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Medical Astrology Astrological diagnoses and other health issues are discussed here. Given that there are so many outer and inner influences on one's health (alimentation, sports, medication, past medical antecedents, state of mind, etc.), an astrological diagnosis is only one of many things to consider when determining your healthiness.

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Unread 11-08-2011, 05:08 AM
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Unable to sustain any kind of balanced routine

In recent months, I have not been able to keep any kind of stable daily routine. This has been a problem for much of this year.

My days and nights have been more mixed up than ever. I have been staying up all night more frequently and sleeping during the day. This was also a major problem in summer of 2010. Though, I've had a problem to a small degree with maintaining a balanced sleep schedule since my early teens, it has never been to the magnitude as it has been recently.

My eating habits are erratic as well. I'm not eating nearly as healthy has I had been before. I'm eating too many sweets and processed foods again. I'm also eating gluten again (I was gluten-free up until mid July, and from then on, got lax about it).

Every time I do try to get back to a healthy lifestyle, I do okay-ish for like 1-2 weeks, and then I'm back to square one. A party, trip, or other special occasion will set me off-track, and I'm never able to resume, and a week later, I have to start over. Then it's the same thing. Before, this would not happen.

It's like an unending loop. It was not like this before.

I'm concerned that I may to end up with a health issue soon.

The last time I had a stable daily routine was in spring 2010.

From what I see, the likely culprits are:

Transit Uranus square Neptune
Robert Hand calls this the Undesirable Consequences transit, and according to him, this transit is a "severe test on your grip of reality." The transit started in June 2010, and this is close to the time when the problems started. I obtained balance again temporarily when Uranus retrograded back into Pisces, but when it headed back into Aries, I couldn't maintain the stability. Once Uranus passed 3 degrees Aries, however, I was able to obtain some degree of balance again, but it has now become stationary in square to my Neptune.

Uranus and Neptune are in a parallel aspect in the natal. Currently, my progressed Mars is semi-square my progressed Neptune.

This long-term transit is the most likely given the timing and its description as the sleep problems started when Uranus made the first station in summer 2010 (and Jupiter was also in square to Neptune on and off). However, Saturn also made its final square to my Neptune (a transit that, from what I read, can bring one back to reality) in August of that year, which this time, it is not. So, perhaps no serious problem occurred due to the final pass of that transit. Uranus also did not perfect the square before turning retrograde.

Transiting North Node is also currently parallel Neptune, Uranus, & Jupiter and conjunct my Nadir.

Solar arcs and progressions that also might be involved:

SA Mercury=Mars, applying: nervous drive, according to Noel Tyl
SA Uranus=Mars, applying: sudden application of great energy, according to Noel Tyl
SA Neptune=Uranus, applying: resonating with the current Uranus-Neptune transit

It looks like some high energy solar arcs.

I have Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus (at a 0d 12m orb applying - almost exact) in the natal. Uranus itself is tightly conjunct the Nadir.

According to Robert Hand, an exact sesquiquadrate is more important than a square that is several degrees wide.

Over the year, this aspect has been solar arcing onto my Mars. I think this is one major factor as well that has been behind the current lack of balance in my life. According to Astropost, the effect of Mercury-Uranus is "hectic."
Here's a page on Mercury-Uranus afflictions.

What other transits, progressions, and solar arcs could be involved?

Are there any particular transits coming up soon that may bring a break or an opportunity for getting things balanced again?

Below are my natal chart with transits, progressions, & solar arcs and my current Solar Return attached.

Thanks in advance.

Natal Chart with current transits

with progressions and solar arcs

2011 Solar Return

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