical and learning ability. If you wanted to bring more creative and artistic energies into your chart, through relocation you could move that Mars into a different house and change the houses it rules over and emphasise other planets as well. Maybe your desire to be in London or Paris is an intuition that you have more creative energies there, could be worth looking into.
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Unread 09-13-2017, 10:04 PM
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Re: Military to artist?

You only see SOLDIER but I’ve noticed a very well aspected Moon in your chart. And its most exact aspect, which, according to some schools, is the indicator of the native’s ultimate talent, is to Chiron (healer aspect!) so…what were you saying about recreational therapist? :-)

Ok, ok, will start from the beginning:-)

Let’s look at you job/vocational houses (I assume your chart is rectified, right?):

II house (earning money and your natural skills): in Pisces (mutable), contains 4 planets. This placement can signify a lot of different ways to make money (including spiritual/naval careers).

Venus in II, close to cusp – working with clients or with arts, conjunct Mercury in I house – talking, writing, consulting;

Chiron in II conjunct Sun in II, part of your T-square – healing, helping others, working from the center of your own vulnerability or trauma;

unaspected Saturn in Aries – working with energy restrictions/limitatioins of some kind?

VI house (everyday job, serving) in Gemini and Cancer, no planets in the house but its first ruler Mercury is in I making serving others a very important/natural way to express and develop your own personality;

and second ruler Moon is in XI house, close to cusp XII – serving others through emotional support, through healing, psychology, may be in the context of group therapy (XI-XII)? Your Moon is also the ruler of VII (one-on-one consulting?).

I would call it the focus of your chart and super-super important planet in general as it unites your Grand Trine with one of the T-squares, pretty much synchronizing almost everything in your chart.

X house (goals, status and career) in Scorpio (military, of course�� plus can be psychology/energy), Neptune in X trine the above Sun/Chiron conjunction in II would make it easy and natural to raise a career out of your personal vulnerability/trauma.

Scorpio’s rulers are retro-Pluto is in VIII (challenges, disasters, life-and-death situations) and Mars in III (communication)

So what I can see here is a career of a healer of some kind who would work out of his own injured/vulnerable Self, helping others physically/emotionally/energetically. And healing/developing his own personality in the process.

Another thing, your inclination to a fusion of arts and science can also mean a gift for some liberal arts or non-traditional sciences like psychology, astrology, yoga, reiki etc. etc.

Does any of these click at all?

Hope this was helpful and good luck with finding your path,
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artist, bomb, career, military

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