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Aspects & configurations Discuss here about natal chart aspects and configurations.

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Unread 03-01-2020, 06:44 AM
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Re: Planet Aspects are 100x more important than planets in houses or zodiac signs

I've noticed that in your delineations, and you come up with accurate answers. That's all that matters really, results.

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katydid (03-01-2020)
Unread 03-12-2020, 04:52 AM
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Re: Planet Aspects are 100x more important than planets in houses or zodiac signs

I just read the title.

I have this friend born 2 days earlier than me so our planets (except Moon) are in the same signs almost same degrees, same aspects.
Our lives are so different.

House placements and aspects are the most important. If I had to choose one it would be definately house placements.
Planets in houses will be enough to reveal 70% (if not even more) of my personality and my life in general, just by themselves.

With the friend I mentioned we receive same aspects from transit planets but they always work completely differently for each one of us. Transits have almost zero effect on me when aspecting my natal planets but I feel their effect so much when they're going from one natal house to another even though they don't make any major aspects to natal planets.

Signs gain important when a house is empty or a planet is unaspected.
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Unread 03-22-2020, 05:09 PM
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Re: Planet Aspects are 100x more important than planets in houses or zodiac signs

I've been thinking about this, and here's a not-fleshed out theory:

#1) I think aspects in a chart are often reflected through early learned behavior/experiences - usually from family but also others we learn from in childhood up to adolescence. For example, I have a Libra Sun, but it's in hard aspect to my Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus and Neptune...yikes.

I think my Libra Sun was more "given" to me as my early family needed a balancer (Leo Sun dad, Capricorn Mom, Scorpio older sister -- all very stubborn and different).

But all those aspects became "activated" and became a part of me after my parents split (when I was 5ish), and since I didn't have my dad around, my Sun expression became very much dependent on the environment (Mars+Jupiter for sports, Saturn for studying and to appease my strict Capricorn mother, Uranus for music/expressing myself, Neptune for art and also escaping in dreams when things were tough).

#2) So when we see aspect patterns in families, I think they're more of a nurture thing than a nature thing, but that's just my theory. But if this is true, I think undoing negative family patterns is more doable, assuming we put in the work.

For example, much of my family has Moon/Saturn squares or conjunctions (luckily I got away with the trine). But nearly all of them had to grow up very quickly and take on responsibility as kids (I did too, but its reflected in my Sun/Saturn).

#3) The Houses in our chart often seem to represent family karma. So someone with lots of 12th H placements may have had a lineage of family members who focused on power/money or ego in some form, and this 12th H person will often face more struggles in doing the same...but this will often result in him/her self-reflecting more, and finding peace in a 12th H way.

My mom has a 1st H heavy chart, which might be making up for the fact that her mom didn't have much freedom to go after her dreams. These types of patterns are present in every family tree it seems.

#4) I'm split on how signs are determined...but I do agree that aspects are most important, with houses being next, and signs being third of the 3.
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Unread 04-06-2020, 01:00 AM
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Re: Planet Aspects are 100x more important than planets in houses or zodiac signs

That is brilliant. I have long been disturbed by the conflicts among house systems... the variants really make the whole of the astrological paradigm meaningless. But you are right 90 degrees is always 90 degrees! Thanks for that bit of wisdom!
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