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Transits Transits are the most used predictive astrology technique. This sub-board is dedicated to them.

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Unread 08-24-2010, 02:09 AM
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Please say anything-what should I do with these transits!!!???

I would be afraid of losing my mind, but no one would be able to tell at this point.

Ok . . . . this is what one of my friends calls "Funny/not funny!"

For those of you who missed my rantings on Hairy Transits and Pluto Transits, I've so far lost contact or meaningful relationships with most of my friends, 2 of the 3 musical groups I played with, most of my family, lost 2 or 3 jobs, a car, 30 lbs (leaving me at about 130lbs 6ft tall), stopped eating and sleeping and drinking for a month (except I'm now doing the first two regularly again), the love of my life went overnight from telling me she wanted to spend the rest of our lives together to telling me to go away and not come back (after 6 years), have been robbed, duped out of a lot of money and time in a real-estate deal gone awry (mostly through the other party deceiving me), and just when I thought things might start to stabilize . . .

I'm looking at (transit to natal): Pluto conjunct Sun and MC; Jupiter and Saturn square Sun and MC; Mars and venus conjunct Pluto and Northnode, trine Moon (which one might think was nice . . . ); Sun conjunct saturn; Ixion and Pholu conjunct Neptune and Ceres; Vesta and Saturn conjunct Vertex; and Neptune and Chiron sextile Chiron and Mercury, Venus, and Juno; and Nessus conjunct Eros (which, I kid you not, the internet says is "abuse cycles, betrayal, infidelity" conjunct "romantic love, sexuality, erotic nature"-- now that's hilarious in the funny/not funny kinda way!) Lovely.

Here's the chart

So the other day I said (stupidly) "well all 'they' can take from me now is music and my dog." My left hand stopped working and so did the dog's hind legs. When I was in the vet's looking at xrays of advanced spine deterioration my ex left a note on the front seat of my car. That's all I have to say about that right now. Funny/not funny!!

I'm currently considering the price differential between what looks like indefinite medical treatments and the price of two 44 mag bullets. I already paid for those. Now someone remind me why exactly would any of us try to clean up this much karma this fast?

And maybe if you are in the mood, explain to me what I can do that's constructive with these kinds of transits!! I can plainly see there is an incredible amount of power involved, but it seems like it's just smashing me into too tiny and sharp bits to bother picking up again.

At this point I can't hardly remember what I even would want to do let alone what I'm supposed to be doing with this thing called life. There's so much happening at once I can't seem to get a handle on making it work for me.

Although it's certainly "working" me, like the way a big Italian named Vinny might when the bookie you owe says "work em, Vinny."

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Unread 08-24-2010, 02:36 AM
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Re: Please say anything-what should I do with these transits!!!???

Pluto.....for me is about truth.....this is my way of understanding it anyway. It has brought out the truth in a lot of my life...some not easy to deal with, well most that is why i was denying it. The relationship that was ended by the other party seemingly over night was after eighteen years. Though I did see him last year from a distance and had a deep realisation that I didn't want him back in my life even as a friend....I didn't want the complication. career got derailed and I realsied I did want to do it......and though I cant say I am rich and successful in society's norms, I am more satisfied and have something worth building on. I bumped into my old boss the other week who told his friend I has left to follow my dreams. An odd statement but no far from the truth.

Pluto has transited over neptune venus and mercury in the last few years for you so it has been digging up a lot of stuff for you to deal with. Pluto has pretty much left your sun and its impact should be waning. What is retained has substance having stood up to the storm. The full moon was opposite your Saturn last night so there maybe a sense of culmination of this period of learning.

You have an open landscape before you to create a new life.......sometihng you maybe very appreciative of in years to come. We are often so caught up in a life structure it is hard to change anything without these mack truck events as I like to call them!

Your sun is trining sat and chiron all earth signs in your natal chart so all this was activated during this big transit. Saturn and Chiron are BIG teachers in life.

Hope this helps....I found meditation, kinesiology, bodywork, yoga, diet, space energies, and a whole host of other stuff became fascinating to me after my transit.

My dreams are bursting at the seams..
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Unread 09-06-2010, 12:21 PM
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Re: Please say anything-what should I do with these transits!!!???

I use--- 1 approaching, 1 exact and 1 departing. If you click on the link listed below for the online ephemeris it will list all planets at any given time. Learning astrology is like learning a new ‘language’ and obviously the more effort you put into something the more your knowledge and understanding will increase. All transits act as ‘background’ influences through a house, until it makes a mathematical aspect to a planet inside or an Angle.

For 'timings' I would look to the retrograde hit as the most important trigger, then look to see what the quicker planets are doing especially mars & mercury -- has fee six month transit forecast plus when you get into Extended chart selection, look at the three tabs after calculating a chart under ‘method’ default is circular wheels (on left), middle is special charts and in their you get graphic ephemeris 1yr (or 5years) with natal = transits for 1yr and lots more. BUT you first must learn or memorise the 'glyphs' ie: shorthand for recognising what these maps/graphics mean.

For example when you post or reply to a chart the 'smilies' to the right and just under them [more] if you click on there it will bring up a whole loads of 'glyphs' Mercury Uranus conjunction (+or - 8') trine aspect 120' Libra

Now it's more important to focus on transits from Jupiter to Pluto (poss mars as this is the ignition key)and these planets when aspecting something in your natal chart 'set off' the difficult or nice 'aspects - potential - problems' that your chart expresses. By that I mean if a benefic planet like Jupiter hits/touches/transits your venus, mars or uranus these could be experienced very pleasantly. BUT if your natal venus is afflicted, or badly aspected say conj saturn then jupiter will not has such a good effect. It all depends on how the natal planet is 'aspected'

For me I would say external 'events' must be seen by transits, progressions or Solar arcs to Angles ie: Asc/Desc & MC/IC most other times these events are 'internal, psychological matters as in between the ears'

Now uses a much wider orb, possibly something like 5 or even 10 that’s why when you use the free transit forecast service a transit goes on for months and months. BUT common sense should tell you when the transit is ‘exact’ then it’s at the strongest. Some astrologers swear by 1 approaching produces ‘events’ some say the 1 exact, some say 1 off for triggering events. I personally look to the exact and 1 off for ‘timings’ especially the retrograde hit (backwards hit)

This last website link is rather nice because it gives interpretations of what the ‘Lord’ of the house cusp ruler means ie: T Jupiter sextiles natal sun, so wherever Leo rules in your chart is connected to the area this transit will be affecting –
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Unread 09-08-2010, 03:23 PM
aunty poppy aunty poppy is offline
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Re: Please say anything-what should I do with these transits!!!???

dear puca,
do you feel better yet?
i saw your posts on pluto transits; i don't think you should worry; pluto helps us get stronger, physically too. if i had your transit coming along, i would dive into my north node which in your case conjuncts pluto too, and i would do all those things in the world that really moved me, for fun. i would watch movies, or make up plays, i would go out my way to bring diplomatic peace to the others in my vicinity, all for fun, not for work, just for the pleasure of things - or however you feel your north node energies. and i would trust that things will gently slot into place as i watch them, and then i will have a clearer direction of where i am going.

i hope to hear how you are getting on; my sister has pluto on her moon, i on my descendent. i dont think pluto brings trauma, it brings strength x
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