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Modern Astrology For discussions on Modern Astrology only. (Note: Typically, modern astrology is defined as using techniques developed around the late 1800s by Theosophists. Specifically it relies on psychological, evolutionary, karmic, and non-western interpretation approaches and includes Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, and non-Ptolemaic aspects. The focus is more on psychological chart interpretation instead of prediction.)

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Unread 03-13-2020, 01:32 AM
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❤︎How to find the ruler of karma and the soul (modern astrology method) for healing

So like lets start out and say that the outer planets and their discovery was a karmic lesson in the path of humans. Like these (outer) planets are the planets that dissolve them (karma), and therefore will not be used as the planets in the method I will outline below. The outers are the cure, while the personal/social planets are what we will be curing.

This is from several modern authors who studied astrology with the outers and past lives and future lives. This technique is about finding the ruler of the chart, and like knowing this will totally be absolutely useful. It will be like useful because we can use the outers to help dissolve (Neptune), break free (Uranus), and renew (Pluto) karma based on the planet that predominates you.

We will be using the outer planets to help break down these inner planets for your deep, penetrative, transformation.

❤︎Step 1. ❤︎
Find your Moon sign.

❤︎Step 2. ❤︎
Notice the sign next to the Moon. Take the ruler (discount Neptune, Uranus and Pluto for this, because as I said they will be the cure) of the next sign. That will be ruler of your spirit. Knowing this will be helpful so we can diagnose and administer Neptune/Uranus/Pluto's medicine!!

For example, if you have the Moon in Taurus, then take the next sign, Gemini.Thus the ruler is Mercury.

For example, if you have the Moon in Libra, then take the next sign, Scorpio. Thus the ruler is Mars.

For example, if you have the Moon in Capricorn, then take the next sign, Aquarius. Thus the ruler is Saturn.

❤︎Step 3. ❤︎
If the next sign is ruled by the Sun or the Moon, such as Cancer or Leo, then just go to the other sign. The Sun and the Moon prefer not to be in this, possibly because they are luminaries. Astrologers found this to be a unique and strange quirk, but it works.

So if the Moon is in Gemini, and the next sign is Cancer, then just keep going to the next, next sign which is Virgo. So the ruler is Mercury. The Sun and Moon do not wish to participate in this.

If your Moon is in Cancer, then the next sign is Leo, then the Sun cannot be the ruler, so just go to the next sign: Virgo. Again, this bizarre quirk was discovered by karmic astrologers.

❤︎Step 4. ❤︎
You have found your ruler.
It is either Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn.
This is good! We are steps closer to understanding who you are.

❤︎Step 5. ❤︎

❤︎ Interpreting your rulers! ❤︎
If you have Saturn as the ruler,
If it is nicely placed, and the moon is waxing, then it would make the person arrogant, proud, serious, BUT gives good advice! This is totally cool. You will also be respected, because you will be SO wise.

Other cute personality traits: You will be so so so serious that you forget to actually eat sometimes. Be sure to keep hydrated and nourished! You also are kinda distant, because you're so busy. Maybe you'll have stomach issues too, and sometimes you can get a little anxious and nervous, but it's ok!!

Other placements that you miiiight want to pay attention to:

Saturn in his own signs, terms, or in Jupiter's houses and terms, in a day chart is a good sign!! It means you'll be more likely to find success. But if in the sign of Mars, like scorpio or Aries, or the Moon like Cancer, then it can get a little bit difficult. These things can get too much and life gets a little hard So uncool, but don't worry!!

If it's in a night chart, and if the Moon is waning then it's totally workable. Maybe just do some exercises and eat a few salads and be healthy. Don't worry, you're still wonderful and amazing ❤︎. I believe in you ❤︎ If Venus and Jupiter are aspecting in a good way, then it means these illnesses will be cured ❤︎ So DONT worry!!

If Mars is aspecting then please be careful and make sure to see a doctor

If you have Jupiter as the Ruler
You are so spiritual and amazing, and you always wanna do some cool stuff that makes people happy You will have a good reputation, noble, honorable, BUT you always spend a lot on shopping and stuff and you might have a tendency to live it up! haha. You also make an AMAZING friend and you are so friendly to everyone.

❤︎Wanna know the good part? You can be lucky! and stuff you do will be successful! sometimes you can have issues though, from all that partying and drinking, but dont worry just drink some water and you'll be fine!!

Make sure to know if Jupiter is actually in a good position, so if Jupiter is in like the best position he can do all of these things Like if this is a day chart, and he's exalted or in his home Sagittarius or Pisces, or in Aries or Leo, and angular then expect it to be ❤︎ AMAZING!! ❤︎ Make sure Mars isn't at an angle and doesn't oppose the Moon or Jupiter, otherwise it can get rough sometimes but againyou're amazing so don't worry!

If Jupiter is in the signs that are detriment or fall like Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn or houses that aren't really good, and weak, then him and the Moon are like being poorly aspected by Mars and Saturn then it can get difficult too But don't worry it's workable. It's just these things will be harder to come by!!

If you have Mars as the Ruler
You are gonna be so fierce! Work it!!!
You are so amazing and like a firecracker, you fight for anything you want and believe in! So bold and daring, and like to be active! Maybe you're into like Mars stuff too ❤︎ haha. The bad part is that you Miiight have a temper, but it's ok you can go to anger management and therapy, it's so worth it! Just be careful not to push people away.

Bad parts: You can get cuts and stuff more often. Like burns. OMG. Use vaseline NOW!

❤︎ Things to look out for ❤︎
If Mars is aspecting a full moon, then be careful and stay in safe areas and never do anything that can be seen as bad by the cops. Honestly they are so mean and so not understanding If the Sun is involved, and is a day chart, then be extra extra careful about authority.

If this is a night chart and in the signs of Jupiter or Saturn (four signs in total), or in their terms, or in Aries/Scorpio or in Mars' own terms, or in the 5th or 11th, or MC or the ASC, aspecting the waning Moon, and with Jupiter trining, then you can be such a great leader!! ❤︎ You can do anything in the world!!!

If Mars in in the descendant then be careful and don't do anything rash ❤︎ The sign that Mars is in shows how you'll get hurt.

If Venus and Jupiter is aspecting then Mars gets soft and tamed by a lot

If you have Venus as the Ruler
Omg everyone loves you! You love to chat and meet other people ❤︎ You also love to do fun stuff, and you are so passionate as a lover ❤︎ You have sexual charms about you. You also LOVE music so much!!

If Venus is in fall or detriment, then you can probably work as an artist or someone who makes instruments like pianos or clothes. How cool is that? You can also work as a relationship counselor or someone who hooks people up together!

If this is a night chart, then you help women more ❤︎. In a day chart you help men more ❤︎.

The same treatment we did with Mars. If Venus is in her own houses in a night chart, and in the 5th, 11th, or MC, or in her own signs (Taurus/Libra) or in her own terms, and Jupiter has a nice trine aspect to it and the Moon is moving/waning towards Venus without Sautrn, then you will be so fabulous and glamorous haha If Mars is in his own signs Scorpio/Aries, or Jupiter's signs, or in his own terms, and trine to Venus then expect some leadership abilities (especially if she's not combust!) !!!

If Mercury is in his own signs, or terms, or in Venus' signs, in good houses, then you can be a poet If Saturn is angular in a night chart then it can be hard to do it especially if it's aspecting these things.

If Venus is in signs opposite to her exaltations or domiciles. Like think Scorpio, Virgo, or Aries, and in the bad houses, and aspecting Mars, or in the signs or terms of Saturn, then you might be careful with who you hook up w/ ESPECIALLY if Mars is on the DC.

If you have Mercury as the Ruler
You are SO clever and talented. You are like the eternal student. Always want to learn everything and know every secret there is!❤︎. So smart!
You can be like a teacher or interpreter or a philosopher. So cool, like these things are so amazing right??

If Mercury is in his own signs like Virgo, or Gemini, or his own terms, and in a good house, and Venus trines, then the person would be so famous for speaking or his/her voice would be so pretty!
If Mercury in the Moon's house, then you'll sound so formal, but not as pretty as Venus.
If Mercury is in Saturn's signs, and Jupiter and Venus are aspecting from an angle or the third house then you'd be an awesome astrologer or priestesss!! ❤︎.

If Mars squares Mercury, and Mercury is in the 3rd and in a human sign. And if Jupiter is on the ASC or MC, then you will make such a great speaker ❤︎. ❤︎❤︎
If Saturn is in a good house in a night chart and aspects the above, then be careful because you'll have haters!!

Okay so like what about the Sun and the Moon? They don't want to participate, but they can still influence it.

If the Sun is conjunct the ruler, then it will be more solar! Like proud and respects their dad. 100%%%❤︎ So caring and paternal. ❤︎
If the Moon is conjunct the ruler, then your life keeps changing like the moon too!❤︎ So loving and maternal ❤︎

Venus and Jupiter aspecting these will help out a lot! Mars and Saturn aspecting these will make it hard!!!

Part one OVER!!! I'll write a second post next on what to do with your ruler!!!!

Until then! Toodles!!! ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

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Unread 03-13-2020, 01:53 AM
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Re: ❤︎How to find the ruler of karma and the soul (modern astrology method) for heali

My sun and moon conjunct in Aquarius, which means this special karma and soul sign is Pisces, and there's the planet Mercury in 13' Pisces (the fall of Mercury though) in the 9th.
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Unread 03-13-2020, 11:41 AM
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Re: ❤︎How to find the ruler of karma and the soul (modern astrology method) for heali

Jupiter would be my ruler and yes I have a strong spiritual nature. NN is in Pieces and Moon rules 9th house. Although I've never been a partier or a shopper. I look forward to reading the rest of your analysis.

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Unread 03-13-2020, 05:20 PM
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Re: ❤︎How to find the ruler of karma and the soul (modern astrology method) for heali

Mercury in sagittarius, in 5th.
Curious, continue!
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Unread 03-13-2020, 06:20 PM
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Re: ❤︎How to find the ruler of karma and the soul (modern astrology method) for heali

Is this a joke?
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