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Natal Astrology A place to discuss yours and others' birth charts (after you post your own birth chart interpretation). Includes psychological and relocation astrology, houses, aspects, and planetary dignity and debility.

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Unread 10-16-2018, 06:01 PM
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The grand Water trine effect.

Hi everyone

i was wandering if someone can read my chart for any possible black magic involvement,either by practicing it or if im vulnerable to it.

I Read somewhere that having a grand water trine can make you very susceptible to magic and the spiritual world in i'm wandering if the trine can also offer some kind of psychic barrier against it,so i can keep a stable balance inside my psyche.

Also,does an 8th house/capricorn stellium will contribute to this protection too or not.

Notice:the words writhing below are not a word of fiction,it actually happened to me personally around the age of 7 to 12 and im still suffering from the side effect even now as i write them,so if you're going to laugh or be judgemental,please do not proseed,otherwise,any help will be much appreciated.

I've been suffering from constent tinnitus and blurry vision for as long as i can remember,but it wasn't the case when i was still a child,i had perfect sight and hearing,i even had an outstanding focus(based on my teachers opinions).

But as i grow older i start to have this feeling that someone or something is constently watching me,sometime it feel warm and welcoming,and other time it feel eerie and frightening.

I also begin to see shadowy figures,and sometime i see orbs of bright light hovering around me,both occurences last for a while before completely disappear.

Aside from seeing,i could also hear voices talking to me,and i'm not talking about whispers,the voices were as loud and clear as it could be,but the spoken words were strange and incomprehensible to make a decent sentence out of them.

When i tried to ignore and fight the ocurrences it only aggravated the issue:

-I started to see "them" in their true form,sometime smiling,sometime just staring without any face expressions.

-The voices begin to turn into shouts of anger and disappointment for not listening to "them".

-I begin to have recurring dreams about a weird and eccentric world.sometime the dream is so vivid that i can sense,taste,smell and interact with everything in that strange world,but the weirdest part is when i wake up.As soon as i open my eye i notice that i'm being literally stuck to the ceilling above my bed,as soon as i start to panic,i fell straight down to my bed.And this happend in so many occasion that i can confirm it was a real experience rather than being part of the dream.

-Sometime in my dreams i always see an entity,despite the grotesque look,it have the same face as i,but with one difference that
in the place of a mouth it have black slimy twitching tentacles.and the encounter doesn't always end up well for me,for example when "it" pierced my neck with its tentacles,i got tonsillitis in real life,it got so serious that i undergo a tonsillectomy intervention in order to take out my tonsils.

I somehow managed to seal away this entity in one of my dream(in a white mansion near a ravaged coast on a stormy night),as i went the cross the golden mirror, i heard him say that he will take my sight and hearing and focus and put them in a black sandalwood box(as "it" told me)and he will keep it unless i freed him,but i ignored his warning and i eventually crossed the mirror.

After that,all the seeing and hearing and dreaming stop,and after a while, my vision began to blur,and i start having ringing in both ears,i also had brain fog and all this is affecting my everyday life in so many level.

When i consulted a doctor looking for a certain cure he told me that i look fine and there is nothing wrong with me.

With all that being said,is the grand water trine has anything to do with all this? and is there any way to regain my abilities without releasing "it",(i mean any alternative solution).and if there is a way i'll be happy to read it.


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