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Natal Astrology A place to discuss yours and others' birth charts (after you post your own birth chart interpretation). Includes psychological and relocation astrology, houses, aspects, and planetary dignity and debility.

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Unread 02-28-2007, 08:16 PM
woofwoofbarkbark07 woofwoofbarkbark07 is offline
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please help: i'm a leo but i don't feel like one, why is this?

hi guys! ok well basically i'm a leo and i've looked up "personality traits" of a leo and basically it describes a really dominant person who always wants to be center of attention and is always cheerful and the life and soul of the party, very flamboyant and popular, leads a dramatic life etc....and although i do have elements of these personality traits on a good day, most of the time i'm the complete opposite of what a leo should be like and it's kinda frustrating cos i WANT to be the leo that i am but i kinda feel like something is holding me back. could it be my cancer rising? here's my natal chart:

Sun Leo 20.59
Moon Taurus 25.46
Mercury Virgo 18.13
Venus Leo 0.08
Mars Taurus 20.31

Jupiter Cancer 29.05
Saturn Capricorn 19.56
Uranus Capricorn 5.59

Neptune Capricorn 12.14
Pluto Scorpio 15.06

LilithA Sagittarius 1.31
Asc node Aquarius 7.20

Ascendant Cancer 3.25
II Cancer 19.24
III Leo 6.39
IV Leo 28.37
V Libra 1.01
VI Scorpio 18.30
VII Capricorn 3.25
VIII Capricorn 19.24
IX Aquarius 6.39
Midheaven Aquarius 28.37

XI Aries 1.01
XII Taurus 18.30

thanks in advance

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Unread 02-28-2007, 09:14 PM
pixie1982 pixie1982 is offline
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Re: please help: i'm a leo but i don't feel like one, why is this?


You have a lot of Capricorn in your chart, as well Moon, Mars and Mercury in earth ruled signs, so it is no surprise that you don't feel like a Leo - more like a Capricorn or Taurus I would guess?

I too have Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus and Mercury in Virgo and feel exactly the same.

I once read that your sun sign, in your case leo, means that you are born 'to become' a leo. That you will learn to recognise and express the positive traits of Leo - creativity, playfulness, being loving, giving and strong as you go through life. They are there.

Perhaps once you have children (because Leo is very mich associated with children and this being almost a necessity for many leo's to feel fulfilled) these qualities will be easier to express? You also have venus in Leo - do you find that you express Leo qualities when in love?

Also bear in mind all signs have good and bad aspects, look at the positives of Cancer (your ascendent) Taurus and Capricorn. All these signs have excellent qualities too.

pixie xx
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Unread 03-01-2007, 03:55 AM
astro.teacher astro.teacher is offline
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Re: please help: i'm a leo but i don't feel like one, why is this?


There are more to charts then Planets in Signs. The job of the Astrologer is to reach the chart as a WHOLE not just one part. Signs are the general indicators of things, we use Houses and Aspects to refine the interpretation. Your Sun appears in the 3rd House (if im reading that correctly) therefore your Sun sign best expresses itself in activities which have to do with brothers and sisters, short distance travel, writing, & etc. If you have brothers or sisters you may be the dominating one in the family for example. But remember any aspects to the Sun can also "drain" its power creating a completely different interpretation. This is why we need to look at everything not just the Signs. I hope thats help you!

Aaron Brody - Astro.Teacher
Antiquus Astrologia

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Unread 03-01-2007, 09:25 AM
Sagmoon Sagmoon is offline
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Re: please help: i'm a leo but i don't feel like one, why is this?

hi dear leo

i have sun and venus in leo, but i don't feel like one either although i really want to be more like one. or shall i say possess the good qualities i see you have mars and moon square your sun, and saturn makes inconjunct with your sun. i'd say this three are the major contributers to not being able to express yourself fully. i have sun square saturn in scorpio and mars is just missing a square in scorpio, sometime it is acting like a square. well i'm also a bit of a depressed person (but that's, i hope, is a different story)... i've met a leo who has a good aspect to her moon in taurus but even she is very reserved and doesn't express herself as a true leo should. i'd also agree with the earth signs dominating you and that being in the hard aspects to the sun you might feel reserved feeling a certain frastration inside or something that holds you back..? i'm not sure how it would work exactly with you, but i found it helpful to try to establish a ceratin harmony and then let go and be the cheerful and warm leo that you can be..

hope that helps..


ps my ascendant is in cancer 4 degrees and the sun is also in H3...

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Unread 03-01-2007, 09:47 AM
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Re: please help: i'm a leo but i don't feel like one, why is this?

Hello woef woef! I know two Leo's, totally quiet, almost introvert. I dont know her Ascendant because her birthcertificate was lost in a fire apparently, but he had Capricorn as an Ascendant. Cancer Ascendant could influence a bit, they are quite reserved at times, but the inconjunct from Saturn to your Sun is one of the indicators I would say.
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Unread 03-01-2007, 03:41 PM
AquarianEssence AquarianEssence is offline
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Re: please help: i'm a leo but i don't feel like one, why is this?

Well, this is an easy one once I tracked down your birthday. It seems the prebirth new Moon (an eclipse, by the way, very important) was July 22, 1990. Is this correct, you were born Aug. of 90 a week before the full Moon?

This puts your prebirth new Moon at 29 Cancer so I'm sure you resonate more with the Cancer rather than Leo energy and descriptions. If ever anyone doesn't match their Sun description look at the prebirth new Moon. My husband is Sun and Moon in Aries but his PB NM was in Pisces. The Pisces nature often stands out over the Aries. Of course, with his sun where it is most exalted, 19*, it won't be completely overshadowed, LOL but Pisces is very strong.
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Unread 03-03-2007, 02:27 AM
woofwoofbarkbark07 woofwoofbarkbark07 is offline
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Re: please help: i'm a leo but i don't feel like one, why is this?

hi, thank you all so much for your input, i read more about saturn inconjunct sun and i've gotta say, it was like reading my life story with the whole "lacking sufficient confidence", "adopting a self-deprecating attitude" and "being serious and reserved", this is definitely how i feel at the moment and it's so frustrating to not be able to just let go and taking everything so seriously, i just want to be sunny, cheerful and the leo i truely am. i'm also very negative and i'm always cursing at myself whenever i make a mistake or when i embarass myself, i put myself down alot.

here are the aspects of my chart which weren't included in the original post:

Sun Square Moon 4.46 -76
Sun Square Mars 0.28 -155
Sun Square Pluto 5.54 -4
Sun Opposition Midheaven 7.37 46
Moon TrineMercury7.33 19
Moon Conjunction Mars 5.14 78
Moon Sextile Jupiter 3.19 80
Moon Trine Saturn 5.49 69
Moon Square Midheaven 2.51 61
Mercury Trine Mars 2.18 105
Mercury Trine Saturn 1.44 212
Mercury Trine Neptune 5.59 38
Mercury Sextile Pluto 3.07 89
Venus Conjunction Jupiter 1.03 559
Mars Trine Saturn 0.35 97
Mars Opposition Pluto 5.26 58
Saturn Conjunction Neptune 7.43 82
Uranus Conjunction Neptune 6.14 75
Uranus Opposition Ascendant 2.34 43
Neptune Sextile Pluto 2.52 25
Neptune Opposition Ascendant 8.48 -1
1528 -444 1084

and my natal chart drawing for better analysis:

could i please have a chart analysis? ive never had anyone look at it. only analyzed poorly by me with the aid of books and such but i would really appreciate any general comments or observations or something that just sticks out to you. it would be nice to get an outsiders point of view. i only have the subjective

thanks in advance
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Unread 03-03-2007, 05:31 AM
wilsontc's Avatar
wilsontc wilsontc is offline
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Research, to woof


You have a Kite (strong energy) focused on Pluto (transformation, also research) which involved Mercury (thinking/daily work) and Saturn (duty, also structure), indicating you have strong research abilities.


To learn basic astrological chart interpretation for your chart see:
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Unread 03-14-2007, 10:18 AM
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Re: please help: i'm a leo but i don't feel like one, why is this?

[quote=woofwoofbarkbark07 "i'm also very negative and i'm always cursing at myself whenever i make a mistake or when i embarass myself, i put myself down alot"[/quote]

Hi Woof

I'm a novice but to me this stands out ; With Mars in the 12th House (Mars - aggression, energy, drive), (12H - repression, subcouncious. An unhealthy expression of the Mars energy would be to turn anger inwards. Mars stands for the warrior and it seems you are turning against yourself in the 12th house, in effect you are your own enemy. Mars is also in detriment in passive Taurus, adding to further unexpressed qualities.
Take care in not reproaching yourself unduly. Perhaps this will untangle your leo qualities a bit.

Natal chart:
src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
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