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Unread 04-11-2017, 05:42 PM
almostneptunian almostneptunian is offline
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Smile Why do you think they broke up? (Composite Chart)

Hello, guys! I wanna invite everyone who is interested in the discussion, especially about composite charts. First off, I apologize if there are any grammatical errors. English isn't my native language.

I'm here to ask about my friend's composite chart with his ex-girlfriend. I'm just going to refer to my friend as the boy and his ex-girlfriend as the girl to avoid complicating things. I don't know about the entire story but I'll tell you what I do know.

I met him five months after they broke up and he was still very much depressed. I've been friends with the boy for quite some time now. He usually tells me about the girl from time to time and how he misses her. This was months ago though, when he was still licking his wounds.

Anyway, they've been friends for three years. They started making things official around November 2015, I think. The boy said everything was just going so smoothly between them. As he said it, they never really fought at all (except on their last days together). They live five hours away from each other so they usually just texted each other or used Skype to communicate. But they used to see each other once a month. Now I know you'll say they're still too young (which by the way, you can tell from the Pluto in Sagittarius), but he always thought she was the one that he actually planned to buy a promise ring for her. Her friends, I think, made an impact on their relationship. The boy can sense that her friends didn't like him that much. At one point, they were supposed to celebrate four months of being in a relationship, I think, so they went out to eat dinner. But the girl was just on her phone the entire time, texting her friends, which enraged the boy. But anyway, the boy mentioned that the girl had a childhood friend which she liked. And voila! The girl's childhood friend showed up out of nowhere and started showing interest in her. To make the long story short, she ended things with him last year. Once she knew she had a chance with her childhood friend, she broke up with the boy. Months after, she began posting several passive aggressive things on Facebook, all basically saying that she's happier than ever. She's also with her childhood friend now. And although he's still resentful, he has moved on.

So out of boredom, I checked out their composite chart and I have to say that I'm beyond speechless. I've never seen anything like this at all. There is some soulmate thing going on. It looks very significant to me. The chemistry should be off the charts. Is this what they call twin flames? I just feel like they connected on so many levels and they complemented each other. This is supposed to be a binding relationship. I just can't see why things ended. But then again, I'm not the keenest person when it comes to these things. I might have missed out on particular aspects. I also believe transits could've played a major role in triggering the breakup.

Don't mind the angles, the moon, the vertex, and POF since I don't know the girl's time of birth (I used 12pm).

So what do you guys think? Why do you think they broke up? Which planetary aspects do you think shattered everything? If anyone needs their synastry chart, I'd be happy to post if someone requested. I'd very much appreciate any input from you guys. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

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Unread 04-12-2017, 01:59 AM
thelivingsky thelivingsky is offline
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Re: Why do you think they broke up? (Composite Chart)

Yes, it is a very striking composite chart. The very large stellium is supported by the trine to Pluto, and sextiles to Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. This type of configuration always indicates a very strong and immediate feeling of sympatico between the two individuals.

But we do not know what the house placements are since we do not have a birth time for her. And thus it could be that the Sun or Moon fall in H6 or H12 which is always a big negative factor for a romantic relationship or marriage. The opposition of the Moon and Mars to the stellium also is difficult. This is a powerful chart and that explains the high level of attraction. The Sun/Moon opposition and the Sun/Mars opposition both contribute to heightened energy but also to competitiveness and an energy imbalance.

One of the factors in the formula to find the Part of Fortune is a person's Ascendant so we cannot know where the Composite POF would be since we cannot calculate it for her natal without her birthtime.

Some say that the Sun and Moon in Composite cahrtss stand for the two partners , one being the Sun and the other being the Moon. If he is the Sun in this chart, he felt more secure with the Saturn close to the Sun, while she may have not felt so secure in her feelings since the Moon is conjunct Mars suggests emotional instability and abrupt changes.

With Venus now going retrograde in Pisces over that stellium he may be experiencing great deal of sadness and longing as he maybe revisiting memories of the relationship.

Barb at
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