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Unread 10-19-2013, 05:34 AM
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UPdated : What will the outcome of this Legal Case?

Friends, I would like to put up a Horary case in front of you.

First of all let me clear that I am a total novice as far as Western Horary is concerned, however I am reasonably good at Vedic Horary Methods, especially KP.

I have already solved this case using KP method but as a part of learning I am trying to solve it using Western Horary. I am deliberately not giving here what I saw and predicted using KP method because it would
then influence your thinking process.

So, here the case:

A highly qualified medical professional approached me with his problem. Just 2 months back, he (let us call him Dr. C) started working as a consultant to a new and upcoming hospital in the neighboring town.

In its over enthusiasm of having Dr C on their panel of experts, the hospital put a big advertisement in a newspaper mentioning Dr C and further appealed people to take benefits of Dr Cís expertise.

Now, in India, medical professionals canít advertise their business / services in any manner. However hospitals can advertise because a hospital is considered as a company. Even though, hospitals must abide the strict guidelines and code of ethics, laid down by an autonomous governing body, called the Medical council. This medical council monitors any malpractices, unethical practices in the medical profession.

Now, somebody (not yet identified) complained to the Medical council and then the Medical council issued a ĎShow Causeí notice to Dr C (and to the hospital as well) and asked Dr C to appear in person within 30 days (that limits ends on 30th Oct 2013) for further questioning and clarifications.

Hospital says that the advertisement was exactly as per the guidelines issued by the Medical council, but later in a hushed tone agreed that certain words in the script might cause misunderstandings and thus may not fit the code of ethics. Couple of words in the advertisement might hint that Dr. C and the hospital are offering '100%, guaranteed cure'

It seems that The Medical council decided to treat the hospital and Dr C as separate entities and thus Dr C can not defend jointly with the hospital. Hospital (being run by a big shot politician) is confident about closing the case somehow (political or otherwise) and canít be of any help to Dr C. Dr C is on his own.

Here, Dr C has got very good defense because the advertise was issued without taking Dr Cís consent and the payment is also made by the hospital, but Medical council may consider this as a weak defense and can consider Dr C guilty. If this happens then the outcome could be:

1. Dr C has to give a written apology. (Blow on self esteem)
2. Dr C has to pay financial penalty plus a written apology
(Blow on self esteem + financial loss)
3. Medical Council bans Dr C to practice as a medical professional. This ban could be for 1 to 2 years for such offenses.

(Blow on self esteem, setback in career, loss of reputation)

Now my client is worried , though he is 100% innocent still there is high possibility that certain action would be taken against him and that could also means, tarnishing his image and further a big set back to his career and reputation.

So find out what could be the outcome:

Remember, this is not strictly a legal case, though there are many parallels, such as lawyers are allowed , evidences can be produced, an appeal to higher authorities can be made etc.

Out of court settlement is absolutely not possible as there is no opposite party. This I would like to high light when one tries to fix significators.

Chart Data:
Date: 30th Sep 2013
Time: 18:20 (Indian Standard Time, which is 5 hr 30 minutes ahead of GMT), no DST.
Location: Deolali (Devlali, Nasik , India) co-ordinates 73E50, 19N57

Rest assured I will keep you guys posted on the outcome of this case , so please give it a try.


SUhas G
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File Type: jpg Dr C Legal Case.jpg (43.3 KB, 11 views)

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Unread 10-19-2013, 08:38 AM
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Re: What will the outcome of this Legal Case?

(Following is not in accordance with standard horary practice and uses whole sign house format)

I'll use the Lot of Success (ascendant+jupiter-part of fortune) to estimate an answer to this question:

-subject of the inquiry (Dr C) = 1st house = Aries = Mars
-Lot of Success = the quesited (ie will Dr C be successful or otherwise in defending himself in this action)
-Lot of Success falls @ 11 Virgo
-Dr C's significator Mars flows toward the Lot of Success
-dispositor of the Lot of Success, Mercury, flows toward Dr C's Part of Fortune
-Dr C's Part of Fortune is posited in his 11th whole sign house
-none of the significators are in pitted degrees
...all testimonies are +: Dr C will prevail in this matter and he will successfully defend himself against these accusations.
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Unread 10-24-2013, 05:44 AM
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Re: What will the outcome of this Legal Case?

Here is the update:

Dr C appeared in person in front of the Medical Council.

The Council asked Dr C to give a written apology and further warned Dr C that he should take utmost care not to repeat such mistakes again in future.

For the hospital , a double heavy financial fine was imposed. First for the offense and second for using political influence!!

This is exactly what I predicted to Dr C in advance using KP method, I also hinted Dr C that though the case will appear to be settled but it will surface again in May 2014 and will close (full and final) Jul 2014.

The lukewarm response from the forum members, really disappointed me.

Unless you attempt you won't learn. This case was a good learning ground but it seems that members wasted the opportunity to practice skills as well as they also lost an opportuniy to know how KP method can pin point events.

I was about to give my detailed KP analysis here , but the poor response / lack of enthusiasm from forum members held me back!
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poyi (10-24-2013)
Unread 10-24-2013, 05:51 AM
dr. farr dr. farr is offline
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Re: What will the outcome of this Legal Case?

A written apology is not too bad of an outcome, when compared with having to pay a financial penalty or, worse, being banned from practice altogether; still, I think the positive indications from (my) delineation of the horary, suggests that Dr. C might well undertake an appeal of his apology "penalty" with a good hope of success...
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Unread 10-24-2013, 08:08 AM
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Hi I really would love to learn more from this horary and have been following the thread and asked a few members to have a look of this horary through PM. I don't think people are not interested but this is not an easy horary so many had not attempted. Gives it time.

Thank you very much for the updates!!
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