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Unread 11-03-2019, 05:10 PM
Mattyharry Mattyharry is offline
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Question Extreme Aqua

Dear All, this is an invite for insight. Iíve studied as a passionate amateur for two decades, I love Liz Green, Caroline Casey, Rick Levine etc. But recently and finally I obtained (from the hospital) my recorded birth time. My info was two hours out! Consequently I have a radically altered chart and itís almost like meeting a twin I didnít know I had. For the last twenty years or so I lived to my best ability a chart that had Pisces rising, put 5 Aqua planets in the 12th house, with Scorpionic moon & Neptune in the 8th. The new chart is Taurus rising, the Aquarius planets are across the top of the chart, and moon/Neptune are in the 7th. But Iím so accustomed to the old way of being that Iíd really appreciate some input to kickstart some much-needed new perceptions. Thanks in advance, Matt
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Unread 11-07-2019, 05:54 AM
Amit89 Amit89 is offline
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Re: Extreme Aqua

With all these Aquarius planets, I'm sure you come across as an intelligent, innovative person being in the 10th house.

You are intellectual with a need for freedom, independence.

You love social groups, being a part of some community and having friends.
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Unread 11-07-2019, 10:26 AM
Frisiangal Frisiangal is offline
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Re: Extreme Aqua

Iím so accustomed to the old way of being
Hi Matthew,
It's said that the signs form character and the houses the circumstances of life in which it works.
If this is true characterwise, you are still the same person inside that you have always been, approaching and dealing with situations in the same manner as you have always done. In 2 hours no aspects change. Even Moon is still the focus of the T-square.

some input to kickstart some much-needed new perceptions
What is often observed (from books!!) is that sign/planet/house are taken as meaning the same thing; you know the style - Mars=Aries=!st house, etc.etc.
Are you saying that your long supposed Pisces rising made you look at the world through Pisces eyes, OR could it be the character of a trad. Jupiter or modern Neptune, as rulers of the sign, that coloured your perception of it?
If, perhaps, you are/were susceptible to physical complaints, did you consider it the result of 1st-6th house circumstances (Pisces and Leo), or did it have anything to do with how the character of a Sun square Neptune acted?
Were the reactional effect of Moon-Neptune in Scorpio really an 8th house situation, or was it the character of how a Sun-Venus quincunx Pluto approached any situation in which the individual is/was involved?

I'm a WW2 babe when Double Summer Time was in force. The first chart made through an incorrectly computed programme that failed to take this into account was an hour out. My first astrology teacher didn't think it was 'me', yet I 'lived' with its reasoning for more than a year until a technical training book on time zones/house systems proved its inaccuracy. What a relief (to both of us!) to lose that large 8th house input, yet which still remained because it turned out to be the effects of very close personal planets aspects to Pluto in my character's perception of a situation.

Can you follow what I mean?

You now have Taurus rising based upon the physically tangible, so different to the physically intangible Pisces. Does it really make any difference when Venus square Neptune STILL denotes how you perceive situations, yet its the houses (position and rulership) that bring about the circumstances through which they have effect?

You may find there are important situations occuring with the transits of Saturn and Pluto across the M.C.-I.S axes, and tr. Uranus squaring Saturn and tr. Neptune due to semi-square Saturn in Aquarius, both from the 12th house.
Out with the old, in with the renewed?
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Unread 11-07-2019, 12:25 PM
Mattyharry Mattyharry is offline
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Re: Extreme Aqua

Dear Frisiangal, Thank you very much for this, and yes i DO see what you mean, and it's a very rich and helpful insight. The single biggest shift of perception i guess is the one from seeing the bigger incarnational task as dissolving everything in the 12th House, to building something lasting in the 10th. That feels like a major re-alignment. Over the last twenty-five years, faced with the obvious tendencies of the squares to Neptune, i put a lot of energy into developing a spiritual perspective that could relieve me of the feeling that i needed to be a high-achieving Somebody in this lifetime (Mars in Cap?). That education was in no way wasted, for many of the reasons expressed in your input. But now apparently there's perhaps a different application of that education. The new chart showed that Pluto was conjuncting the MC exactly as i contracted a nasty auto-immune illness that has slowed me down over the last 2 years on a number of fronts. I guess there's a lot of wait and see in all this, but with some big things coming down the pike. I will mull it all further, thanks again. M
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aqua, aquarius dominant, extreme

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