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Astrology and Psychology For interesting discussions on psychological meanings and deeper implications in natal charts between members passionated by both psychology and astrology.

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Unread 01-30-2008, 07:46 AM
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Family Curse

Deleted post

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Unread 01-30-2008, 08:14 AM
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Re: Family Curse

Fabulously interesting subject SR as I think all families have their family curses to one degree or another. But some seem to have a huge 'curse' which gets passed down from generation attempting to be resolved
Astrology of fate by Liz Greene I have referred to before on other thread has the most amazing chapter dedicated to the family curse. Its chapter 4 and called fate & the family. It opens with a Greek myth story about King of Lydia calle Tantalos a son of Zeus and describes how the family curses developed for he & his family and how it was eventually 'spent' by Orestes

It discusses how the events are sometimes sumbolic of the florid family dramas which repeat and give grief to generation after generation

Erin Sullivan also discusses this subject extensively in Dynasty although she does not fate or family curse quite a explicitly as Liz she means exactly the same things

I agree that the 12th 4th & 10th indeed often indicate where the family curse lies. An analysis of family charts and discovery of repeating patterns can be quite revealing
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Unread 01-30-2008, 09:37 AM
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Re: Family Curse

Hello Shiny, it could be interesting to look at the Kennedy's and the Buttho's. Most family members in both families were murdered or died otherwise, quite a curse I would say. Good examples could be found there.
Cheers, Star.
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Unread 01-30-2008, 04:18 PM
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Re: Family Curse

Shining Ray,

Have you read The Astrology of Family Dynamics by Erin Sullivan? I know you have read a lot of good astrology books. This one is right up there with the best, I believe. I also have Pluto in a water house (8) and am healing some very old family wounds. Its very challenging and intense, but it can be handled. The book really helped me understand and I hope you can enjoy the link.,M1

Only the greatest of healers get handed the task of healing ancestral ****. I believe that. I can't obviously say what will happen with your son and his journey, but I really feel your concern for him. Things may turn out surprisingly well, though. I've learned with astrology that just because I can't SEE the blessings in a chart, does not mean that the Spirit will not come through and help... whenever needed. With his Mercury in the 12th it could just mean he has a contact with a realm that will help him. It doesn't necessarily mean bad news.

There is just so much we do not understand.

Take Heart, Shining Ray.
We are all on a journey.:39:
unity in diversity rocks.
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Unread 01-30-2008, 04:26 PM
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Re: Family Curse

Feodor Mikhailovich DOSTOIEVSKI

father was a retired military surgeon and a violent alcoholic, who served as a doctor at the Mariinsky Hospital for the Poor in Moscow. others members of family and pre ancestors include a number of priests and murderers ?!

note the aries 4th house with saturn and jupiter at IC. rulled by mars in leo in 8th house. pluto in pisces squaring venus uranus and neptune in oposition with 8th house mars and sextile with his moon on descendant.

Shortly after his mother died of tuberculosis in 1837, Dostoevsky and his brother were sent to the Military Engineering Academy at St. Petersburg. Fyodor's father died in 1839. Though it has never been proven, it is believed by some that he was murdered by his own serfs.[3] According to one account, they became enraged during one of his drunken fits of violence, restrained him, and poured vodka into his mouth until he drowned. Another story holds that Mikhail died of natural causes, and a neighboring landowner invented the story of his murder so that he might buy the estate inexpensively.
there is alot ALOT in this chart...
my chart:
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Unread 01-30-2008, 06:38 PM
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Re: Family Curse

Pluto in the fourth, my sister has this placement and we had a destructive childhood.
It can mean that the person has/or will see the darkers sides of life, or want to get to the deeper meaning of life itself, since in the fourth it would be life in the family. Some banish the past family secrets in attempt for a better life for themselves. My sister has left home, left the negative family aspects out of her family and is very happy. She has seen some very dark things from our family, yet she is a deeper person for it. It can also mean in some instances a child of a mother whom almost died during pregnancy or had some deep life altering issue to deal with during the pregnancy or birth.
12th house mercury placements might make this person more of an in depth communicator or one that wants to communicate in private, such as writing.
Life is about the eternal search for completion through unity and love
If God created the earth and the heavens then why cant we study the heavens through astrology?

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Unread 01-31-2008, 03:11 PM
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Re: Family Curse

All planets conjunct the IC represent very personal identification with that planet. Pluto conjunct represents what the native feels is the "climate" in the home, even if Plutonian behavior is not actively visible.
The square to Sun Merc, and especially Merc in the 12, can mean the native, in this case a child, can feel a lot of guilt for the events taking place in the home. And Merc in the 12th means the child will NOT be easily able to express his thoughts about this because guilt is, by it's nature, something one doesn't want to talk about, and also because of an instinct that tells him that it's better not to bring into the open things which aren't openly spoken about in his home. This can last indifinitely, or until he feels safe in expressing thoughts and feelings.

The square to the Sun from Pluto can mean the child, and later the adolescent and even later, the adult, doesn't feel safe in "being" his authentic self. This type of child can be very "good" and "no trouble" as a child, but later that which he has repressed will come to the surface.

This type of child need a wise and vigilent parents. He needs attention, love and to learn it's ok to say what he thinks and feels. He must never be told "how to be" or "what to feel." Because he will learn early to repress his authentic thoughts and feelings and express that which he feels those around him will want to hear.
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Unread 01-31-2008, 05:09 PM
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Re: Family Curse

Thanks for Freuds theory Shining Ray.

Did anyone come across any articles about chiron conjunct Ic? If you have, please give me a push in the right direction.

here's a bit of my family tree. glimpse at the addams family.


my dad never knew his dad. so it's hard to see further into this history.

I've been told that the Mars square Saturn is some bad karma/weakness I've inherited from him. Though his canceran mars square saturn ihas, i believe, differently influenced his life.

My dad's chiron falls directly on my moon. Our stelliums are opposite. We have never gotten along. he is family unfriendly oriented for sure.

moms probably a more interesting case with pluto and uranus conjucting her IC. and her 5th field stellium in scorpio. unfprtunatly im somewhata novice so i tend to miss a lot while viewing charts . (practise makes perfect, right? )
my chart:
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curse, family

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