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Natal Astrology A place to discuss yours and others' birth charts (after you post your own birth chart interpretation). Includes psychological and relocation astrology, houses, aspects, and planetary dignity and debility.

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Unread 02-13-2007, 11:35 PM
overthetop10 overthetop10 is offline
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Unhappy Coping with Saturn opp. Moon

Hey folks,

I've been going through some life evaluating recently, which has involved quite a bit of astrological research on my natal chart, and a good deal of difficulties I've been experiencing pretty much all of my life can be explained by these placements:

Moon at 19' Taurus in the 1st House
Saturn at 18' Scorpio in the 7th House
Sun at 16' Scorpio in the 7th House

My emotions tend to overwhelm me a great deal of the time, and depression and bitterness have always overwhelmed me when I'm under pressure or experience setbacks and disappointments. I've had a great deal of difficulty with my academic studies (I'm still a student) as a result of being too unhappy to care about them.

My early life seemed to revolve around being limited in or punished for my emotional self-expression, and I have a strange relationship with my parents punctuated with feelings of anger and guilt. I've always been very scared to be myself in any situation.

In addition, nearly all of my romantic and sexual partnerships have been emotionally abusive and extremely painful -- and for the first 21 years of my life, I had never participated in any sort of intimate relationship. As a result, I am extremely bitter, and also quite insecure about myself, and unable to let go of my anger and sadness. I also find myself obsessed with other peoples' successes in this area, becoming bitter towards those younger than myself who are able to find loving partnerships and using this comparison to diminish myself.

I got some great advice a few days ago after having a mental breakdown (transiting Sun & Saturn & Neptune square Moon!) that I need to take a long time off from pursuing and obsessing over love, sex, and relationships, and work on doing things that will improve myself and make myself happier. I can only assume that I received this advice because of transiting Saturn trine Venus and transiting Venus trine Saturn.

Are there any other ways to turn this opposition into a positive and balanced energy in my life, without simply just resigning myself to suffering and possible self-diminishment through relationships? Any advice on handling what is definitely the most painful and quite possibly the most powerful aspect in my chart would be great...

Just in case my chart has expired in my signature, my birth data is 4:49pm (22:49 GMT) on Nov. 8, 1984 in Hastings, Nebraska, United States.

Please help!

Natal Data: November 8 1984, 4:49 PM (22:49 GMT)
Hastings, Nebraska, United States
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Unread 02-14-2007, 04:23 AM
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Being, to Derek


Your energy is focused on Capricorn (duty, also career) modifying Mars (being, action) conjunct (energy is combined with) Midheaven (outer world), indicating you identify strongly with your career and/or responsibilities. Strongly identifying with yourself and your values is important since your North node (future goals) is focused in the 1rst house (being, also action). This indicates that by focusing on yourself and your own values you come into who you would like to be. Since South node (the past) is focused in the 7th house (relationships), overfocusing on relationships with others holds you back in life.

However, since you have most of your energy focused in the "Achievement" section of your chart (see Step 4 of link below), you use your relationships to do things for others. This can drain you out. Make sure you take a little "you" time every day to take care of yourself and your what you value in your life.

Looking to the future,

To learn basic astrological chart interpretation for your chart see:
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Unread 02-15-2007, 05:06 PM
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Re: Being, to Derek

Hello Overthetop10! I truly sympathise with you and can feel your agony when looking at your chart. You have a double emphasys on Saturn by your Moon and your Sun and that is truly a heavy emotional burden to carry. I am not surprised that relationships are so difficult and unhappy with Venus conjunct Neptune in the 8th and Saturn in the 7th.There is indeed a lot of trauma and pain to deal with. But now start looking at all those strong and good aspects and one of them is the ruler of the 7th house, Mars in a wonderful trine to your Moon! And then that disappointed Venus in the 8th is ruled by optimistic Jupiter, strong in it's own house, supergood in aspect with your Moon. That Moon of yours is being helped tremendously by these two and even Neptune, the other ruler of your 8th trines your Ascendant. These aspects will not topple you but bring you on top of the situation eventually.
Wilsontc is right, too much focussing on relationships at the cost of your own happiness is something you have to get out of.
As you can see, your family life has put a stamp on your being, the Moon, ruler of the 4th in the 1th and opposed to the ruler of the 5th, house of selfexpression, the way you present yourself creatively, the house where you find joy in what you create yourself. Clearly, the home environment did not want you to do that. I suspect that the 10th house represents your father as Mars, the male symbol is in the 10th and Sun, father symbol in Scorpio, ruled by Mars. I therefore conclude that the father issue is here the most problematic. As we women more often than not look for a substitute for our "first love", the father in our male partners later on in life, it could therefore be that you subconsciously are attracting the same abusive sort of men and situations in your partnerships as you experienced at home when you were a child. And you have to give that a real good look in order to find the way out of these situation. The Midpoint of your Moon-Saturn opposition lies in your 5th house of creativity at 18° Leo. It forms a T-square (of course) with your Moon and Saturn and I therefore truly believe that some form of selfexpression could help you to relieve that Saturn oppression that keeps you back from being yourself. Look at that Moon in Taurus, exaulted no less in the 1st!!! superduper strong, actually much stronger than that Saturn (that father) and with the help of Jupiter and especially Venus, it's ruler, you can create music in your life! You are a sensual, sexy person (if you dont let that Saturn push you down.). Use him, because he sextiles your MC and forms your future. Your career is one of the outlets here and you can put loads of creativity into your work. Pluto, the other ruler of your 7th is conjunct the 7th cusp, very strong in Scorpio of course and instead of letting others control you (opposition with Ascendant), you can take control of yourself and your life (Sun) because Mars widely, but ingoing, applies to Pluto in trine, a very strong energy. Mars is also co-ruler of your 12th house and because he is in good aspect to your Moon, I think you could benefit enormously from psychological assistance, someone who can work with you through your emotional baggage so you can truly find your own self again and be free from the past. I wish you lots of happiness for the future. You can do it, believe me!
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Unread 02-15-2007, 07:06 PM
overthetop10 overthetop10 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 33
Smile Re: Coping with Saturn opp. Moon

Thank you so much for the wonderful analysis!

After reading your post, wilsontc, and doing a lot of research on my Taurus North Node, I've realized that the work I need to undertake with myself is finding happiness and abundance within myself and in the environment I create, instead of being drawn to dramatic situations and manipulative people! Not to say that those things won't be a part of my life -- I still have four major Pluto conjunctions to important points in my chart coming up over the next 30 years, and Uranus biquintile the Ascendant brings the most random people to me, sometimes -- but I need to stop letting powerful emotional situations rule me and channel my ScoTau nature into self-control and self-love.

It's funny that you say that I can make music in my life, starlink, as I've found that singing makes me absolutely blissful -- I get to express all of those big emotions through my own voice, which is loud and strong (thanks to Taurean influences in my chart, no doubt). Your message was extremely heartening, as I'm currently looking to build a career for myself in creative self-expression (through music or otherwise), and my musical expression was always seen as an annoyance as I was growing up. But I stuck with it. And I'm going to stick with it still.

I feel like I have to use my Saturn-Sun vs. Moon energy to carefully build a career (sextiles and trines to MC) in my creative work, involving my deep appreciation for sensual beauty and expression (Taurus north node & AC with Venus in powerful 8th conjunct creative Neptune with Pluto in Scorpio), and do it in a carefully assertive manner (since Pluto opp. AC and Mars in aspect to Pluto give me the power to assert myself, but also bring many challengers, and Ebertin's degrees state my AC is on "The degree of many enemies").

It's interesting that you say I have a trine between Mars and Pluto, however. All of the chart readings I've done say that Mars and Pluto are square. Would that change your reading at all? I still feel like that aspect has some major plans for me that haven't really played themselves out yet...perhaps I'll have to wait for the time when Pluto and Mars seriously fight at their conjunction...

In any case, I'd be curious to know if anyone else has Saturn-afflicted luminaries (Sun or Moon) strong in their chart?
Natal Data: November 8 1984, 4:49 PM (22:49 GMT)
Hastings, Nebraska, United States
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Unread 02-21-2007, 04:59 PM
Flower1 Flower1 is offline
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Re: Coping with Saturn opp. Moon

Hi overthetop10,

Below, I've quoted some things from Kim Falconer's site...

I have Sun and Mercury (11th) sq. Saturn (7th). I do so understand some of your feelings here. She states that Saturn in 7th is the "lone-wolf" positon and while I think this is essentially true, I agree that I would not have "evolved" so to speak without relationships. The end result is that relationships can lead us toward inner wholeness even though often through pain. A really insightful book is Liz Green's "Saturn, A New Look at an Old Devil" and her delienation of Saturn to planets and in houses. L. Green states that some of the greatest "gold" can be found in what seems so harsh. I'm about 20 years older than you and growth takes time, but what she said is true. I have inner peace now and am content even though single. Do I want another relationship some day? Yes, that would be fine, but if not I know I'll be okay. Saturn in 7th makes you strong. Best wishes, Flower

"Where Saturn is in the natal chart is where we take things seriously, where we feel tested, run into our dark shadows, where we find our vulnerability, self-disgust and also our greatest potential, ambition and goals. It can be a place of great failure and great achievement, the operant word is GREAT. Where Saturn resides, things are terribly important. Why? Because that is the area of life were we meet the ways and means of finding inner wholeness, inner completion. Saturn in the 7th says DON’T LOOK FOR INNER PEACE AND COMPLETION IN A PARTNER, LOOK FOR IT IN YOURSELF.

When 7th house Saturn people get that, they form some pretty amazing relationships, reflections of their own self-development. That can happen at the first Saturn opposition (age 14), the second square (21) the first return 29ish) or NEVER! It’s up to the individual. Does this make sense?"

Isabel Hickey, a wonderful teacher of mine many years ago said, “Saturn in the 7th is a lone-wolf type who does better by themselves, but they certainly don’t learn as much!”

I think that hits the nail on the head and I find it a strong example that you are consciously doing affirmations and would “love to have a committed relationship.” It says you haven't given up, haven’t isolated (barricaded) yourself against those personal, one-to-one, socially significant relationships that Saturn in the 7th truly wants you to explore. That you are open is what counts.
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Unread 02-21-2007, 09:04 PM
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Re: Coping with Saturn opp. Moon

Sorry Over the Top! You are right, Mars is Squaring, not trining Pluto. I just wrote trine, slip of the "pen". What I mean is that the energy is strong and I see it as positive, because as you can see, Mars is in Earth and Pluto in Water. This square is productive.(but it is quite wide). Should Mars have been in Aquarius, it could then have caused negatively used energy.
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