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Unread 09-16-2018, 08:42 PM
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Aries impulsive but Disciplined even if they hate subject?Esp stuff they love?

The Aries Sign fascinates me. Without doubt Aries is the MOST IMPULSIVE Sign in the whole Zodiac. No other Sign is as brash and wreckless as the Aries. I have a Mercury in Aries and if you knew me IRL you would see me as very Aries in heated debates and arguments esp. on topics I LOVE so much .
However Aries is also known as the Sign of War along with Scorpio and in a rather fascinating irony, when it comes to fighting Wars Aries is known to be self-controlled and stoic. Alexander the Great was stated to possibly having an Aries Rising based on Recitification and I suspect thats not too far-he was know to be wreckless, celebrating parties and losing his temper esp. when he was drunk.

However on the battlefield, he portrayed such a high level of Discipline and soticness you'd never think he was an Aries. He could control his hot temper and brash impulsive nature when timing a planned attack. He was able to bear through pain and tiring conditions that would break many men not conditioned for Military with such calm stoicness.

I noticed so many Aries or Aries Risers make up much of the list of many outstanding soldiers.

I have an Aries friend who was a Paratrooper in Vietnam. He WAS a VIOLENT VIOLENT full of anger when he came back home.

However even after coming back home when he was involved ina military exercise like staying in the barracks or marching, he protrayed such professionalism as a soldier you would never know of his hot temper outside the military.

I already stated he was a hot tempered person when he came home. Well he had that Aries trait of picking fights everywhere he went.

However when he got into street fights while he portrayed the legendary aggression Aries is infamous for, he also portrayed a calm cool mind in fights-he would keep his mind intact for oppurtunities. Thats all I'll leave, I won't got into details. But he portrayed that Aries trait of calmness in battle in Street Fights and Fighting Sports.

I knew an Athlete from High School who's an Aries. Outside of sports you'd think he was the most immature goofball you've ever met.

But when it came to Track and Field and Cross Country he trained with such seriousness he portrayed such sportsmanship in training and in competition.

I notice thats a trait in Aries. They're such brash and hot tempered people but when it comes to aggressive avenues like sports and fighting and (especially) Warfare and Militarism, they portray such a calm stoic image that you'd think Aries is among the most Disciplined Signs in the Zodiac (or at least the most Disciplined Fire Sign).

But once outside of sports, fighting, and military, they're some of the most rash,impulsive people you ever met.

What explains this fascinating traits in the Aries?

One more observation I made. Typically strong Aries people-especially an Aries placement in Mars, Saturn, and 10th house or 6th house-tend to be extremely disciplined and cool-headed if they're motivated enough even in stuff they hate such as negotiation and making fine arts! Even having enough patience to reach journeymen level, if not even expert level in these subjects they hate in a short time if they have enough of a reason to!

Why is this?

One more point I notice this is especially true at serious life-or-death stuff such as the workplace and trying to stock up food for famine, is that Aries is not only mature and discipline but they won't tolerate goofball behavior and BS ****ups that they normally would in a soft safe environment such as middle class America! They'll become just as disciplined,stoic,and mature as Capricorn is in serious stuff such as trying to sell stocks to make a profit and rationing water in a drought!

Why are they so different in serious situations where it matters such as saving up money for your child's insulin to the point of being cold and not tolerating harmless jokes?

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