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Unread 02-22-2019, 02:13 PM
darkmonkey87 darkmonkey87 is offline
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Do you think this person is my soul mate

Long story short both of us believe we have been together in a past life. When both of us were growing up we would see visions of each other. I ended up being drawn to move to the city she lived in theough circumstances and eventually we met I lived on the same floor as her near her. I say soul mate because years before I met her I went to a psychic. She described this person exactly and where I would meet her perfectly. The psychic used the term soul mate.

I am kind of sure it was her.

Yet I dont know if I want to commit in this life as we have our differences but the thing is I am not sure I'd ever find anyone that understood me like she does. We have different belief systems for now and somewhat different personalities as you can see from the chart. She is much more serious and me more talkive optimistic and outgoing. I am so scared of committing to someone we were kind of together for 4 years. what do you see in the chart.

The oddest thing about this is I met her on her birthday. She had a boyfriend at the time but it wasnt going to work out anyways.

I am so confused and conflicted. She kind of feels the same way we dont know if we want to commit cause we have some differences in outlook but we love eachother.

Well at least I know though in this life I wont be alone or completely misunderstood cause I will always be her friend anyways but we are both unsure what is best.

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Unread 02-23-2019, 11:17 PM
rahu rahu is offline
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Re: Do you think this person is my soul mate

hi wes
well the composite chart does have elements that can be associated with of"karma" or" destiny".
there is a stellium of venus/sun/mercury and this is square to the node.with nessus conjunct to the south node.
this pattern is usually very favorable as it shows a spontaneous affection and overall joyous and happy feeling to each other. you can speak freely and the affection is very strong. this gives a strong emotional/sexual attraction.
but nessus conjunct to the south node is a bit ominous as it suggest that there are hidden emotional issues. usually this shows some form of abusive experiences in childhood. the possibility is that she might have issues with getting close to someone else .

the midpoint of the named asteroids I chose for you are conjunct to psyche which really gives a romantic and almost spiritual attraction o go long with the obvious physical attraction between you.and with eros conjunct the ascendant you both are very romantic to each other.

with the moon opposed to eris, the physical attraction is really heightened and it would suggest you can keep your hands off each other because this gives enjoyment in the intimate contact.

Jupiter is conjunct to Sedna which shows you share a very honest outlook . being truthful with each other is as important as your affection for each other.but orcus is square to Jupiter,so there might be things that you keep from other right now. not that you lie but there could be experiences that you would rather not bring up , but if the relationship becomes very serious then you will have to broach any uncomfortable memories with her.

juno is at midheaven which suggest she is interested un commitment or marriage but the Jupiter/juno midpoint is square ixion.this does suggest that there are hidden issue or attitude that could make commitment difficult. There might be jealous ex's or there might be shady family connection. with the moon/Saturn midpoint conjunct to ixion, this is a big issue. there are definitely issues ,experience or heritage matters that will tend to break this up. as Saturn is quintile to the moon, you both are going to have to make big compromises and accept thing about each other you don't the moon is also quintile to uranus, there is a inherent instability here. these aspects tend to show the relationship will not become serious or if it does ,it wouldn't be "forever".

the venus/sun/mercury midpoints with mars are square to the Neptune/Uranus midpoint. this is also very sexual and exciting but tends to show that there will be hidden affairs or a breakup because of someone else coming into the scene.

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