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Unread 08-10-2020, 12:39 PM
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12th house is a hidden house, to nick


You asked:
Originally Posted by nick233 View Post
Thanks for the reply. Don't I have a 12th house stellium instead of 1st in my birth chart?
You have planets IN the 12th house but SOME would say these are all CONJUNCT (energy is combined with) your Ascendant (self). However, this is a WIDE conjunction and debatable as to how much of a conjunction it is. The MOON (home, also emotions) is DEFINITELY conjunct, so you have STRONG personal emotions. The OTHER planets seem more likely to operate as a conjunction of 12th house planets (i.e., a stellium in the 12th house). Your experience strongly suggests this possibility.

The 12th house is a hidden house, so planetary energies IN the 12th house are hidden from you. As has been mentioned, you have Pluto (transformation, also control) conjunct your IC (inner world) square (energy needs to be combined with) planets in your hidden 12th house. This suggests that there are deep, inner control issues that are activated and come out as others around you who act in "hidden" ways (secretive stalkers, crazy obsessives, etc.).

The challenge with Pluto energy is either you use IT or it uses YOU. So the key is to GET BACK CONTROL. Find a place where YOU are in charge and, from that point on, TAKE charge. With so MANY energies hidden from you, you might want to do meditation as a way to "connect in" with these energies. The 12th house is ALSO the house of spirituality, so spiritual pursuits will give you a chance to USE these 12th house energies.

About the 12th,


To learn basic astrological chart interpretation for your chart see:

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Unread 08-10-2020, 05:38 PM
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Re: Why do I regularly attract crazy stalkers and obsessive people?

Thanks for sharing! Your Rahu is in Libra, I wonder if that does something like that! Your Venus is also very strong, the 10l in the 10h (in Taurus), aspected by Jupiter, the ruler of your 5h. Shows you work in a creative line, or perhaps a company that focuses on creativity. Also education could have been more on the liberal arts side vs technical.

Whats interesting in your Venus is in the Nakshatra of Rohini (you can YouTube Venus in Rohoni for more info on this placement). I don't really apply the mythical aspects of Nakshatra, but Rohini is a wife of Chandra (the Moon), I think one of 20 something). And Chandra loved Rohini the most, making all the other wives jealous.

Venus is Rohini can cause other women to be jealous of you. It could also mean your girlfriend faces a lot of jealousy from others because of you. Venus being your 10l in the 10h, perhaps coworkers who are women are jealous of you, and you find them competing against you.
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Unread 08-10-2020, 11:33 PM
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Re: Why do I regularly attract crazy stalkers and obsessive people?

Originally Posted by nick233 View Post
Is there anything in my birth chart that makes me a target for crazy stalkers and obsessive people? I am a guy and even other men can get obsessive with me even though we only met 5 minutes ago. They also tend to get sexual with me even though I am straight.

From your chart- with uranus as ruler of your 7th house - encountering people - attraction of people of non-conventional standard is in general part of your chart and your own needs.

Uranus as ruler of 7th house is in 5th house- also house of male sexuality. But for me - also house of father, father as first male model role and father experience in childhood - what you probably want to get healed with people you meet and you are instinctively looking for.

5th house is ruled by jupiter in 12th house -inconjuncting uranus in 5th house and can show a father not being much available for you as a father in your childhood and more busy outside in public.

Any aspects with jupiter always have the tendency to exaggerate a lot and to disrespect boundaries of another person - feeling ego-centered entitled to do so.

And with jupiter venus conjunct and venus as ruler of your 3rd house - physical outsending radiance people notice from you - sexuality as radiance gets a part of your outsending energy -people instinctively (pluto in 3rd) react on - until the real cause below is solved, recognized and settled.
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