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Unread 11-13-2013, 01:37 PM
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Stuck in a rut

Hi all. I am familiar with basic astrology and consider myself at an "intermediate" level. I say that lightly! I have grasped the general lay out of how to read the chart but I don't know yet how to interpret it.

I want to post my own and see if I can get any insight on my 7th House... I am thrown off by the aspects in my studying right now. I know where my planets are located in the chart, however I am experiencing difficulty overall seeing how my planets "interact". I am especially interested in my 7th House as I was married and am separated for 7months and planning to divorce my son's father. I noticed my Mars in Leo is in 7th House along with my Sun in Cancer. Will this agressive Mars in Leo placement continue to cause my struggle in my relationships? How does my Sun in Cancer affect my 7th House? and I thought that my Sun in Cancer would be the dominant planet in my 7th House since I have Cancer on the cusp of my 7th House. Am I totally off?

Any insight on the 7th House alone is wonderful but if anyone sees anything else in the chart that stands out to them please let me know.

*I did want to add that I noticed my "singleton" is my Ascendant in Capricorn...other than that all my planets are water/fire... I have no planets in air. I also noted that my Sun is opposite my Asc. Is this bad?
I hope this is correct, as I mentioned I am still putting the pieces together.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Unread 11-30-2013, 01:56 AM
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Re: Stuck in a rut

I'm not an astrologer, I started learning recently as you did. I won't do a wholistic interpretation but I'll stick to some of the points you mentioned.

I'm more familiar with planets being singletons. But unless I missed something your singleton is Neptune in Capricorn, its final depositor is Moon.

Neptune singleton is interesting. Easy aspects: sextile Pluto trine Jupiter: transformation, expansion, wisdom, enlightenment through its creative energies. Hard aspects: square Moon and opposite Mercury and Venus. So learning to "separate illusion from reality" when it comes to emotions, intimacy, communications, interactions, and love relationships, may be a big theme of your current journey. Having said that it is in a very creative and intuitive place being in the 12th house. It is actually also a singleton because it is your only planet in a water house.

I missed some minor aspects but I can't interpret a Neptune quincunx Mars anyway. Perhaps emotional warrior type energy.

Unless I'm mistaken Mars is actually the final depositor of the 7th house. (7th cusp ruled by the Moon, ruled by Mars, ruled by the Sun, ruled by the Moon, ruled by Mars.) Mars trines Moon, so this is easy harmony (edit: I take this back, I have a Mars-Moon sextile and what it actually can do is lead you to feel like your emotions are overly muffled as it increases your control over your temper), but the square with Pluto represents harmony you must gain through harsh lessons. This on its own is not a curse. You must heal yourself as a whole in order to give yourself the best shot at anything you want, including a better relationship.


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Unread 11-30-2013, 04:18 AM
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Re: Stuck in a rut

The bigger problem here is that Mars in Leo is in an intercepted sign in the 7th house - the entire sign is completely contained within a single house and does not rule it. This makes Mars' energy completely contained, like putting a sealed can of beans on a hot plate. It is tightly square Pluto in Scorpio - an explosive combination. Mars square Pluto likes to control everything and can become quite irritated and bossy when it doesn't get it. With this placement there is a great deal of built up anger and resentment, with some righteous indignation throw in. Mars is quincunx Juno nearly exact to within 2 minutes - there is little diplomacy and give-and-take going on - my way or the highway, especially when it comes to relationship and financial matters. These aspects are in your natal chart, meaning wherever you go, there you are.

With Cancer on the 7th and the Sun and Venus there - safety and security are very important for you - but like the carrot on the stick, forever just out of your reach until you learn to give-and-take and make some compromises. Your Mars is trine the Node in the 3rd, so this is a life lesson for you - communicating your desires to the significant other, and LISTENING to the responses. It is a two-way street. The Sun is very tightly quincunx Uranus and Saturn in the 11th, so the advice of friends may lead you astray, or they may otherwise sabotage your relationships. With Saturn in your 11th, you likely have few friends but the ones you have will have an inordinate amount of influence on you. Choose them wisely.
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Unread 12-17-2013, 12:56 AM
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Re: Stuck in a rut

I don't know how you can read a chart that looks like that. That format is for the birds.

Go onto and follow the prompts to their charts and look on this site for the way to post it here as a thumbnail.
( Make sure you put in the transits: click on extended chart selection, then "natal chart with transits" , make sure you use a smaller size rather than larger size chart, then click to get the chart and click again ON the chart and then right click to save picture.) OH...also, make sure you use no additional asteroids or aspect lines to clutter up the chart. You'll see how much easier it is to comprehend.
Finding the right format for your chart is vital.

OR..give your birth information (date, place, time) and maybe someone here will do the above for you and post it here.
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Unread 12-17-2013, 04:07 AM
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Re: Stuck in a rut

I agree that this chart format is hard to read-- I can't see whether a house is intercepted or not, or which planets are connected to which aspect lines. The Astrodienst charts are much more legible.

The 7th house has two major meanings: committed relationships such as marriage, and open enemies. (As opposed to secretive back-stabbers, a 12th house matter.) With a divorce, you can get a two-for-one house meaning.

With your sun in the seventh, being in a committed relationship is probably very important to you, whether you have one currently working out or not.

It looks like your major aspect to your sun is your third house Jupiter square, which may incline you to think more optimistically than is realistic, or to attempt more than you can realistically achieve. You've got some wider aspects (sun-Venus, moon-sun) and you probably feel a close quincunx from Uranus. You may feel a need for freedom that is difficult to manifest due to your basic partner orientation, like the constant "itch that won't scratch."

A water-fire combination can incline you to impulsiveness, based upon your feelings, not your considered, reflective judgment. Does your temper flare up from time to time? With your strong Cancer nature, however, you are prepared to be a very caring, giving person. It is well to realize that the more airy or earthy types are not always able to reciprocate.
My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world. Jack Layton, "Letter to Canadians"

I thought we went along paths--but it seems there are no paths. The going itself is the path.
C.S. Lewis, Perelandra.

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Message on a refrigerator magnet.
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Unread 12-17-2013, 04:17 AM
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Re: Stuck in a rut

I wouldn't bother answering any further, the OP hasn't been on here since the day she posed this question, her one and only post.
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Unread 12-19-2013, 06:55 PM
greybeard greybeard is offline
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Re: Stuck in a rut

You don't have a "singleton" (as far as I'm concerned.)
I don't know where this definition of singleton comes from.
But no planet in this chart "stands alone", which is what I call a singleton.

And even if I allowed your definition of singleton (which I don't)
Your Asc is not singleton: Neptune occupies Capricorn.

What you do have is a total lack of Air.
And you have a Preponderance in Fire (bolstered by a grand trine), and a Preponderance in Cardinal signs (bolstered by a cross).
This creates an overtone of Aries characteristics within the personality.

And we find Moon at the apex, or focal point, of a Cardinal T-Cross, in Aries.
And she rules the 7th House.
The strongest components of this cross (based on orb of aspect to Moon) are Venus -- in very close square to Moon -- and Neptune (who is very closely opposed by Mercury)

Clearly this formation (Venus--Moon--Neptune) has a bearing on relationships, whether or not Moon rules 7th. Because this formation is concerned with the overall structure of the chart as a whole and focuses on the sign brought to focus by preponderance as well as the cross, it must therefore take a preeminent place in the chart, and dominate relationships generally. Moon also has dignity within the T-square by disposition: she rules the 3 planets in Cancer. She is in her turn disposed by Mars, who just happens to occupy the 7th House.

As Waybread pointed out, Sun in 7th places emphasis on relationships as an important area of the life. Moon plays a predominant role: she rules Sun, the 7th, dominates the cross by both position at the apex and rulership.

So....Sun and Mars (Sun rules Mars and is much closer to the cusp of the House) occupy the 7th, and are the most directly influential energies in "partnerships". They tend to show primarily the early conditions in any partnerships (motivations for forming the partnership, expectations, basic modes of act and thought, etc.). Moon shows how they are likely to develop over time.

We find Mars is in exact quincunx to the 12th House Neptune. This directly affects relationships, and the 12th House position of Neptune is apt (at first glance) to increase the tendency toward self-defeating actions and attitudes, to subtly undermine what the conscious mind says it wants...but really doesn't.

I think the most fundamental problem concerning relationships is a self-centered attitude. Both Moon and Jupiter in Aries tend to crave attention, show a need for "feeling important." Self-interest tends to overpower the cooperative impulse, the willingness to come to a compromise so necessary to forming and growing a mutually beneficial relationship. Responses are likely to be immediate, ill-considered, direct...making a bad situation worse. The need for independence and freedom comes to dominate the desire for togetherness. Fire tends toward being inconsiderate of the needs and feelings of others (at least in the eyes of those others.)

The opposition of Venus to Neptune (and the opposition with Mercury as well, although this may not seem to have any bearing on relationships -- it does) has a major impact too. Unrealistic expectations and a lack of clarity about what you really want are two areas I would investigate.

Even if the OP never returns, I hope these ideas will assist in seeing how to delineate the chart, any chart, with regard to relationships.

If we only look at the 7th House (or Venus, or the lord of the 7th....) we are not going to see the whole picture. First we look to the whole chart (preponderances, disposition, and many other factors) to get an idea of how the whole personality works. After all, the whole personality enters into the relationship.
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