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Unread 10-08-2018, 03:13 PM
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Bad luck in love, could someone read my natal chart?

Hi all

I am 24 years old, I am about to graduate from my second University career, I work and I consider that I am doing quite well in life in general but there is a special topic that I feel I am going back and I can not feel I can ever progress: love.

In recent times when I meet someone that I find interesting, I end up in a shell and it takes me a lot to establish a relationship with that person. I already feel that I can not be interesting to you.

I imagine something has to do with that damaged Venus in my birth chart but I do not know where to start to feel a little better.

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Unread 10-08-2018, 06:27 PM
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Re: Bad luck in love, could someone read my natal chart?

There is nothing wrong with your Venus.

And your 5th house of romance is fine, however, there are issues with your 7th house of partnerships. This may be exasperated by your extremely high latitude Moon, which tends to make you expect to have everything done your way, and that people who just naturally do what ever you say. Partnerships require that you have to be able to accept what other people want to do and not have things always your way.

Unless you are offering something in return, they may get the idea quickly that you are just too high maintenance for them.

Also, your lack of spontaneity and your need to have everything planned down to the last detail, and that you tend to be clingy about it, may tend to put them off.

To top it off, your Sun is very very powerful(AUTHORITY, AMBITION, SHINING, PRIDE, LOYALTY, DEVOTION, WARMTH, VITALITY), but its also rather debilitated- so that you are excessively authoritative, ambitious, always wanting to be the center of attention, not particularly loyal, and maybe somewhat cool when it comes to other people's needs).

These are all things that you have to work on, and can be successful in solving, but you will have to step outside your comfort zone to do it.
If you were really asking to hear something wonderful about yourself, then you should not have called yourself GRIM, and complained about your great difficulties in having relationships--- so sorry if I failed your real need here. There are no quick answers that will make you suddenly feel better. You will have to work to change how you interact with potential long term relationships.

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Unread 10-08-2018, 10:49 PM
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Smile Re: Bad luck in love, could someone read my natal chart?

From what I see, your venus is alright. (I'd worry about your sun, it's conjunct the south node)

It's just you have too much of a high expectation in love/relationships.
Pluto conjunct descendant at a very close orb. It's also square Saturn at a close tight orb. Saturn is in 9th making you to have a tendency of accepting other ideas. Saturn/Pluto makes it hard for you to accept authority over you. Any kind of power play on you is unacceptable. Uranus/Neptune in 8th makes you a sucker for emotional depth, merging of souls, all types of fantasy. Saturn in 9th could be countered by Uranus in 8th though.

Uranus in 8th can make you play the therapist and the victim at the same time. Uranus in 8th makes you fearless of emotional depth/self-discovery, however it's getting you to delve deep within yourself is the problem. Neptune in 8th can make you delude yourself, especially with how the moon aspects these two energies. And speaking of that moon.

Moon trine Venus, and Pluto. Moon trine Venus makes you amorous when you're in the mood. But with Moon trine Uranus/Neptune you could set too high of expectations. And moon trine uranus can make your emotions turn off/on combined with neptunian delusion it's not good sometimes.

Moon trine Pluto can give you a want for power-play even though it contradicts how you dislike being power-played by someone else. So again you need to compromise.

Honestly, your moon is beneficial since it's well aspected and it's in a water sign which is good. When I spoke negatively of your moon it's just what can happen when it pertains to love. It doesn't mean your moon is negative.

Lilith in 11th. Made you isolated, an outcast. Lilith in Aries, so you look to Mars its sign ruler. Mars is also a problem. Mars in 7th means any aggressiveness you act will be reflected. And if Mars is squaring Chiron in a close orb with it connected to Lilith, it's no wonder you have problems in love. (not trying to be a downer) Mars square Chiron is a huge ego dampener. Your actions sometimes can remind you of childhood and in general it's painful.

Combine this with your tendency to expect too much, wanting yourself to be in control but not compromising with the other, and trust issues when in love. Also pluto being very angular makes you give a plutonian vibe, and plutonians have a tendency of giving off a "scary aura vibe." This can be summed up with "your scorpio is showing".

You may ask, well thanks for all that negativity now how do i solve it???

Your jupiter in 5th seems beneficial. Jupiter in 5th gives an expansion on entertainment, fun (well i guess it can pertain to children if you ever have any). Anddd of course romance.

Here's the thing, everything I just interpreted may seem negative but looking at your chart it's honestly not that bad for your love life. You just need to stop taking everything so "seriously". More like "fling" energy. (like wanderlust/journeying energy)

Your north node in 1st shows an obvious "path" towards independence, and me energy. However the rest of your chart suggests that you could me interpreting me energy in a structured way (by that I mean, collected information and leveling up in order, when you can just gather information at any time and you don't need to build upon layers and layers). When me-energy should be flowing and towards gathering broad knowledge. Sun conjunct that south node with sun representing your overall garnered knowledge, the basest of self, it shows that you are not complete. And that there's always still more to learn.

So when seeing it that way, and applying it to love. It just means you need more compromise, being okay with change, and stop being so rigid, and afraid of loss. When you invest so much in someone, you invest in someone because you enjoy them, not because they're an investment that stays the more you invest. The problem you're having is you want someone to stay permanently and the amount of depth you're showing at first might scare people off, so you just need to be more carefree. That doesn't mean I'm saying to discard your care and emotions, i'm just saying to loosen up.

When I mentioned "fling energy", i'll elaborate on that. Fling energy is just enjoying each other, nothing too serious, building emotions and bonds up together from carefreeness. No blood bonds from the start, work up to that blood bond understand? Also don't put all your eggs in one basket, some people get obsessed with a person and that person consumes them entirely don't do that. That's not fling energy, that's being rigid and throwing all your hope on one person. Of course overtime you have the right to place all your trust and love in one person, but it seems like you're building up an expectation of someone and then getting ready to pour all of yourself into them.

Why not just pour little pieces of yourself into someone and then have them pour pieces back so then the cup ends up equal and eventually full to show how much you two trust each other?

(sorry for the unnecessary amount of advice and I was not trying to sound condescending so if you read it in that kind of tone, it wasn't the one i had )

[if i read/interpreted anything wrong, or gave unnecessary or irrelevant advice I'm very sorry]

Note: your progressed ascendant is now in gemini, your progressed venus is approximately in/near sagittarius so maybe research about venus in sagittarius, that's the kind of love energy that could work on modifying towards

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