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Relational Astrology Relationships and the astrological methods of interpreting them are discussed here.

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Unread 10-28-2017, 09:00 AM
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Placement vs. Aspect in Composite + Synastry

Which do you think carries the most weight? Two charts that have great
aspects to one another but sign/house placements that donít get along or two natal charts that indicate compatibility and common ground on the basis of sign/house placements but lacks those Ďwowí aspects in a composite or synastry chart?

For example: Iím a Plutonian Aries with a Gemini moon (7th) and a Taurus stellium and Guy 1 is a Plutonian Libra with a Gemini moon (not conjunct) and a Scorpio stellium (all the same planets for both of us , our mars,Jupiter, and Saturn, + his Venus and Pluto, but again by aspect they are not in opposition within an acceptable orb). But Guy 2 is a Jupiter/Sun person with a Capricorn sun (conjunct my Eros), Aries moon + Eros (loosely conjunct my sun + psyche), and Aquarius Venus (conjunct my juno, out of sun). We all have he same Ascendant (Sagittarius)

With Guy 1 we have more common ground and relate to each other in terms of the interactions/relationships we want to be involved with and can understand each otherís contradicting traits of possesiveness (Taurus/Scorpio), fun loving (Libra/Aries), and communication/flakiness( Gemini moon) in a way that others without those sign placements canít relate to; and as such wouldnít butt heads over the need to possess and be possessed by each other in a relationship as the feeling is mutual. But with Guy 2 in this scenario we have all of these amazing aspects in synastry but the natal charts donít mesh. Heís Aquarius dom which aspects a lot of my unactivated midpoints and Juno especially well but we lack the same views and needs and ways of life that are shared between me and Guy 1 simply by our placements alone. Would appreciate your input.

(For more info in composite with Guy 1 we have a Sun/Venus/Juno conjunction in the 5th, mars conjunct Jupiter (6th), Eros conjunct Jupiter, moon opposite Pluto (natal placements for both of us), and vertex on the DSC. a surprising lack of Pluto aspects which is another thing Iím curious about whether or not as two natal Plutonians we will have Plutonian interactions despite our lack of Pluto by aspect in relation to one another. With Guy 2 I have a SURPRISING amount of Pluto in the composite. A Love stellium (sun/Venus/Mercury) conjunct Eros in Pisces (3rd) square Pluto with vertex on the DSC.)

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