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Horary Astrology Ask and answer any horary questions, and discuss theory and technique. Please post a chart of the time, date, and place you asked the question. Please do not ask the same question repeatedly, hoping for a different result: horary works best when you ask the question ONCE and then interpret the chart that results from when the question FIRST came into your mind. Horary forums are ONLY for discussion of horary charts and techniques.

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Unread 01-05-2007, 03:00 PM
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Question about significators and time

Dear horary astrologers! According to a very prominent clairvoyant my daughter spoke to yesterday (in Buenos Aires), my son, who is looking for a job since April, will get a call (I imagine from an agency he send his curriculum to) to invite him for a meeting and a joboffer will then be accepted by my son. I am not sure who will contact him, the agency or maybe a company whom he send his curriculum to. So I want to look at the significator of the Company, the jobagent, the 3rd house for the call and my son. I did a horary with the question: When will D. get the invitation (meaning call) to come for a meeting. So I have to look for a time frame in this question.
I asked the question on January 5, at 9.56 am, 8E.32, 47N12.
Ascendant,thats me, is Aquarius (again!!! as in my last 5 other one's) and Saturn retro in the 7th, showing that I have to be careful not to make an interpretation mistake. That's why I come to you for help.
My son is Mercury (5th house) and situated in the 11th of my chart, (his 7th ) in a very close conjunction with the Sun.
The "call" is signified by the Sun, his 3rd house signifier. so in this case, the Sun does not burn Mercury because both are signifiers.(if I understand it well)
Significator of the Jobagent is the 6th of the 5th house = sons 7th? I think. So Jupiter is it's significator, in Sag. Or does a jobagent fall under another house?
Jupiter is trining the Moon, signif. of my son's 2nd house of income so maybe he has an offer that pays enough.
Significator of a business is his 10th or 11th? (I am not sure about this) this would be Mars or Venus .Now, I have to look at an ingoing aspect between Mars(10th) and Mercury , Venus(11th) and Mercury or Moon(call) and Mercury and count the degrees to see how long it will take. Another observation is that his 3rd house has 2 signifiers, Mercury and Sun!! Should I see this as positive= very soon? because the two signif. are also conjunct in his 7th? The clairvoyant said "in a few days" and my son was already picking up his bags to come back to leave Portugal, so it really has to happen quick. (She said he MUST wait and go to the meeting).
The only aspect I can see coming up is a demi-sextile from Merc. with Mars. and that is actually only valid when both planets are dignified or something like that I read. No aspect at the horizon with Venus either (too late)
With the call it looks more favorable. Mercury will get in exact conjunction with the Sun in 1 degree and 07 minutes in succedent house (days weeks or month). I therefore choose 1 week because 1 day or 1 month also not possible according to the lady.
I also decided to look at the Antiscion of Mercury and it falls conjunct Mars, sign. of Business (if I take the 10th)and exactly sextile his 9th cusp. It will take Mercury exactly 5.5 degrees=days to make the exact conjunction with Mars, so also almost a week.
Mercury does not make an immediate aspect with Venus so maybe the 11th is the wrong house for the business??
Last question: should I look at all the aspects of Mercury with the three significators or mainly at one, like "the call", the agent, or the company? The Sun is the Almuten for his 3rd house, Jupiter Almuten for his 6th, so the call and the Agent both are Almutens over their houses and Mercury is conjunct one of them. Will the call come within one week from today? Thanks for looking into this, it is also meant as a lesson for those who want to learn more (like myself)

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Unread 01-25-2007, 07:45 AM
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Re: Question about significators and time


How did this turn out? I am sure I am not the only one learning from hindsight.

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Unread 01-25-2007, 09:51 AM
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Re: Question about significators and time

Hello Wintersprite, Well, nothing has happened yet, so I guess, the 1 week should become 1 month. He has several things cooking and including friends in good IT positions trying to get him something so there is hope. At the moment he is still arranging moving to Switzerland but things go slowly and on top of everything else he has now a lunginfection and feels really bad. Other things that woman predicted have all come out (for my daughter specifically), one after the other and I checqued with yet another very good clairvoyant in Holland and she said that the work was "right on top of his head", so I am hopeful and believe it will then come around Febr. 5th. What a situation!! But I really do believe in this lady. Last month no less then 4 predictions came true. I had hoped someone else would have tried to look at the chart but so far nothing alas! I will let you know when something happens. Also, I will go over the chart again because in the meantime I did learn so much more about horary astrology, just great. I am almost there and then it is just a matter of doing a lot of questions and test them all out!
Thanks for asking. Cheers, Starlink
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question, significators, time

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