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Medical Astrology Astrological diagnoses and other health issues are discussed here. Given that there are so many outer and inner influences on one's health (alimentation, sports, medication, past medical antecedents, state of mind, etc.), an astrological diagnosis is only one of many things to consider when determining your healthiness.

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Unread 04-27-2020, 06:02 PM
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Shortness of Breath

This is a Solar Arc chart with my Natal chart for the time I did a tele call with my doctor for my shortness of breath. He recommended I go to the ER. They quickly determined I didn't have the virus but after tests they found a blockage in my lung. This is a beautiful chart I thought some might find interesting. All the aspects are with .05 degrees of exact. Except for Jupiter, it's with in 1 degree.

The only significant transit to my chart was Mars conj my natal Moon triggering the grand square in my SA/N charts. SA nodes square N. Moon. Fourth house plus Mercury in fourth points to lungs and possibly end of the matter.

Significant aspects are SA. Saturn square N. Mars = obstructions & blockages within the blood circulatory system. SA Mercury square N. Asc. With Robert Zoller's technique for determining the death planet I figured it to be Mercury, plus that planet rules my 8th house. Neptune conj Chiron and my Sun/Moon midpoint. Not sure how this plays in my health issue except it is unclear why this happened and I didn't have a clue there was a blot clot in my leg. A lot hidden from me.

Venus rules my 7th/12th house of doctor/hospital. It is in square with my nodes in 11th and 5th. Eleventh being an Aquarian house it rules the legs and fifth house rules the heart. There was a blood clot in my leg that a large clot broke from and traveled to my lungs, blocking air to my heart.

What saved me was SA Jupiter in 8th making a sextile to the MH and hitting the Grand Square. Through this ordeal I wasn't in any pain and my spirits were high, very optimistic. Only time I got scared was when I looked at my astro chart but a nurse came in to talk with me and I was filled with optimism again. The midpoint to Jupiter/MH aspects is Uranus adding good fortune and some high tech procedures to my fight for life. They sent probes to my lungs through a catheter with ultraviolet light to disintegrate the blood clots along with super-duper heparin. I was in ICU for 4 days. Putting light in the body to clean up problems is a real thing.

I'm home now and feeling terrific. Any thoughts are welcome.


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Unread 04-28-2020, 10:38 AM
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Re: Shortness of Breath

Hello Moondancing,
When you write 'solar return chart', which refers to the day the Sun returns to its natal position, are you actually referring to a Solar Arc Direction chart. I notice that all the outer ring planets have moved at the same arc of motion that coincides with secondary progressed Sun, which is the basis of the hypothetical theory of SA.D's. In real terms this can never happen, of course. Yet S.A.D.'s can be uncannily accurate in their influence during the specific periods they aspect a natal planet.

Taking the date in 1951 given at the bottom of the chart, I was able to check with the ephemeris for the actual motion secondary progressed position of planets (one day after birth = 1 year progressed) for the period around 2020. S.p's represent the once-in-a-life(changing)time aspects to the natal chart.

Is it coincidence that sec. progr. Mercury, functioning ruler of Gemini, the sign that governs amongst other things the respiratory system, has entered Capricorn within the last year? Capricorn is renowned for the curbing, blockages and limitations it can cause in one way or another.
No natal degrees are shown, yet it is possible that natal Mercury is (still) within orb of a semi-square (predisposition to complaints) to Saturn in Libra, and square natal Pluto.
Furthermore, sec. progr. Mars has conjoined and is separating from natal Mercury.
Secondary progressed Moon has been working its way throgh Leo, where it has probably reached natal Pluto, ruler Ascendant, and influencing the effect of the natal Mercury-Pluto square.

In the S.A.D's, the s.a.d Saturn square natal Mars and inconjunct/quincunx Uranus would seem to have been of significance.

The Leo-Aquarius axis rules the heart and its circulatory system,
Aquarius and its ruler Uranus affect the autonomous circulation system.
Mercury rules the general nerve/nervous system, and the channels in the physical body through which air, blood and fluids flow,
Mars rules (with Jupiter) the blood; also the muscles. The heart is a muscle.
Saturn's influence can see the clots,
Uranus rules the electrical circuit in the body, and 'the high tech' of lasers etc. (influencing natal inconjunct/quincunx to natal Moon and square Saturn?)

The chart is shown in the whole sign system. I do not know how other popular house systems (I use Placidus) would effect house cusp division.
It would be more of a co-incidence if Mercury remained in the 1st house of physical constitution, with Mars ruling the 6th house of physical complaints, and Saturn ruling the 3rd house, and the associations with which they are all related.
Moon's house rulership would be questionable, but in the system I was taught the 9th house is associated with 'health issues'.

No date is given, so transit influence cannot be seen.

An alternative look of the same event.

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Moondancing (04-28-2020)
Unread 04-28-2020, 01:17 PM
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Re: Shortness of Breath

Thank you for thinking through my mistakes. I had to make many corrections but missed the SR error. Yes, I knew it was a SAD chart.

When looking at the different charts I was looking to see what aspect showed death being thwarted. There is usually a strong Jupiter or Venus influence. It could also be that Mars is my malefic ruler in a night chart and does not cause as much harm as it is capable of doing.

Mars conj. Moon & IC/MH axis is also activating Mars/Uranus midpoint at the MH. Sudden duress. Also noticed in the transit chart Mercury in the 6th in opposition to Neptune in the 12th.

I can finally see the trigger in my sec. prog chart. Mars makes an exact semi-sextile to natal Mercury/natal Venus bringing 1st/6th, 7th/12th, 8th/11th house. Great energy regarding my health. Also Prog. Mercury semi-square N. Moon.

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Thank you!

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