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Unread 06-29-2014, 11:10 AM
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Lightbulb Sun Sign and Moon Sign of Nations / Countries

Part #1 :

Part #2 :

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Jibreil (06-29-2014)
Unread 06-29-2014, 02:43 PM
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Re: Sun Sign and Moon Sign of Nations / Countries

Originally Posted by EhabAtari View Post
Part #1 :

Part #2 :

Originally Posted by BobZemco View Post
Countries.-England, Denmark, Germany, Lesser Poland, Burgundy, Palestine, Syria, Japan.

Towns and Cities.-Birmingham, Oldham, Leicester, Blackburn, Florence, Naples, Verona, Padua, Marseilles, Cracow, Saragossa, Utrecht, Capua, Brunswick.

Countries.-Ireland, Persia, Poland, Asia Minor, Georgia, Caucasus, Grecian Archipelago, Cyprus, White Russia.

Towns and Cities.-Dublin, Leipsic, Mantua, Parma, Palermo, Rhodes,
St. Louis, Aston-under-Lyne.

Countries.-United States, Belgium, Brabant, Lombardy, Lower Egypt,
Sardinia, West of England, Armenia, Tripoli, Flanders, Wales.

Towns and Cities.-London (17 54), Plymouth, Melbourne (10 29), Bruges, Cordova, Metz, Nuremberg, Versailles, Louvaine, San Francisco, Wolverhampton, Wednesbury.

Countries.-Scotland, Holland, Zealand , N. and W. Africa, Isle of Mauritius, Paraguay.

Towns and Cities.-Tunis, Algiers, Amsterdam, St. Andrews, York, Venice, Berne, Lubeck, Magdeburg, Milan, Cadiz, New York, Manchester, Stockholm, Contantinople, Genoa, Deptford, Rochdale.

Countries.-France, Italy, Bohemia, Sicily, Chaldea to Bassorah, N. of
Roumania, Apulia, The Alps, and parts near Sidon and Tyre.

Towns and Cities.-Rome, Bath, Bristol, Portsmouth, Philadelphia, Prague, Ravenna, Taunton, Damascus, Chicago (1st decanate), Blackpool.


Countries.-Turkey, Switzerland, West Indies, Assyria, Mesopotamia from the Tigris to the Euphrates, Crete, Croatia, Silesia, Babylonia, the Morea, Thessaly, Kurdestan, parts of Greece, about Lavadia, Virginia, Brazil.

Towns and Cities.-Jerusalem, Corinth, Paris (29), Lyons, Toulouse,
Cheltenham, Reading, Heidelberg, Norwich, Boston, U.S.A., Los Angelos, Maidstone, Strasburg, Brindisi, Bury, Todmorden.


Countries.-Austria, Indo-China, China, Tibet, Borders of Caspian, Upper Egypt, Savoy, N. China, Livonia, Burma, Argentina.

Towns and Cities.-Antwerp (21), Charleston, Frankfort, Fribourg, Gaeta, Placenza, Spires, Vienna, Lisbon, Johannesburg (27), Copenhagen (1), Middleton, Leeds, Nottingham.


Countries.-Algeria, Barbary, Bavaria, Cappadocia, Judea, Jutland, Morocco, Norway, N. Syria, Transvaal, Catalonia, Queensland.

Towns and Cities.-Fez, Valentia, Frankfort on Oder, Dover, Liverpool,
Messina (18), Worthing (7), E. Grinstead, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Cincinnati, Hull, Milwaukee (7), St. Johns, Newfoundland (2), Halifax, Stockport, Newcastle, Glossop.


Countries.-Arabia, Australia, Felix, Cape Finisterre, Dalmatia, Hungary, Istria, Moravia, Sclavonia, Spain, Tuscany, Moravia, Provence in France, Madagascar.

Towns and Cities.-Avignon, Buda, Cologne, Narbonne, Rottenburg, Nottingham, Sheffield, Stuttgart, Sunderland, Taranto, Toledo, W. Bromwich, Bradford.


Countries.-India, Chorrassan, Circan, Maraccan, Punjab, Afghanistan,
Thrace, Macedonia, Morea, Illyria, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, Hesse, S.W. Saxony, Styria, Romandiola, Mecklenburg, Mexico, Lithuania, Orkney Islands.

Towns and Cities.-Oxford, Port Said, Prato in Tuscany, Brandeburg,
Tortona, Constanz, Brussels, Fayence in Provence, Keighley.


Countries.-Arabia, the Stony, Prussia, Red Russia, Pt. Poland, Sweden,
Circassia, Tartary, Lithuania, West-phalia, Wallachia, Piedmont, Abyssinia.

Towns and Cities.-Brighton,, Bremen, Ingolstadt, Satzburg, Trent, Hamburg, Salisbury.


Countries.-Portugal, Calabria, Galicia, Normandy, Nubia, Sahara desert.

Towns and Cities.-Alexandria, Ratisbon, Worms, Seville, Compostella,
Bournemouth, Farnham, Tiverton, Christchurch, Cowes, Regensburg,
Grimsby, Southport, Lancaster, Kings Lynn, Preston.
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Unread 06-29-2014, 03:03 PM
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Re: Sun Sign and Moon Sign of Nations / Countries

Regarding the USA chart
that discussion is ongoing

Originally Posted by Theo View Post
Dear Futurist,

One of the things I find disturbing about many "modern astrologers" is often how little they know about astrological history and fact - and this includes Campion, who, in my opinion, is over-rated, and surely lacks information on Franklin, and - on the horoscope of the USA.

Growing up in Philadelphia, it is common knowledge there that Franklin was not only a scientist, printer, publisher, inventor, etc., but also an accomplished astrologer, and astrometeorologist. He was, of course, the founder, and writer of Poor Richard's Alamanc, which forecasted long-range weather using astrology. Most of Franklin's wealth came from publishing this almanac for 25 years. This means he wrote on astrology for that length of time. So, I don't get how Campion would surmise to "find" only one text written on astrology by Franklin since the Almanac of Franklin's contains volumious prose on astrology.

One of the advantages to being an astrologer, and a native Philadelphian is that one can read all the documents at the Philadelphia Historic Society, and also visit many of the actual sites where many original documents exist. I did so as a kid, and lived two blocks away from the summer house of Franklin & others in northwest Philadelphia. Franklin had an observatory built there and lived about 44 miles from Indpendance Hall in the summer because downtown was too darn hot. The neighborhood Franklin chose was cooler by ten to 15 degrees.

I use the morning of July 4 as one chart of the Declaration of Independence and provide this reference to help you & others: "American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence," published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1997, page 150.

According to records of the day, July 4, 1776, the Declaration was the third order of business, and was completed before noon. The Liberty Bell was also rung at this time.

Dr. Zip Dobyns & James Boehrer both rectified the chart to about 9:36 a.m., Local Mean Time, Phila., Pa for the announcement. I prefer this date, and time, ok, but as a judicial astrologer, I simply cast a chart for true sunrise on Thursday, July 4. You will see Jupiter Rising in tropical Cancer, and the AC at 12-13 Cancer/MC at 22-Pisces, with the Moon at 19-Aquarius.

This is one of the major problems within the so-called astrological "community" in that many do not seem to even have the facts straight, and it is no wonder why there is such a diverse "opinion" on mundane world charts. For instance, I disagree with Campion's attempts to "time" all charts since classical astrology demands sunrise charts for the day in question - times are not required - just the day, and location. This is standard.

Franklin simply wanted the Moon to transit Aquarius when the final draft was to be authenticated. This is the subject of the "disagreement" on July 2 - nothing but timing, that's all. Franklin made sure that Jefferson was on board since he authored the document, and Jefferson did not disappoint, since he studied astrology too. So, Jefferson just waited two days before submitting the "final draft."

Still, I use the Mundane sunrise chart of that day, Thursday, July 4, 1776, Philadelphia. It works for the American Revolution. I also use the mundane sunrise chart for the signing of the U.S. Constitution 17 September 1787 as the official chart of the USA.

Regarding the comment on astrology books and Franklin & Jefferson. I find it very amusing that some would think that, say, because I have three books on any subject in my library among hundreds of other volumes would do anything to "prove" my interest (or lack thereof) on astrology. For instance, I am a judicial astrologer, with a consulting practice, and I have more non-astrological books in my library than astrology books. So, using the format you mentioned above - I am less interested in astrology? Such attempts to "explain away" a historical figure's "interest" or "knowledge" of astrology are mostly made by non-astrological scholars who seem to love trying to "rewrite history" based on their own personal "opinion" of a science they've never studied, or practiced, but who seem to have such strong views on. I always have found this amusing too since if astrology is "false" - they sure seem to be spending many decades trying to "prove" that it is so.

But, counting the number of "books" in anyone's library is not going to do it for me. I find that "method" dubious at best, and ridiculous at worst to prove anything. It is typical of conventional "scholars" not trained in astrology to go to such absurd lengths to say Franklin himself was not an astrologer. Jeez, the guy wrote about astrology at great lengths in his own Almanac for 25 years! One of Franklin's pen names was Richard Saunders. I used to read all that as a boy growing up in Philadelphia.

Astrology is a lot older than the United States - we all know this, but it seems that some just cannot seem to accept that the Founding Fathers of the U.S. would take it so seriously! Perhaps, if they stop using "newspaper Sun-sign astrology" as their total reference to this supreme science - then perhaps they might actually get to Astrology 101 before deciding that three books in Franklin's house suffices it to mean he really treated astrology like he would a comic book.

A simple search engine on Franklin, astrology, and the signing of the Declaration of Independance can be found on the Internet. Franklin was prolific, and wrote extensively on astrology. It is common knowledge that July 2nd was supposed to be the day of the signing. Franklin, and Jefferson, however, did not like the position of the Moon, coming off a square to Saturn, and a direct opposition to Jupiter, and decided that the Moon's transit in Aquarius would suffice with an air trine to Saturn, and the Moon would have cleared the South Lunar Node in Aquarius as well by July 4th.

In the debates of June, and early July, it was decided that signatures would have to be added to the document. This, of course, was tantamount to insurrection but Franklin was more concerned about the transits than upsetting the British. Many members were ready to sign by Tuesday, July 2, but a disagreement delayed the signing. This "disagreement" was Franklin & Jefferson concerned about the transiting Capricorn Moon - so, since Jefferson was the main writer of the Declaration... both he and Franklin made themselves "unavailable" for signing on July 2 - although this date - July 2 - is seen by John Adams as the true date of America's birthday.

Richard Henry Lee of Virginia was trying to push a signing on July 2nd. On that day the Continential Congress passed the resolution declaring the colonies free of British rule. Lee introduced the resolution in June 1776, and by July 2, two resolutions passed written by Lee and cleared the way for Congress to adopt a final draft. John Adams wanted to immediately rush the signing, as did many other delegates. Twelve of the 13 colonies' delegates voted yes (New York was absent) and the Declaration was then ordered to be authenticated and sent to the printers. It took a month for it to return for signing - on August 2 by delegates. The last delegate from Delaware didn't sign it until January 1777.

George Washington was so busy fighting the British that he could not sign it until a year later - on, get this - July 4, 1777. Cast a chart for sunrise on that date, a year later, and look to the Midheaven of the sunrise - 22-Pisces, with Cancer rising, Moon & Sun nearing conjunction; Jupiter fixing position out of tropical Cancer, and into Leo; Lunar Nodes are cardinal, with the Dragon's Head in Cancer, and Dragon's Tail in Capricorn; Venus is rising as Morning star in tropical Gemini; Mercury in Gemini trines Saturn in Libra, with transiting Mars in Libra. Obviously, this signing was a little more than simply "official" - I see Franklin & Jefferson's astrological hands with Washington's signing to the Declaration of Indpendence.

Back to Philadelphia in July 1776: Knowing the document was going to be approved, Franklin charted the Moon's course, spoke to Jefferson, and Jefferson, the author of the Declaration, stated on July 2 that the final draft would be ready by July 4th. The "disagreement" again, was mainly by Adams & others who felt it was ready to sign Tuesday. A "riff raff" sort of came about with delegates shouting they were ready then & there. This was passed off by Franklin, who, convinced Jefferson that July 4's transits were best. Jefferson agreed.

On Thursday, July 4, someone ordered that the Liberty Bell be rung from the Philadelphia State House, and it was, but people paid little attention to it at the time. Knowing how sly Franklin was - I would not doubt it one bit that he also had something to do with that as well. His fingers are found all over the times - and astrology was a major part of his strategies. This is common knowledge in Philadelphia circles.

Re/ the USA horoscope. One of the major problems with many astrologers is that they fight over "times" concerning Mundane Charts. Any astrologer with classical knowledge would know that a simple chart cast for sunrise of any day in history will provide one with the knowledge of potential events to come, or those that have taken place.

I read an ancient text called the "Pistis Sophia" where Mary Magdelene asks Jesus Christ about astrology, and casting horoscopes. Christ told her, and the apostles, that if the Fate (the Sun) is on the left side (rising) then the trained astrologer will forecast correctly. He stated that if the Fate (Sun) was found on the Right side (setting) that nothing the astrologer said would be true.

This came from the classical method of judicial astrology - casting sunrise charts to forecast. I have found it to work very, very well, and can read all the characteristics of the day - even for natal charts with, and without exact times. Even progress them.

Hope this helps
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