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Unread 03-31-2007, 05:47 AM
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Rahu "North Node of Moon"

The Vedic discuisons of Rahu,in 12 Houses.
NN in first house:-
The NN gives both auspicious and inauspicious results. The native may have a tall and well-built physique and have physical strength and health. The native may have a black mole on the face. The person will have financial gain. One will use the wealth of others for oneself and for others. One will enjoy many comforts in life. One will wear beautiful clothes. The person will be benevolent, polite, patient, prudent and social. The native will rise from a pitiable condition to a position of great height and will excel in the eyes of people. One will not give much significance to education. One will always perform courageous deeds. One will be so skilled at practical work that one will get all one's work done through others. The native will complete whatever he/she may promise. One will be true to one's word. The native will be victorious over enemies and will win debates. One will be engrossed in one's work and will not have any enemies. One will be proud of the ancient culture and will not accept new things easily. One will be powerful, valiant, arrogant and will attain fame easily and will not bother about anyone. The native may delve deep into the depth of things. The native will have children. Inauspicious Results : The native may have facial spots. One may have a jovial nature. One may be wicked natured and may cheat one's friends and relative. The native may speak uselessly, have red eyes, one may be sinful, ungrateful, wicked, irreligious, uncultured, lacking in sympathy, ugly, lazy and quarrelsome. One may not have good nails and good clothes. Due to depression and unhappiness one may lose interest in the world. One may suffer from ailments in the upper part of one's body and may suffer gastric problem. The native may be wounded on the head in an accident and may suffer from headaches. One may suffer pain due to mental ailments and headaches. One may be dissatisfied with one's spouse and may seek relationships elsewhere. The native may have two spouses and may be characterless. One may be very passionate and infatuated by many females. Due to one's intensely passionate nature inspite of having relation with the opposite sex one may not be satisfied. The native does not enjoy the bliss of a son and spouse. The native may have a weak son. One may destroy one's wealth. One may suffer hardships in the way and be fearful of water.The native does not have a son or one's son may not survive.The native will be wicked, foolish, extremely selfish, proud, untruthful, shameless, outrageous, may delve with the depth of things, may be arrogant and may unnecessarily curse others, and may be treasure house of bad qualities.
NN in 2nd House:-
The NN gives mixed results. The native has a strong physique and is fearless. One may have a big nose and a mark on the chin. One will attain respect and fame. One will be well behaved and trust worthy. The native will be wealthy. One will attain wealth from the king and be happy. One will attain wealth abroad. One may accumulate wealth abroad. The native will destroy the enemies. One will be fond of travelling far and wide. Whenever one takes up any work, there will be great obstacles in the way and great efforts will have to be put in order to become successful. One will profit in rearing cows and buffaloes and in trading in a related business. One will possess many cows. The native will have few children.The native will inherit paternal wealth and also get other auspicious results. Inauspicious Results : The native may have crooked and unsymmetrical teeth. One may leave one's own work, be selfish. One may be dominated by others, be arrogant, violent and prone to thieving. One may be untruthful, speak unpleasantly, have a harsh voice and may be talkative. One may speak a lot, speak unpleasantly, give outrageous unpleasant speeches and speak uselessly too. The native may speak in a confused manner and may be unable to put one's thoughts across clearly. The wealth of the native will be destroyed which will make the person poor. The native may lose money due to theft and be extremely unhappy. One may lose paternal wealth. One may be born in prosperity and yet become poor and wonder aimlessly. One may be as wealthy as Kuber, the lord of wealth, and still be poor. The native's family may be destroyed and one may witness the death of one's relatives. One may fear weapons and these may be the cause of one's death. One may attain punishment due to wicked people. The native may attain wealth through trading in fishes. One may sell leather and nails to earn one's living. One may attain wealth through theft. One may suffer from dental ailments. One may suffer from ailments of the mouth and eyes. One may be unhappy due to the demise of one's son. One's good fortune may begin after the death of one's father. One may have two spouses. Money may come but may be spent. There may be obstacles in acquiring money. One may use the money belonging to others and attain a bad name. The native may be unhappy in one's native place. But may become wealthy when one goes abroad. One may stay in the house of lowly people. One may stay under the influence of wicked people. One may not hear the advice of friends. One may face a lot of opposition.The native may not have wealth accumulated by one's ancestors. If it exists, it may be disputable or may be destroyed by one's hands.One may suddenly acquire wealth unjustly and it may become permanent.However one's sons and grandson may face the ill effects of this.The entire family of the native may be destroyed.The native may marry thrice.
NN in 3rd House:-
The NN can be considered to be a destroyer of regrets and harm. It makes a person healthy, strong muscled and with a strong and firm physique. The native will be valiant, courageous, enterprising, valiant, prudent, scholarly, fortunate and migratory. One will be intelligent and energetic. One will attain fame in the world and will be charitable, recognized and renowned. One will always be friendly with everyone and will treat everyone equally. One will not have any prejudice against anyone and will have a pure and clean heart. One will attain money through good fortune and will not have to make any great efforts. One will be a millionaire, happy and will always remain wealthy. The native will be very fortunate. One will help one's brothers. One will enjoy many types of comforts and luxuries. One will have vehicles and servants. One might be honored by the king and will have the king's strength supporting him. One may practice the Yogas. One may destroy the wealth of enemies. The person will tread the righteous path. One will have good friends. One will travel abroad. One will have sesame seeds, pulses etc in one's house.The native will be a destroyer of enemies and will be free from the fear of enemies. Inauspicious Results : The native may have physical deformity. One may be arrogant, cowardly, lazy and suspicious. One may oppose one's brothers. One's brothers may die. The planet is harmful for the bliss of brothers. Some may not earn a living, some may die due to the assault of a weapon, some may be involved in a court case. The planet may be fatal for the first son. The native cannot live with his brothers. Animals may die and losses may be incurred. One may suffer mental ailments and may dream a lot.The planet is fatal for brothers there may not be any brothers or they may be inactive and may not have a son.
NN in 4th House:-
The native may be favored by the king and may attain benefits from him. One will be blessed by a mother and will have a calm heart. One will be courageous. The native will have many ornaments. One will reside abroad, migrate, and will always be wandering. The person is not very progressive and one will lead a happy life in service. One will migrate a lot. One will be successful in partnerships or a job. One will even be adopted. Many amazing things have been seen. One may have 2 spouses and one son. One may have servants or one may himself be in service. One may be very fortunate from 36 -56 years in an official position. The results of the planetary combination are auspicious.The native may have wealth but may be childless. This may result in a second marriage. Inauspicious Results :he native is always worried and unhappy. The native may have 2 spouses or 2 mothers.The native has the chance of being murdered.The native is always suffering from poverty.The native may cause problems for the father ever since birth. Bankruptcy, loss of job and other in auspicious events may occur.
NN in 5th House:-
The native may be very intelligent. One will be knowledgeable about the Shastras, be sympathetic, fortunate and hardworking. The curse of a snake in the previous life will make him childless. According to Bhirgu-Sutra, this curse can be reversed by worshiping Nagdeva, the king of serpents. The first born is generally a daughter. The first born will be a son. The native will be successful at business of a company.There will be some problems related to education. Education will not be according to ability. One will be capable of becoming a lawyer but will have the education of an engineer and will therefore never succeed.The native may not be blessed with the happiness of spouse and son. One's spouse may be ailing and infertile due to irregular menstrual cycles. One may have to marry twice. The native will be intelligent, famous but arrogant.A son will be born to the native. The native will have only one son and he may be wearing dirty clothes. Inauspicious Results : One may be extremely dull minded. One's children may die due to wind, stone, water, wood, mountains or some related object. The native may be poor and may destroy one's family's wealth. One's complexion may not be pleasing. One may create confusion. One may be cowardly, hard hearted and may tread the wrong path. One's worry and agony may increase. One may be unfortunate. One may have a nasal voice. One may remain dirty. One may not be interested in studying. One may not have children, one's children may be ailing or they may be destroyed. One may be deprived of the happiness of a child. One's worry related to children may agonize him life long. One's son may be destroyed due to curse of a snake. By worshipping Nagdeva, the son can be saved. The first child may be delayed or there may be some obstacles. The son may be dirty and pitiable. One may make great efforts but still not attain any wealth. There may be obstacles in one's happiness and pleasure. The native may suffer from stomach ailments. One may have gastric problems and poor appetite. One may have pain in the chest. One's mind may be restless. The opposite sex people may trouble him. One may be mentally troubled due to a short-tempered spouse. One may oppose friends. The native may have few friends and may not be very happy. One may be punished due to royal displeasure. One may stay in the company of lowly people and may reside in an inferior village. One may suffer defame in the dasha of Rahu.The planets will give inauspicious results.The native does not marries. One may have illicit relation with the opposite sex. One may be engrossed in research work; considers the books as children and they attains fame through them.There may be an abortion or loss of happiness from children.
NN in 6th House:-
The NN removes all harm and destroys all adversity. One is valiant, strong and forceful. One may be liberal hearted, patient, calm, prudent and intelligent. One will perform brave deeds and accomplish great work. One will be healthy, strong and long lived. One will destroy enemies, or win them over. One will never suffer due to enemies. One will be as famous and be respected as a king. The king might favor the native. One may acquire wealth through people of a different religion. The native may gain wealth from a weak king and become very rich. One will be fortunate and have vehicles, ornaments, and a lot of wealth. The native will attain wealth. One will be happy and belong to a high-class family. One will have a good spouse. The native will start earning one's living in the 23rd year and the good fortune will commence from the 30th year. The native might have buffaloes in the house. Inauspicious Results : The native may be born in an aggressive family. One may lack strength and brains and may envy one's parents. One may have a bad character. One may be friendly with wicked people. The native may associate with lowly foreigners. Enemies may trouble the person. One may suffer pain in the area around the waist. One may suffer from stomachaches. One may have ailments of the lips and teeth. Service in the navy or on ships may be dangerous. The planet is not suitable for service. Progress is difficult and happiness sets in only after retirement. One may be involved in lowly business. One may be poor and thief. One may not spend a happy childhood due to some curse, poisoning and mental ailments. One may occasionally suffer from leprosy. The native may die due to assault of wood, stone, animals, falling from a tree and drowning in the water. The native's maternal uncle may be childless or may only have daughters. Some member of one's family may die abroad, the maternal aunt's child may die and she may go abroad and become a widow thereafter. One may not attain any happiness from one's paternal or maternal uncles. Either one's mother or one's father may have a restless mind. The native's cattle may fall ill. One may have relation with the opposite sex.The native may suffer from kidney ailments.The native may be injured in sports, maybe while playing polo.
NN in 7th house:-
The native will be independent, clever and will be a wanderer. One will marry early, have a good spouse, there will be mutual love and good marital happiness. The native will have good fortune but through sinful deeds. One's job remains fine.The business of the native progresses satisfactory.The migration will be beneficial for the native. The native will be a courageous minister, strong, valiant, having many sons and possessing a lot of wealth and animals. The native may have two weddings. There will be one marriage, many children, honor and respect and a good position in an insurance company. The native will have success in his work. Inauspicious Results : According to a western viewpoint, the native may be very short. Inspite of doing pious work one may only attain defame. The native is short-tempered, may harm others, may have relations with a bad-charactered people of the opposite sex, may fight with others and may be proud and discontented. One may have all aggressive nature and may never keep quiet during arguments. One may be skilled at gambling, speculation, lottery and races. One may keep the company of wicked people and give pain to good people. The native may be involved in wicked deeds, may be extremely bad charactered, greedy, dull headed and may wander around aimlessly. The native may have disbelief in religion and lack of pity. There might be a curse of the previous birth. If one has unnecessarily troubled any people of the opposite sex in the previous birth or hindered their domestic life, or trespassed on their purity then as repentance one may have to bear the bad results of this planet. Some of the curses which are a result of the sins of the previous birth are, lack of mutual love in marriage, separation or not having a spouse according to ones desire. The native may have an inauspicious delayed marriage or an inter-caste marriage to a widow, marriage to a person elder to one, illegal relation or lack of marriage. One marries only for physical relationships. One may have a bad character and may force person of a good family to go on a sinful path. One may have illicit relations with a widow and may even make efforts for an abortion when she becomes pregnant. One may misuse money and be entrapped in the circle of poverty. The native may have a spouse with an aggressive nature who may be wicked, ugly, quarrelsome and ailing. One may always have disputes with one's spouse or one's spouse may die. The person's spouse may not be according to one's wishes, she may lack beauty, attraction, a sweet voice, obedience, beauty and youth. The native may lack marital bliss. One's spouse may lack sexual desire. One's spouse may die. One may marry more than once. The native may marry twice, one's first spouse may die. One's second spouse may suffer from stomach and gastric ailments. One's spouse may suffer stomach ailments. One may have diabetes. One may contract illnesses due to sexual relation with characterless people. One may suffer from physical pain. The native may have gastric problems. One may suffer wind problems in the waist, lower waist and knees. One may face affection and separation from friends and relatives. Defame increases, people are always critical. There may be partition of fixed and moveable assets between brothers and they may live separately. One may become poor due to one's relationships with the opposite sex. Business and trading may cause losses, business and service both may be unprofitable. There may be instability, loss and shortage of wealth. If one goes in for business, there may be losses. If one goes for service one may be suspended or demoted. Migration is painful. Enemies may increase. The native may suffer inauspicious results.The native might marry but mutual love between the person and spouse may be missing. The native may suffer throat ailments.
NN in 8th House:-
The native has a strong body, a good physique and is healthy. One may stay abroad. One may be respected, appreciated and honored by kings and scholars. Occasionally one may benefit from wealth from the king and wealth may be lost sometimes. One will benefit from defeated enemies. One will be wealthy. The native will get the honor from the king. The native performs pious deeds. One will have few children. One will possess cattle and be prosperous. One will attain happiness in one's old age. The native will be famous and very valiant. One will gain financially. One will acquire money from a female or a relative though a will but there will be many obstacles in acquiring this wealth. One's gain may be instant. One will live longer than one's spouse. One will die wealthy. One will have knowledge of one's death. One's good fortune may start from the 26th-36th year. The results of the planetary position are auspicious. Inauspicious Results : The native is weak, cowardly, lazy, impatient, fraudulent, unhappy, unsympathetic, unfortunate, talkative and passionate by nature. One is short-tempered, speaks uselessly, is foolish, performs ill and sinful deeds, is stubborn, cowardly, magical and a thief. The native is short lived, suffers gastric troubles and is agonized by the pain. Good fortune may come once, but losses occur frequently in life. Always there may be periods of good fortune and bad fortune. The first part of life may be painful. Sometimes even old age is troubled one and problematic. One may be deprived of paternal wealth. One may not get paternal money and property. One may be poor. Brothers and relatives may pain him. Virtuous people may leave the person without any reason. The native is extravagant, migratory, deprived of spouse and sons and may fight with one's brothers. One may not attain the happiness of spouse, son, name and education. People may criticize the native. The native may suffer long lasting stomach ailments and blood and acidity related ailments. One may always remain unhealthy. The native may suffer from venereal diseases, enlargement of ovaries and other ailments. One may suffer from venereal diseases and other related ailments. One may contract gastric problems due to excessive hard work. One may suffer itching and other skin ailments. One may be accused of theft and face hardships and pain. The native may not attain wealth. One may take bribes due to an excessive greed of money, however, one's secret may be revealed and one may have to suffer imprisonment. The native may die before one's spouse. One may be careless at the time of death and die due to unconsciousness. One may not be fortunate. Due to failure in an independent business, one may go in for service. The native may remain ill for a long period, die or face serious problems in the 32nd year. The spouse of the native is untrustworthy and quarrelsome. The planet gives inauspicious results.
NN in 9th House:-
The native will be a hardworking person, an ascetic, sympathetic, and affectionate towards one's family. One may be migratory, will visit religious places and will be a religious, kind and cultured person. One will be scholarly, respected, honored and recognized. One will amaze everyone with one's talents. The native will be devoted to God and religious places and will have faith and belief. One will not forget favors and will always be grateful. One will always rear one's family. One will donate money, perform pious deeds, will follow family traditions and be well known. The native will not leave work incomplete and will strive very hard in order to succeed and attain one's goal. One will be reformative, have progressives self control and will make efforts to work for the welfare of the people. One will be skilled at varied arts. One will have royal connections. The native will be happy, wealthy, prosperous and possessing various jewels and ornamental clothes. One will have many servants at home. One will be wealthy happy and fortunate. One will be victorious in big gatherings. One will obey one's spouse. One will be affectionate towards friends. One will benefit from domestic trade. One will be the chief of one's village or city. There would not be any unity among brothers. The brothers will progress only if they are separated.The planet will give excellent results.The native may be the only son of one's father, or one may be the eldest or youngest, one may have elder or younger sisters. If sisters are not there, this combination of planets is fatal for brothers. Inauspicious Results : The native is irreligious, does not work, is poor, fraudulent, lacking happiness and is unfortunate. One may not have much faith in religion. One may criticize religion and may not perform one's duties. The native may be engrossed in the religion of lowly people, be untruthful, bad charactered, unfortunate and dull headed. One may be proud, untruthful and wicked minded. One may wear dirty clothes. One's religion may be destroyed and one may perform inauspicious deeds. One may act sinfully. One will not attain much happiness. The native may lack wealth and good fortune. One might be a wanderer. One may not be enthusiastic about the fun and play activities of one's community. One may oppose one's brothers and relatives and may be deprived of happiness from them. One may fear enemies. One may be irreligious, sinful and may stay in the company of wicked people. One may injure one's foot in war. One may speak opposite to the general opinion. One may have relations with a lowly person of the opposite sex. The person may suffer from childlessness. One may suffer gastric problems and physical pain. One may be opposed to religion and be inimical towards one's father. One may suffer public criticism and opposition. One may be in service. One may go in for foreign trade in order to earn money but may have to suffer losses. One may lose money in foreign banks. One's good fortune starts in the sixteenth year. In the ninth year one's sister, may expire, one's friends may suffer pain or one's elder brother may die in the 22nd year.The native cannot worry about community or class.One may marry outside one's caste to a person elder to him or to a widow.The native is dominating towards one's spouse, one either does not have a male child or the child does not survive. One may marry twice for a child. The native may have foreign travels, marry a foreigner, brother may die in the fifth year and may have good fortune from the 36th year.The planet may give inauspicious results. The planet may give inauspicious results.
NN in 10th House:-
The NN gives very auspicious results. One may be strong, brave, fearless, intelligent, benevolent, concerned and good hearted. One will not be arrogant. One will gain the help of strong people. One might be interested in poetry. One will excel at writing and editing. One will attain fame. One will attain success, respect and fame in one's entire life. The native might be a high official of the village, city or an association or may be a minister or the chief of an army. One will benefit from holy dip in the Ganges. The native will have few male children. One will destroy one's enemies. One will be migratory and will excel in business. One will succeed in court matters. The native will suffer great hardships in one's early life and then attain progress. One may have sexual relations with the best, most youthful, most beautiful and most attractive person. One's good fortune will start from the 21st year and one may progress fully in the 36th year. One may attain public honor in the 42nd yearThe native will succeed if employed in the police department, railways, banks, or insurance department. Inauspicious Results : The native is lazy, unenthusiastic, pitiable, detached, energetic and very wicked. One may be an irregular worker and may be thrifty. One may perform wicked lowly and sinful deeds and have a bad character, bad habits, and may be friendly with wicked people. The native may be skilled at cheating and may be lacking in honor and culture. One may be quarrelsome by nature and enthusiastic about fighting in wars. One may have a false sense of a pride and may worry a lot. People may not trust this person. One may spend money on drugs. One will desire the wealth of others. One will have a very passionate nature. One may have relation with a widow or with other people of the opposite sex. One may be irreligious and may lose wealth. There may be a loss of happiness, sons may face hardship, bliss from sons may be disturbed and this may even be fatal for them. One's mother may be in pain and there may be a death in the family due to assault. The father or brother may suffer unhappiness. One may not attain full happiness from one's father and one's dear ones. There may be trouble to the parents physically or financially ever since one's birth. The father may become handicapped and opt for a pension. The parents may even die in childhood. One may be inimical and jealous of one's dear friends and relatives. One may always be in the company of foreigners. One may be proud in the matter of foreigners. One may suffer from ill health and gastric problem regularly. The native may suffer from the destruction of property. One may have accidents by vehicles. One may be unhappy due to a friend's unhappiness. There may be some danger for the mother in the 32nd year, for the father in the seventh year, and for paternal wealth in the eighth year.The native is proud, talkative and may stay apart from people.
NN in 11th house:-
The planetary position removes the inauspicious results. The native is long-lived and healthy. One is hard working, pleasure loving, wealthy, enjoys comforts and has a poetic heart. One will have conquered one's senses. One will be dark complexioned, good looking, silent, scholarly, jovial, lively and knowledgeable about Shastras. One will be the leader of one's society. One will earn a good name and can bring a fame to the nation. One will make friends with clever people. When Rahu is in the eleventh bhava, one will get many opportunities of gain. One will always be very careful about one's gain and greed. One will attain wealth and property. One will become wealthy, but through unethical methods. One might make money through foreigners and attain fame and wealth through them. One might earn money through oratory. One will earn a lot of wealth and gain a variety of clothes, gold and animals. One may acquire animals and vehicles through foreigners and lowly people. One will always keep the servants with him. One will have male sons and they will be very qualified. One will attain fame and happiness from the king. One will be victorious and one's desires will be fulfilled. One's enemies will be destroyed. One will win them over with one's valor. The native's enemies will be polite. One will get good friends and one's life will run smoothly with their help. One will be an astrologer or will be knowledgeable about mantras and Shastras. This person will be an official, will take bribes, but will never be caught by the law. One will be successful both in service and in business. One will have to bear the burden of one's family due to the death of one's elder brother or his unemployment. The native will attain sudden wealth in the 42nd year. One will earn one's living in the 28th year. One may marry in the 27th year.The native may attain respect. Inauspicious Results : The native is foolish, shameless and arrogant. One may waste one's time uselessly, incur debts and be quarrelsome. One may be friendly with wicked people and act unethically. One may be friendly with smugglers. One may be engrossed in schemes to usurp the wealth of others and one does so by cheating them. The native may not gain in races, speculation, and lottery. One's business may not progress well and debts may prevail. One may suffer pain due to worry about one's son and family. The native may become deaf. One may suffer from ear ailments. One may spend money on races, speculation, lottery and gambling with a desire to become rich suddenly. Due to this one may take a lot of bribes due to one's high position and may be caught by the police. Because of this one may be greedy, usurper of the wealth of others and one's behaviour may be irregular. Friends may cause losses and there may be obstacles in good fortune.The native may have some obstacles in the birth of a son. This may be due to the curse of a previous life; like death of a son, abortion, infertility of spouse etc. There may be inauspicious results due to the planetary position.
NN in 12th House:-
The native may be ambitious, liberal, will have high morals, and will be friendly. The person will be famous and valiant. The native is good looking, hardworking and very happy. One is benevolent. This combination is suitable for spiritual knowledge. If one has an interest in the Vedanta then one will have a saintly nature. One will benefit from public association. If one stays at one place then one's wishes are fulfilled. Inspite of one's efforts there may be inauspicious results in beginning and auspicious results in the end. The enemies of the native are destroyed. One's earlier life may be unstable. One may have to leave one's family and travel to the north in search of a living. The native will not gain in one's native land. Good fortune is attained abroad. The native will earn a lot but also spend a lot. In the twelfth year death of either of the parents may take place. In the 21-22nd year the native starts earning a living. In the sixteenth year there may be gain of paternal wealth. In the 35th year there may be good fortune. In the 21st year second marriage may take place, if one have been married once before in childhood. Otherwise there is possibility of second marriage from the 32nd -36th year.The native may have only one or two sons.The planet will give auspicious interpretations. Inauspicious Results : The native is imprudent, foolish and worried. One may be fond of quarrelling and talking uselessly. One may always be involved in conspiracies. One may perform lowly deeds, have sinful ideas, perform wicked deeds and may commit sins secretively. One may quarrel at home and bring defame to the family. One may wear dirty clothes and have dirty nails. The native may be weak and opposed to one's relatives and friends. One may envy good people and be friendly with wicked people. The native may waste time uselessly, incur debts and be poor. One may be extravagant and may spend money for ill deeds. One may stay in the company of wicked people and spend money on bad habits, therefore one is worried about financial problems. Foreigners and tribal may steal the person's money. One may be pitiable. According to Vaidyanath, one may be rich, but according to other writers one may be poor. The person may stay away from one's spouse and may give pain to the spouse. One will be passionate. One may suffer from eye ailments and bad vision. One may suffer foot injuries, and wounds on the legs. One will suffer gastric problems in the back, the ribs and the heart. One may suffer from a burning sensation in the abdomen. One may fall down and may be handicapped. The native may be unsuccessful in life. Inspite of all one's efforts, one may not succeed and one's work may suffer. One may wander aimlessly but may not attain wealth. On the contrary, one's work may suffer. The living may cause pain. One's maternal uncle may die. One may marry twice.The native may suffer eye ailments.The planet may give inauspicious resuts.

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Re: Rahu "North Node of Moon"

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Re: Rahu "North Node of Moon"

Hi Astrobadauria, does Vedic astrology accept the concept of a relocation chart, that is if one relocates to another country and has the position of the houses changed?
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Re: Rahu "North Node of Moon"

deleted post.

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Re: Rahu "North Node of Moon"

thats a great writeup !

difference between western and indian methods is ayanamsa
ayanamsa reduction from planet/house position will give different chart altogether.

westeners follow sayana method (taking planetary position as found in ephemeris)
indians subtract ayanamsa from sayana to derive nirayana positions
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Re: Rahu "North Node of Moon"

Originally Posted by jagetoile
hello astrobhadauria, what is the difference of degree between western and verdic houses? say if someone is born with NN in the 1st house in the western astrology chart, where his NN would be in the verdic chart?
hi jagotile,
You can't just predict where it would be, because like virinchi says you take the tropical time whereas we take the sidereal time to calculate our horoscopes.
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north node of moon, rahu

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