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Unread 08-27-2019, 09:13 AM
saurabhkhattar saurabhkhattar is offline
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Need Help with my chart

Hi Everyone,
New here. Attached is my natal chart . Would like to know regarding following. Thanks a lot in advance.

My birth details are 9th Oct 1980, 08:08 am, Mansa (Punjab), India

My questions are as follows:
1. Will I have any biological child or adopted one?
2. Will I have a steady source of income? How will be my finances as i have a tendency of doing too much expenses and so no savings?
3.I am wearing green emerald and diamond. Some astrologer suggest me to wear blue sapphire and some says it will be bad. Can anyone please suggest,

I know I am unfair to ask for so much without contributing but I am really very depressed.Will really appreciate a serious/sincere reply.

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Unread 08-27-2019, 07:04 PM
kshantaram kshantaram is offline
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Re: Need Help with my chart

hope information enables pick as relevant,
share salient pointwise feedbacks
how true-insightful, traits-talents-health-remedies etc etc,

All planets between ketu-rahu, kaalsarpyog,
ketu transits in sequence over planets
causing detachments, pain-injury-surgery;

sat-ketu now 1.5yr transit sag 3rd,
detachment from siblings, seeking transfer/change,
pain-injury-surgery arms-shoulders-ears-thighs etc to care;

Navamsa chart too mars-rahu opp, rise-fall in life;
rahu over acq, panchmansh,
delaying education-children etc;

prayers for ancestors, observe fast Amavasya evenings;
you are moreover born Amavasya tithi;
observe death anniversaries religiously;
wear brown gomedh over pendant touching heart;

venus-rahu opp too in the birth chart; rise-fall in life;
venus-rahu conjunct in 10th for career in bhava chalit;
acting skills, rise-fall in career, foreign assignments;
pharma, anesthetics aptitudes;

asc lord venus over leo, badhaka for libra asc,
stress-delays in income-gains-friendships,
health issues kidneys etc;
gains from arts, electricals-electronics etc
but under stress-delays;

wear 0.25carat diamond over platinum pendant;
not over finger;
may eat large white cooked beans friday mornings;

ketu cap 4th, detachment from mother-motherland;
hyper-ambitious and hardworking;
pain-injury-surgery heart-lungs-knees etc;

mars-ketu leo navamansh 7th/badhakansh,
detachment from income-relationships-friendships;
donate 1.25kg white til at Kali temple sat after sunset;

jup lord 6th for health-employment and karaka for children
debilated capricorn navmansh,

wear yellow sapphire over pendant touching heart,
prayers to saint of faith,
donate 1.25kg yellow chanadal
at saibaba/saint temple sat evening after sunset;

jup-sat badhak leo in bhavachalit,
gains from economics-research advisory and govt roles,
and gain of child, but under stress-delays;
sat lord 5th acq for children;
jup aspect own acq, supportive of luck-position
but may not be good for health of children to watch;

natal sat virgo 12th, critical attitude,
financial strains and expenses, foreign lands;

sun-moon-jup-sat virgo 12th,
good for international audit-quality control-editorial roles;
indifferent isolated attitude towards life,
jup aspect own pisces 6th, protective of employment;
success amidst adversity;

donate 1.25kg black uraddal
at Mata Durga temple wed after sunset;
observe fast sat evenings;

mars own scorpio 2nd,
research-occult-forensic-alchemy aptitudes,
volatile finances and speech;
mars over leo badhakansh in navamsa,
stress-delays in family-finances-marriage;

donate 1.25kg red masoordal at Kali temple tues after sunset;

mer lord 9th for luck over libra asc, protective;
wear green emerald over pendant for luck;
literary-oratory-legal aptitudes; distant travels;
mer lord 12th over libra asc,
prone to abdominal-face skin issues;

16yrs jup dasa till age 41.5yrs;
hope jup now transit mars scorpio 2nd,
helps family expansion and finances months ahead;
research-occult aptitudes;
jup scorpio trine rahu cancer 10th for foreign assignments;
rahu transit gemini 9th for foreign travels-pilgrimage;

19yrs sat dasa follows, sat 12th virgo,
foreign lands, expenses, health issues, audit roles etc;

Moon Hastha nakshatra, opportunist;

hope jup-sat lords 5/9 for luck-children,
placed jointly in pisces navamsa help with extra efforts;

do promptly ack, hope find observations-suggestions useful,
share salient pointwise feedbacks
how true-untrue etc, apart from any queries,

wishing well, kshantaram
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