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Solar returns Talk about your experience with solar returns in predictive astrology.

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Unread 08-07-2009, 06:31 AM
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Celebrated Solar Return in Istanbul, Turkey

Hello Everyone,
I'm new to this forum and my post might be quite long so bear with me!

I recently celebrated my 31st birthday and solar return on July 26th in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm American and living in Tokyo as an aspiring international actor and became interested in solar return travel last year. I figured, "hey, why not take a vacation on my birthday and travel to a 'lucky' place as well?!?!?"

Last year I went to San Diego because in the non-precession corrected return chart (which I got from, I had a grand trine with Jupiter in the 2nd house, Moon in the 5th, and the Midheaven. Also, there was a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the 8th house, which in my mind would represent contracts and negotiations. I can say that the past year didn't turn out as I expected...... No increase in income and I actually went 7 months without any acting/modeling gigs. Honestly, I just couldn't seem to pass an audition or a picture selection to save my life, no matter how hard I tried!!! And I don't even want to talk about the state of my finances!! HA! HA! HA!

Then I came across Bob Mark's astrology site and he wrote many case studies about how people travelled on their birthdays, but he strongly recommends using Precession Corrected charts because they are more indicative of events. (which I believe is what most people use in order to obtain free charts) does not have a function to pression correct charts. So I found a software called Janus 4.1 which has both functions.

As it turned out, in my precession corrected chart for last year's solar return in San Diego, the cusp of my 2nd house was ruled by Cancer. Where was the ruler (the moon)? In the 12th house..... Also, Jupiter was in the 8th, while the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury was in the 3rd. So in my mind, the precession corrected chart seemed to represent my past year more than the non-precession corrected chart.

After reviewing Bob Marks's website about Precession Corrected Solar Returns as well as reading his book, "How to Get More Love, Money, and Success by Traveling on Your Birthday", I thought this year I would take another stab and this time focus on the precession corrected method. I'll have to admit that his case studies are quite compelling if I do say so myself! For more info please refer to the following links:

Anyhow, when using's free chart service, my non-precession Solar Return location set for Pago Pago, American Samoa looked good. However, I thought this year, I would focus on Bob Marks's method of using Precession Corrected charts. In doing so (using my Janus 4.1 software), my birthday destination for this year on July 26th was set for Istanbul, Turkey.

For your reference, I have attached my:
1. Natal Chart
2. Precession Corrected Return Chart for Istanbul
3. Non-Precession Corrected Return Chart for Istanbul
4. Precession Corrected Bi-Wheel Return Chart
5. Non-Precession Corrected Bi-Wheel Return Chart

*In the Bi-Wheel Charts, the solar return chart is in the inner wheel while my natal chart is in the outer wheel.

Anyhow, I had a great birthday vacation and was in Istanbul between July 24th-27th. As I decided to focus on the Precession Corrected Return Chart for Istanbul I noticed some interesting aspects:

1. The Solar Return Ascendant is at 0 degrees Capricorn, which is related to the Cardinal Axis (in terms of being "connected" to the world).

2. Pluto is less than 1 degree conjunct the Ascendant in the 1st house, both of which receive sextiles from Part of Fortune in the 2nd house.

3. Midheaven is conjunct the fixed star Spica.

4. Sun is in an angular house (7th).

5. Moon in Libra in the 9th house.

6. Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune in the 2nd house with Venus in the 6th form a tight Grand Trine with the Midheaven (as well as the fixed star Spica).

7. Also, when looking at my natal chart, the recent Solar Eclipse on July 22nd occurred very close to my natal sun and Midheaven. In the Solar Return Chart for Istanbul, the eclipse fell within my 7th house.

Besides reading Bob Marks's website and book, I'm a bit more convinced that Precession Corrected Solar Returns might be the way to go. The night I returned back to Tokyo from Istanbul I received a phone call from my agency about a photo shooting (after not hearing from them in a while). I passed the audition and did the job this past Monday and had another audition yesterday. So far, the events seem a bit contrary to my non-precessed chart for Istanbul which has the Sun in the 12th house (a terrible placement for anyone involved in the entertainment industry which limits their ability to "be seen, noticed or discovered").

I'm only 2 weeks into my solar return, but I was wondering if anyone would like to add their thoughts/opinions as to what the upcoming year might hold for me? Thanks in advance for your time and I look forward to reading your insights!!!

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Unread 09-19-2009, 04:48 PM
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Re: Celebrated Solar Return in Istanbul, Turkey

Sorry,I can't comment on 'Precession Corrected Solar' as I don't have the necessary experience of them, so will concentrate on more traditional methods.

Although you theorise a lot on SR charts you do not attempt your own interpretations, and what it is that you are attempting or desiring to achieve (which would have been very beneficial to everyone here) Although you commented on the chart where the planets were and in which houses. We can all 'see' where these are but analysis and interpretation and having a go to synthesise was sadly lacking.

Your Solar return Asc of Leo falls in your natal 10th house, bringing career focus and 'what you become known for' into play. Another complication is I use Equal House system not the default placidus that is so commonly used and your natal chart therefore has deposited in 12th of 'self undoing'. Jupiter conj MC with POF and wide orb suggests that you like travelling and square to suggests dogged inflexibility on occasions

SR is in 2nd house of how you earn your money & beliefs conj natal can suggest women will be helpful but the opposition to in 8th house suggests disruptions with finances and whomever you share them with.

Natal is in 10th and SR is in 12th, so working behind the scenes with people, needing more space & time alone. With the in 12th house you may feel an increased need for solitude. You feel more inward‑looking and will want to retreat from the world and have some alone,down time. You may find it harder to be specific about your aims as life seems to be full of infinite possibilities. You could feel confused about your identity and could have yearning to be much more than you are but you do not know exactly what, or how to achieve it. You may have some escapist activities such as drinking, day‑dreaming and watching endless television. You are more inclined to be more passive than usual and find it hard to make decisions. You may even have a feeling of being cut off from the world ‑ alone and estranged

Asc suggests you may well be working on your ego development and want to be the one more in control. Your creative energy will be high and can be used to good effect. It is a time for developing your own special talents and for being authentic and true to yourself.

Some theories go that the house your sun is placed represents your birthday month and each house thereafter going anticlockwise represents each successive month. Others think that angular houses suggests the first part of the SR year, succeedent middle and cadent latter end.....

Planets in 6 &12th suggests a focus on health. Your SR is conj Asc which suggest communications will be important more so than usual. Natal is conj SRin 2nd house this could suggest a fear of not having enough money and feeling unloved.

SR is in 10th trine POF but without any major aspect and therefore will act as an 'unaspected' planet perhaps going from one extreme to the other in an attempt to assert and act in regards to career.

The planets are generally 'scattered' in the SR suggested expenditure of energies doing lots of things, but the triple conj in your 7th suggests expansion and sacrifices for relationships

Solar returns

The house in which the Sun falls in the SR chart is the birthday month's forecast and influence, and each house after is the following month, since the Sun transits at the rate of one sign or house per month. Each house is treated as events in that month, and the sign and planet ruling the cusp influences the outlook for that month. The chart is used like a clock, with 12 months on its face instead of 12 hours. As the Sun conjoins or aspects other planets in the SR, it will generate events

Now I really like Solar Arcs and move the MC and Asc onto planets as a timing thing....

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