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Unread 12-14-2017, 01:05 PM
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twin souls in astrology - similar placements not different


I see many theories about twin souls when looking to synastry but wouldn t make more sense if twins have similar placements (and not opposite placements)? We are looking for a twin (similar not different -opposite). Would like to read your thoughts on this. Thanks

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Unread 12-24-2017, 04:32 PM
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Re: twin souls in astrology - similar placements not different

I've seen this term around sometimes but I haven't seen it isolated to opposite placement. If it is... it is probably because opposite signs are part of the same polarity; approaching the same goal in different ways. In that sense, when two meet they would be bringing to the theme/goal what the other lacks, completing each other.
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Unread 01-05-2018, 10:46 PM
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Re: twin souls in astrology - similar placements not different

Originally Posted by aquabutterfly View Post

I see many theories about twin souls when looking to synastry but wouldn t make more sense if twins have similar placements (and not opposite placements)? We are looking for a twin (similar not different -opposite). Would like to read your thoughts on this. Thanks
There's this guy that really reminds me of myself. Not everything though, just some things. I looked at our synastry, and he has sun in scorpio opposite my moon in taurus(which is in the 8th house). So there is this aspect of mirroring. My feminine energy is familiar with the scorpio energy as it is in the 8th house, but also mirrors his masculine sun energy. We also have his moon conjunct my sun in a wide orb if that counts?

I can't be with him since he is married and I'm perfectly fine with it. He shows signs of being very fascinated or maybe obsessed with me(stole my pictures and shares them in his social media-my glamourous ones for perhaps his friends to see-it's kind of weird honestly-i don't know how I feel about it) and I'm not going to lie I was very fixated on him for some time, stalking his social media from time to time as well and I wouldn't have found out he shares my pictures if I hadn't found his social media accounts myself through searching for it.

We don't have any pluto aspects aside for one wide orbed sun pluto conjunction. His mars also conjuncts my ascendent.

Anyways, he's the most magnetic person I've seen. Almost all his planets are in scorpio and the one planet that's not(mars) is in libra. I've watched women who would never ever date him because of reasons I don't wish to mention, ponder over the fact that he called them pretty.

My attraction towards him could be solely because of his magnetism and his attraction toward me could be because of the fact that I'm a plutonian myself that reminds him of himself and because of his mars on my ascendent.

Anyways, off topic. I think that we are or at least near twin flames if his sun in scoprio is in his second house. Sadly, I don't know his birth time.

I think with twin flames there's this mirroring going on. Try and find feminine and masculine energies mirroring eachother. Example: libra ascendent opposite aries ascendent. Venus in sag 2nd house opposite other partners mars in gemini 8th house. Then sun conjunct/opposite moon. etc. The more of those you can find the more likely they are twin flames.

Additional things to look for: Usually one of the only people that are going to have their twinflames incarnated on this planet are old souls, maybe mature souls. Look for old soul qualities, and old soul indicators in the chart

Old soul indicators: pisces, capricorn, aquarius, lots of transpersonal planets aspecting the lumanaries and personal points-pluto is more of an indicator of a mature soul, also some lunar mansions I am going to mension (vedic astrology: (reveti, purva bhadrapada, uttara bhadrapada)

Traits of old souls: they are interested in spiritual, metaphysical occult topics; they like being alone unless they feel a deep connection with someone they had past lives with.

These souls that are in between-old and mature soul are going through excruciatingly painful near twin flame relationships because they want to get rid of karma and so they can be ready for twin flame relationships in this lifetime or future ones.

Other than that, these people usually live in countries that give them the freedom to explore their non-conforming interests and allows them to partake in deep and trans formative relationships unless their souls have other purposes. This is because they have gone through the phases of their rebirth cycles where they are required to gain needs like food, a partner to have sex and procreate with for the sake of learning to live in the material world.

These phases are where they gain spiritual purification so they can attain gnosis/moksha and leave the material plane.

Other than that, you need to look at parallels in eachother's lives. Like sometimes you'll find that opposite things will happen at each point in you guys' lives.

I had a friend once, she stopped being muslim. She met a guy who converted to islam when she became an appostate. They got close, and they both shared their perspectives on why they made their decisions. No matter how opposite their views seemed, they always had a soft side for eachother and highly respected one another. Eventually they both moved on with their lives but still remember one another in a good light.

He may be his twin flame or even just a soulmate but he was definitely important in her life. There's something of a dual nature.

For those literally meant to be with their twin flames: You'll have the opposite yet same aspects AND things like venus conjunct pluto or moon conjunct pluto, venus conjunct neptune. These are aspects of obsession-yes even venus conjunct neptune. venus conjunct neptune being a soulmate aspect. The orbs MUST be small though.

Sorry long post. This is just my 2 cents.
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