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Unread 10-07-2017, 08:44 PM
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ESP, Psychic indicators

Hi guys I would just like to repost this so we can discuss potential aspects and experiences in regards to psychic abilities/ESP or paranormal phenomena. Share your experiences

I personally feel everyone has the ability to develope ESP, just more people have potential...Here are some tips to finding ESP in chart:

Outer planets would rule psychic territory. Any soft aspects or conjunctions/oppositions to the luminaries (I would use tighter orbs) would show potential. Squares would cause tension/needing to refine the ability. (YES quincunx seems to work as well- keep it under 1')

Uranus [ Occult studies, divination, tarot, tea reading etc.. metaphysical, healing abilities, telepathy, insight, intuition, akashic records, higher-wisdom, astrology practices, moments of genius, fast processor information, electric, messengers, break from the new, extraterrestrial, astronomy, outer-space ]

Neptune [ Dreams/dreamwork, imagination, creativity, seeing auras, empathy, clairvoyance, shamanistic, mystical, astral realms, crystal divination, water divination, emotional sensitivity, collective unconcious, archetypes, ESP, spirit guides, angels etc...sponge+absorbant+dissolvant,

Pluto [ Seeing through/x-ray vision (psychological), healing abilities, past life regression, communicating w/ beings+dead, channeling+mediumistic abilities, intuition, soul-retrival, kundalini, death+rebirth, transformations+transmutations, alchemy, magnetic. ]

also the Moon would play a role

Moon [ Intuition, dreams, subconcious mind and behaviour, feelings+emotions, receptivity, psychic awareness, empathy, shadow self, divine feminen polarity, magnetic, psyche+soul ]

Look at the aspects these planets make to personal/luminaries and in what houses they sit in to where you might find psychic abilities.

Sun sign in:
AQUARIUS: interest in metaphysics, eccentric subjects, innate
PISCES: interest in the mystical, empathetic, intuitive, chameleon-like
CANCER: Extremely Intuitive /protection
SCORPIO: Extremely intuitive / magnetic / healing
TAURUS: Intuitive

Moon sign in:
PISCES: (Empathetic, sensitive, mystical, imaginative, clairempathy, clairvoyance) primarily functions from astral body
CANCER: (psychic, sensitive, empathetic, watery, emotional,the past, clairempathy, clairvoyance) primarily functions from emotional body
SCORPIO: (penetrating, deep, focused, emotional, watery, magnetised, transformational, healing) primarily functions from emotional body
TAURUS: (grounding, intuitive, clairsentient, imaginative, motherearth vibe, fertile dreamstate) primarily functions from etheric body
AQUARIUS: (Highly processed information, insightful, claircognizance, clairaudient, intuitive, eccentric) primarily functions from mental body

Mercury sign in:

Emphasis on water signs or houses.
Also any planets in water houses: 4H, 8H, 12H
look there.
also 9H could indicate higher learning and a stellium in 1H could bring affinities in regards to planets.

Emotional/feeling houses:
4H intimacy with oneself, ones roots, ancestral heritage, the seat of the soul, one's true core essence, family, the womb
8H intimacy with another, bonding, partner tantric practice, the occult, the hidden, psychology, depths, death-rebirth, intensities
12H intimacy with all, becoming one with all, metaphysical, the subconcious, the hidden, dreams-astral realm, the dissolving of ego

I also seen around that sagittarius could be prophetic? idk.

edit; also mars and saturn should somehow play a role in whether or not these abilities are used appropriately rather than the individual not having anything grounding them. Mars shows energy put towards/passion/drives so maybe Mars unafflicted in a water house? and saturn (karma, form, structure, crystallization, foundation, practility, effort, self-control, discipline) unafflicted in a water house or 9H?

mars and-or saturn sextiles/trines to neptune, uranus or pluto.

Also now that I think about it,

Air signs (aquarius, gemini, libra) more so Aquarius (URANUS) + Gemini (MERCURY) are like messengers, they may unconsciously/subconciously be communicating divine messages to others. They may just "know" things. They may express things in ways that are understandable. very knowledgeable. ancient wisdom abilities. Air signs are more inclined to be claircognizance and clairaudient in rarer cases psychometry.

Earth signs (taurus, virgo, capricorn) sense things from the environment, their more in tune with their surroundings and grounded. They have more sense of being in their bodies (if not afflicted). They're more practical about applying spiritual concepts and may have affinity for nature, plants, animals... very intuitive. Earth signs may develope clairsentience.

Fire signs (aries, leo, sagittarius) would energise, warm, enlighten and inspire others. They would spark something divine in you. They illuminate things whether it's problems, issues, shadows or reflecting your own divine light. Fire signs may become clairvoyant. They are very creative and manifest things quickly. Some may have an ability of directing focus and intuitive impulses (aries). If afflicted may result in ego conflicts. Magnetism in leo. Visionaries.

Check occult, psychic and witchcraft asteroids in conjunct or opposition your luminaries (keep orb tight under 2'), check quintiles, midpoints, lilith (also pallas athena) and the vertex connections. Some sabian symbols may give clues as well.

Astrological System:
I work with Sidereal Lahiri whole house sign

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