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Unread 09-10-2019, 12:33 AM
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Astrology transits and illness

Hi, this is my first post on this forum and I don't know if people will take the time to fully read this but here it goes.
I was wondering which transits involving certain planets indicate illnesses, and which houses in particular. About a month ago after two days from returning from a trip I was struck with sudden insomnia. I originally thought this was jet lag but my intuition was off in that regard and I was having other symptoms such as bloating, gas and high heart rate. The latter three symptoms I mentioned in the previous sentence disappeared after a few days but then my sleep went from 5-10 am (sharp) to not sleeping at all. Like literally . I would either not feel sleepy at all or have extremely light sleep for 1-3 hours at the most feeling unrefreshed in the morning. I don't go into deep (stage 3 sleep) Also at the beginning I had muscle twitching and my skin would jump every 15-20 minutes . I simply could not feel sleepy at night and I've NEVER had insomnia in my life except for a time when I had electrolyte imbalances, but those usually go away when I take pottasium- and typically it just feels different, this is hard to explain. When I did take pottasium my sleep was still off. I have cancer on my 12 H cusp (and yes my dreams are usually very emotional, not nightmares but they usually wake me up at night and I tend to reflect emotionally at night and soemtimes it can prevent me from sleeping .... I use sidereal astrology btw. . .. anyways in sidereal my 12 H ruler the moon is in the second in virgo and is sextile pluto ,trine Neptune ,trine Saturn, square Jupiter , quintile Venus,. But I've never had sleep issues.

Basically after sleeping from 5-10 am for a few days I eventually stopped sleeping. I went 48 hours without sleeping and went to the ER and they just did bloodwork and a urine sample which came clear.

Basically I don't sleep even if I'm sleepy, I jsut lay there going into extremely light sleep and waking up every few hours or not sleeping at all ... I take this herbal pill called u dream which puts me to sleep but it ***** because I can't remember my dreams and right before this mess I learnt to be a lucid dreamer GODAMNIT . It's been a month and I now have muscle twitching , I've developed a toderance to the pill and it's stopped working, severe insomnia (but I take the pill so I sleep) , lack of appetite, mild symotoms like sore throat , random ringing . All of this started overnight and does not improve or change even slightly based on diet .

Natally I have 6H Uranus so yea, I get random health issues. I already have a zebra illness which was dismissed as anxiety and dpetession my GP's for many years and ended up relying on alternative health which helped me a lot with my symptoms, and alternative health like homeoapthy and acupucnture would be especially signified by a 6H Uranus.

During the day this all started , I had

Mercury in 11H opposite 5H Neptune
Sun in Tweflth house opposite the 6H Uranus
Mars in twelth house (obsviously sleep problems ) opposite 6H Uranus
Venus in twelth house opposite 6H Uranus

Here are the transits for that day:

for major transits I've had Uranus on my 8H natal sun for like 6 months now. The day it hit my **** sun I had scary spiritual experiences I never wanna relive that lasted for months . Also you can note that Neptune is currently going retrograde on my ASC.

Do ASC transits highlight improvement or recovery from disease ? For example I still have the sun and mars in my 12 H butttt the Venus and mercury are on the ASC, square Pluto tho and mars and Saturn. The merc on the ASC can still explain my nerve twitching. But once the sun and mars are out and all those squares disappear will there be an improvement... For any of those out there who have suffered from health problems what were signifanct transits during illness and if there's been recovery what were the transits?

I've been to my GP and got referred to a neurologist and also got sent for bloodwork for Lyme disease under my request. There's a very renowned homeopath that lives 2 hours or so away that's highly spoke of and has helped me with my current condition for many years and other ailments that suggested possibilities of what it was (suspecting the root cause is some sort of infection or automimmune condition) and sent me some remedies which I just started taking yesterday.

I scared myself shitless by finding this extremely rare disease which has the EXACT progression of symotoms as mine starting with sudden insomnia (called sporadic fatal insomnia) which has no root cause or cure and has 32 documented cases in history where patients suddenly develop insomnia one day , muscle twitching , or high heart rate, body temperature issues (symptoms can range ) and eventually they stop sleeping totally and like don't even sleep in comas or sleeping pills and die after 5 months to two years because their hypothalamus gets eaten by infectious proteins called prions and then they go to insanity and die. I have uranus on the 6H square mars, Venus and mercury so I'm prone to sudden illness (but also hypochondria lolll) but could it also suggest rare and unusual disease?

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