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Horary Questions on Relational Issues For horary questions about relationships.

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Unread 04-24-2008, 05:21 PM
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When will she feel better about her decision to leave the group?

Hope I used the right heading. It's a relationship question of sorts, but involves a bunch of people.

This is not a third party question. My mom was standing right in front of me and asked me to do a horary for her. She had recently quit being part of a therapeutic touch group; group she was a major part of for years and years and had good friends in it. She was upset because no one was contacting her, no one seemed to care...and she's just mad about the whole thing and she wants to let go of caring so much about what they think, the hurt etc... This question does not involve me, so I made my mom the Asc.

Her question
'when will I find peace around the 'group' situation.?;nhor=2;nho2=2

Saturn is right on her at the moment of the question, showing angst over the situation.

The group and members of the group are shown by the moon, which is positioned in her 3rd house of communications and phone calls.

She herself are signified by Mercury in the chart, and Mercury is combust the Sun at this time. Mercury cannot see or be seen, is unclear, or cannot see the truth of the situation, or that Mercury cannot be seen by others right now either.

The group, the moon, or a member of the group, is about to aspect Mercury, very very shortly, which could represent someone contacting her, (which they did yesterday).

The moon represents the group. The moon...(group members) are represented by the moon in scorpio in a cadent house. They are weak, in fall, and in an unfortunate position in the chart. This means they may not have a lot to offer her.

Now, lets look at my mom. Mercury is in the dignities of the moon and venus. The moon is the group. She really likes the group, in fact, she is in the exaltation of the group. She has placed the group members on a pedestal of some sort, so its an exaggerated sense of their importance. The only thing with exaltation is that it doesn't last....which in this case is good. She is seeing more good in them than there really is, or giving them more credit than they actually deserve. She is in the rulership of Venus, which rules her 3rd house of communications. She really wants contact from fact, we could say that communications from them are ruling her, since venus is ruling mercury.

Now, let's look at the future. When will she stop exalting the group? Mercury is at a low degree....6 degrees of Taurus. When she leaves combustion she will start to glean more clarity...which is happening already. However, Mercury will be in exaltation of the group for a little while yet. But, when Mercury moves into Gemini, she moves out of exaltation of the group, and the phone calls will no longer rule her. Now, the timing of this is the hard part. In Frawkeys book, he says it's just 'a while.' Which is most unhelpful. However, it is coming. It's a very strong change. When Mercury moves into Gemini, she enters her own sign and becomes very very strong, and mom will be indifferent to the group and the needing of the phone calls. There is no detriment, so there is no hate or anything, just complete indifference.

The moon will trine mars in 16 degrees. Maybe 16 days will bring some event about? In real time, Mercury enters Gemini on May 3rd. So,
i'm stuck on the timing of this, since her question was 'when?"

Merc enters Gemini....great....but how do we time that? Are we allowed to use real time...which is may 3rd??

do you think the moon trine mars will bring an event/contact, but not necessarily a good one, since they're in fall and weak?

thanks for your help


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Unread 04-28-2008, 10:49 AM
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Re: When will she feel better about her decision to leave the group?

Her question
'when will I find peace around the 'group' situation.?
Hi Barbh,
there are too many stricture here, according to me, so the chart may not be radical.
First, not only the ruler of the querent, Mercury, is combust but the Moon is also in Via Combusta.
Second, the cusp of the 7th house is afflicted, and because you said clearly
This question does not involve me, so I made my mom the Asc.
the 7th house rules the astrologer, that's you, and the affliction may creates a wrong interpretation - i would not analyze this chart. Besides, you also stated that the question is not a 7th house question in which case it would be no problem. Strange that you pointed it out, it makes it even more clear.
Third, Saturn,conjunct the Ascendent, and Rx, is again saying that the outcome will not be as your mom hopes - it may happen but that's rare, and i can also be wrong - afflicted by Saturn.
I suggest to look at the synastry if you have any reference for the DOB of the group so that you can make a chart, or it would be enough even to look at the progression and transits on your mom chart.
Good luck, and peace to your mom.
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