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Research and Development This is a forum designed for applying scientific methods and understanding to all approaches of astrology, cooperative formulation and testing of new ideas, re-examination of known methods of delineation and interpretation, and the exploration of new astrological methods of all kinds (e.g. heliocentric models, planetary nodes and apogees, etc.).

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Unread 03-17-2019, 09:38 PM
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A Re-evaluation Of The House System

This is about something that has been on my mind for quite some time now. It keeps pooping up in my mind as for so many indications I have come across it from various sources, Sources of which are ancient, current and otherwise.

It first came up during a reading I had with the clairvoyant I have worked with since early 2003 and that clairvoyants' name, of course [as I have mentioned Her so many times in this forum that I wouldn't even want to guess at the number.] Clarisse Conner.

Clarisse has been a wonderful guide these last 16 years and not just through the realm of astrology. But, at times, she can be very difficult to understand as for what she tells a s person is what she "sees" in her minds eye. I have learned to be a bit cautious when she is apparently interpreting what it is that she "sees' as she doesn't always interpret it correctly. Most of the time, yes, she does, but there have been occasions that she didn't which ended up costing me time and money.

Yet, I haven't had any complaints to file as to the answers she has supplied me with questions about astrology... at least not yet.
She at times gets help from entities she refers to as "The Guides". Who "The guides" are is beyond me but I have more than just suspicion to believe that they might be, what are known as to some, Ascended Masters. l.e. members of the "Great White Brotherhood" aka "The White Lodge".

It was about this time of year, in fact it may have been almost to the day, that I called Her and asked about my own natal chart in relation to the current transits at that time. As I have a rather very complex natal chart in that the Planets and Luminaries are arranged all around the Zodiac at the moment of my birth that one can find at least a couple of them in every aspect known to exist that is a division of the Zodiac by the numbers from one to twelve. [although at this moment I'm not too sure about the number 11 which produces an irrational number in all of it's aspects just as like the Septile, a division of sevenths, but I did work with it awhile back and seem to recall I spotted a couple of those as well. As that is such an obscure aspect that no one I know of has every really addressed before I put it aside and it was so long ago now the entire exercise I did in an afternoon is now all but completely forgotten by me.]

In March of 2008, however, it was the semi-sextile that was on my mind as I have 7 of the 12 points of a Grand Semi-Sextile in my natal chart.
I had noticed some months prior, it may have even been more than a year, that in May of 2008, four out of the five missing points were going to be occupied by transiting influences. The one remaining unfulfilled being in the Sign of Virgo [Tropical Zodiac].

When one is dealing with such "matrices" in a natal chart they should find the average degree that they all share in common, among those that are actually found to have been present in the chart and I do have that written down somewhere in the sea of notes I have amassed over the years but it isn't really all that important to what the intent of this thread is about so forgive me if I don't supply that information before I've finished writing this initial post. I do, however, know it to be in either the 22nd or 23rd degree of all the 12 Signs and most likely that of the former.

In matrices, especially large ones, Planets and Luminaries needn't be exactly conjunct in order for them to effective of influence. My natal Sun, for example, is about a little more than five degrees from a perfect conjunction. My natal Sun being in the 17th degree of Taurus at 16* Taurus 15' and it in turn is conjunct my Desc. which is at 17* Taurus 07' which results in both my Asc. and Desc. being a part of that 12 point Matrix, a Grand Semi Sextile albeit yet not a completed one at birth. In fact, both my M.C. and I.C. are also a part of it at 24* Leo/Aquar. 17' which also includes Pluto in conj. to the M.C. at 20* Leo 48' and the Moon in conj. to the I.C. at 24* Aquar. 03'. Saturn and Neptune were conj. at my birth in Libra at 22* 17' and 21* 53', respectively. Uranus was a bit wide but still in a position of effective influence at 15* Cancer 19'. Which leaves Mercury and Venus which were both somewhat wide of that common, averaged, point in that matrix at, respectively, 27* Aries 57' and 15* Aries 06' and while not conjunct in aspect to one another by what is considered to be an allowable amount of degrees in orb being at almost thirteen degrees apart from one another have as their common mid-point 21* Aries 31' which is , as I recall, nearly spot on to the calculated average point for that 12 point matrix of my natal chart.

I NOTE: I wrote all of the above, last night, in the wee hours until dawn, I had to put it aside so as to finish writing it... and I hoped that would be today.

Earlier today, I was in correspondence to one of our fellow members through personal messaging via facebook and wrote the following.

As I realized shortly there after that by copying what I wrote to Him and then pasting it this point in the narration above.... that I could save myself a lot of effort and have the rest of this day to "play"...which is practically a national holiday here in the United States as there are more full blooded Irish folk in the United States than in all of Ireland itself. I have no Irish ancestry that I am aware of but, as I wrote above, there sure are a lot of folks here in the States that do.... and besides, there are many that believe St. Patrick was actually of Italian ancestry. Good enough of an excuse for me... as if I need one?

Below is copied and pasted, with a very minor bit of editing, what I wrote that fellow member of ours this morning. He is an Irishman living
in Ireland, by the way.

...copied and pasted as fallows...>>>

It was when I noticed that I would have a completed 12 point matrix, i.e. a Grand Semi Sextile on my natal chart by transit in May of 2008 but for a lack of anything occupying a point in Virgo.
She told me that there would be an astrological influence there at the time that scientists had yet to be aware of....
and that lead off into her explaining that it wasn't along the ecliptic but rather well below it. Yet still of influence, the manner she described it... to be as like the game of D chess that was shown being played on the old episodes of the tv program Star Trek
The 12 point matrix having been identified by author Dorothy Leon as "The Path of Discipleship".
I took the, then, upcoming event to mean that I would be entering what Rudhyar identified as a "Path of True Discipleship" He had written, a number of times, that the "Path of True Discipleship begins in Virgo"

Getting back to what Clarisse told me at that time, that the Guides had shown her to inform me about...
They showed her, to tell me to take my natal chart, place it in front of me on the table...
and to then turn it 180 degs. ...
and then flip it over
That confused the Hell out of me
I asked Her in what manner as to how I should flip the page of a book or from top to bottom?
She said the latter.
I had been entertaining the idea that the manner in which we all presently draw a natal chart...where We place the Ascc., Desc, M.C.and I.C. was originally done from the perspective of someone living south of the Equator
and as to what the Rabbi Dobin wrote in his book about how by ancient legend among the Hebrews the first day of creation to this Earth, and our Solar System was what is presently considered to be the first day of Autumn
As that was contrary to what I had concluded about the Yeshu'a natal chart... as Pluto being in the 1st deg. of Libra and the Sun in Aries... it depressed I thought my theory, which was already published,,,as the book had just been published that very month
but I realized that, NOT IF
it was from the perspective of a people living in the Southern Hemisphere!
As the Earth has been through so many changes since its beginning
this is entirely possible and I am rather sure that most of the worlds population at one the beginnings lived in the Southern Hemisphere
As I later found out that the Sabian Symbols must be read in reverse from Virgo 30* to Libra 01*
...and as Rudhyar had wrote...all true paths of Discipleship begin in Virgo
I had to conclude that it isn't Aries that is the natural ruler of the 1st House but rather it is Virgo
My own chart, natal chart having Libra as the ruler of the 12th House and a Scorpio Asc. is actually, by Sidereal reckoning, a Libra Asc. with a Virgo 12th House... and I then have an Aries Sun...just as like Yeshu'a did!
When I take His chart and turn it 180 degs and then flip it in the manner she described I then have the ascendant at the 3 O'clock position with Virgo in the 6th House...but remember that we are to proceed through the Zodiac in the reverse direction to obtain Spiritual Transformation
Thus that nasty old Scratch, Beezlebub, had arranged it so that ...just as He is known so well to do...reversed everything about astrological understanding
and flipped it over

You Are A Divine Creation Of The Universe

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Unread 03-17-2019, 09:49 PM
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Re: A Re-evaluation Of The House System

I had intended to write above but forgot. That the reason being why I have found matrices to have such an allowable amount of play as to exactly where the influences are at birth is that when they completed by transit or progression and thus completed they then operate, function, as like that of an old fashioned distributor on an automobile. One of those type of distributors that has "points". Those points don't have to be exactly in the ideal location in order for it to function as long as they are all there, and the automobile will run rather rough, for sure, but the thing of the matter is ...It will run.

I have found the same to be true for the Zodiac... r.e. As above, so below....
You Are A Divine Creation Of The Universe
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