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Career-related Horary Questions For horary questions related to career, jobs, vocational issues.

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Unread 07-22-2011, 10:15 AM
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Did this music mogul think I talented even though its not my field?

Alright,hi everyone. A reallz strange thing happened to me.
I was witnesing an audition for singing,actuallly, it was about over. I was not part of it becuase I dont do singing ,I cnat sing,its not that Im tone deaf I have an ok normal voice but not an exemplary singing one,besides acting is my chosen career not singing.It was more so a music event for a selected few I think. I was one of the people who had to take care of the stage, reallz minor thing, almost like I was part of the staff so I wanst anybody important there. As that hall was empty,or so I thought I only saw a few people sitting farther from the stage discussing and joking around but I thought they were just random people or guests talking. The lights were on and the stage was ful of props, and I was joking with my guy friend who was behind the stage,and,since I was already on the stage I turned around and just started walking on it,like I was about to preform, and when I reached the center of the stage and more father from that I stopped and put mz hands on my waist and stared at the empty seats..dont know what was it,I probably looked authoritative since I got in my stage presence because I heard one of the peoplke farther say '''who is that girl''
and next thing ya know,they brought me,to me meet.....him. Behold,one of the people whom I thought was some random manager of the event sitting with the other people was a huge,huge, mainstream music mogul. He is much older than me, he was a singer but he turned to producing,he has his own very famous very huge record company. We were basically alone since they took me to his privatr oom where his wife was also there. His wife is, btw,also a very famous singer from where I am at,so I was kinda...dumstruck. The --room-- looked like a miny apartment though. He sat right next to me,and we talked.....about a lot of things...actually I found it so cool I have finally someone older,with such success,talking with me about the entertainment industry,although mostly I think he was just trying to grasb who I am.... As we were talking,we were talking for quite a while and as he was talking he started mentioning context of singing. I told him honestly I cant sing,Im not a singer ( although I do sing ok I went to music school and all but I dont meet any extraodinary singing standards,plus its not my thing ) and he said ''never mind'' and told me how something pop would suiit me and started humming words to a chorus...which he bz the looks of it made up on the I again told him that I have this great friend of mine who is at the Academy who sings wonderfully and all her life and he said that he is interestted in me,not in her. we talked some more,and basically he said that what he would wanna do would take time,he gave me his contacts,and explained to me where should I go and what should I do in his absence, like in the sense that he will keep his eyes on me,gave me his personal number and his contacts...... so I bid farewell.

This is really,really,out of the blue and quite bizzare..but my question is '' did he see some talent in me despite the fact that I am not a singer'' ?

i have no idea how to interpret this chart,at all,so I need help.

I am venus in cancer,although combusted which is not good,I cnat see some things straight although the combustion is leaving me. I have some dignity as Venus in Cancer,no? Yeah, his physical body is the Sun conjunct me, I did get a feeling that he was somehow attracted to me,or found me attractive which I didnt really like,but that was just a hunch. I dont know whom to take him for, I know 7th house rules other people but he is not a love interest so I would take him as either the Moon in Aires in the 7th, since Moon rules the 10th house, or,something I see more fitting for him, Saturn in Libra in my first house..because Aquarius rules my 5th house of entertainment.

If I took him as Moon,all is not well, he is in his fall, in the sign of Aries,other people making a square to me. However me being in Cancer says sometjing about the way he sees me and that he generally really liked me since I come from a place where he is strongest. Have no idea what the square here would represent. If I took him as Saturn in Libra and in my first house it would be very positive,becaus eit suggests that he really liked me,although there is not aspect.

Whats your opinion about this?
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