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Horary Questions on Relational Issues For horary questions about relationships.

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Unread 05-18-2020, 11:55 PM
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Will He Reconcile with Me?

(Note: I just realized that I posted this message in general Horary, not in here... Sorry for the cross-post!)

Hello there! I hope that this thread finds you well, and that you all are keeping safe during this time.

I have been reading my own horaries for some time (with the help of forums like this one!), but I wanted to take the plunge and buy an automated horary reading to see if I was reading horaries correctly in general.

My question was: will he reach out to reconcile with me? The automated service gave a 'no' answer, stating that, even though the quesited is keen, a third party would interefere and the hoped-for outcome would not come to fruition. I guess I just want a more specific read, if possible.

Looking at the chart, I determined that it is radical (it was drawn on 5/18/2020 at 7:32am PT, and the lord of the hour was Saturn). I am mercury in Gemini, in my strength, but I am in the 12th house. That makes sense: I consciously know that I shouldn't torture myself overthinking this situation (quesitor in 12th house of undoing) since I am tired of reaching out to him on social media (Mercury in Jupiter's detriment) and I can't do much else to help the situation (we are quarantined in different countries). Also, the person I'm asking about is going through major financial loss and job uncertainty at the moment (Jupiter in fall in Capricorn, retrograde, in my 8th house, turned 2nd house). I recently supported his business to send positive energy and wish him well, but I also secretly hoped that we would start communicating again.

I see that the Moon, the fastest-moving planet, first makes contact with Mercury in a sextile, but I am not sure if that means anything. Sun is in Moon's exalted sign, and Moon is in Sun's domicile, which is good, yes? On the other hand, I also see with Mercury and Jupiter that I am too irritated and hurt, and he is in too much financial and emotional stress to likely bring a positive outcome, but is there an interference? Is this person or outside influence represented by Saturn? Even so, I have read that a weak conjunction like this would not be enough to make the two planets 'stick to each other,' if that makes sense.

I have greatly admired interpretations from longstanding AW users (dr. farr definitely comes to mind) who have used the Moon aspects or other methods (Walis Magic 8 Ball?) to determine a yes or no outcome.

What do you see? Does the horary show a negative outcome? Thanks for looking!

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Unread 05-19-2020, 05:55 AM
ameliaastrology ameliaastrology is offline
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Re: Will He Reconcile with Me?

Looks like a translation of light from Moon connecting Mercury and Jupiter, though I have doubt about the orb.

I cast a chart for my best friend just two weeks ago that yielded the same translation of light by the moon, and the guy got in touch today. In her case, Moon sextile L1 then opposite L7 without any reception. Weak significators, including the Moon, but Moon was close to both parties. The translation was the only thing that connected them. But it worked, at least in terms of contact and reconciliation.

In your case, I'm glad to see that Mercury is strong in her own sign. She has some power to act, though she's lost significant accidental dignity by being in the 12th. But I worry that the Moon is a bit too far away from Jupiter, so even if it worked, it might take a while. Venus will also make a trine with Moon before Moon gets to reach Jupiter, so there can be prohibition, although Venus usually signifies you (female querent). You/something you do could hinder contact.

I don't see sun and moon in any Ptolemaic aspects. Reception doesn't bring fruition without an aspect or mutual house placement.

Saturn, likewise, is not in aspect with Mercury. If you were asking about a collection of lights by Saturn, I can't see any.


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Unread 05-19-2020, 09:05 AM
kalinka kalinka is online now
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Re: Will He Reconcile with Me?

Jupiter and Saturn, his 3rd house ruler, backed out. Sun, your 3rd house ruler, approaches a trine to Saturn. If there will be contact, then you'll reach out to him. However at the end I'm not seeing a reconciliation here. Last aspects of the moon are squares to Pluto and Jupiter. And the receptions aren't strong enough.

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Re: Will He Reconcile with Me?

Moon applies to a dignified Mercury, so just looking at this shows communication, but reconciling is another matter. Jupiter is in detriment and retrograde I don't think he is thinking about anything to do with this relationship, he is in trouble and his finances are on his mind.

Moon is in 11th and there is Mars angular perhaps to do with his anguish over his business? Moon in 11th suggests just be his friend and don't hope for anything right now. Give him support and help with whatever you can.

Sun, him as a man will change signs into sign of Mercury and there is this Venus rx coming from 12th .. so perhaps his interest will restart after a few months.

Is he an ex of yours as you ask about reconciling?
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