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Mundane Astrology Discuss the astrology of towns, cities, states, provinces, countries, empires, and the world in general.

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Unread 05-07-2006, 02:10 PM
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Modern or Traditional Influences?

Draco's reference to the use of traditional rulerships of signs and the outer planets' influence as a whole got me looking at the A.W. charts to see if there was anything between the traditional ruler of a sign and its aspects that could explain away the meaning behind the outer planet placing.
I think modern astrologers do it the other way around, but that's not the object of this exercise I had quite a bit written down, but then it occured to me that only the subject him/herself could say if it was or wasn't so.

As an example, I have Mars in Cancer in the 11th house sextile 9th house Sun in Taurus. But Mars also rules my 8th house.
Could this be said to work in the same manner as my 11th house Pluto in Leo?

I have Saturn in Gemini in the 10th house semi-square Mercury in the 9th.
Mercury also rules my Gemini MC.
Could this work the same as my Uranus in 10th conjunct MC ?

I have Jupiter in Leo in the 12th square Sun. Sun rules 12th house.
Could this work the same as my retro. Neptune in Libra in the 2nd house?

Anything in your chart from a traditional sign ruler that prohibits the use of the modern ruler?

I think the outer planets 'prove' their rulerships in their long term sojourns through a sign. What do others think ?


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Unread 07-05-2006, 12:45 AM
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Re: Modern or Traditional Influences?

I don't use the outer planets anymore. It's been at least 4 years since I have and here is why:

1. take to long to observe 1st hand. Heck, I could be dead before my 1st uranus return @ 83.75 yrs and certainly before the 2 others (163.74 yrs & 245.33 yrs cycles)!

2. They're newcomers to the block (Pluto is only 75 yrs old, Neptune 160, uranus 225 in man's conciousness). that's only one quarter of pluto's rotation around our sun while neptune will be coming up to his first return since discovery, while uranus has had only 2 returns.

3. I like the tried & true (which is what lead me to the old ways).

4. I am now old enough to see the (ok, everyone don't scream at me) patterns, i.e. fate in life and to have realized that while in some countries we are born "equal" under the law(s), it just ain't so. Open your eyes and take a REAL reality check. (and I'm not talking about those stupid television shows).

5. Not having accepted that fate, I am learning how to circumvent it. (Now, that's free-will) he-he

6. That there is way, and I mean WAY much more to our microcosm & macrocosm then logical, linear, science can discern, let alone prove (at this point in time. there's still hope that todays science can/will once again merge with the arts and seek gnosis/knowledge of all).

7. .....and last, but definitely not the least, Psych astrology just doesn't work for me (which is what the discovery of these latecomers have managed to, hmmmm, transform traditional astrology into. Read the history to learn more).

I like the good ole: how, what, where, when, why and with/by whom astrology. REAL ANSWERS, that's what I like.

sure, it's harder, requires more study and application but so rewarding. In more ways then just casting charts, delienating successfully and predicting with high accuracy. The study and application leads to eye opening insights, areas of other studies....such as numerology, Qabbalah, alchemy....etc. all of which require an understanding of astrology and astronomy in order to use in any practical sense.

that sum's up why I use Traditional/Medievel astrology instead of the modern.

I do like to keep up with the innovative astrologers and what their up to though, I used to really get into harmonic's years back.
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