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Re: CIA Drug Dealing

(in the article below,the author dances around whether the CIA/bush owned Zapata Offshore. but the truth is given in the following article below about (deceased) colonel david Hackworths meeting with general khun sa , controlled the drug growing area known as the the golden triangle in Cambodia ,Laos and Vietnam.
Zapata off shore drilling platforms were part owned by Bush and the cia. the article below incorrectly states that bush sold his interest in zapata off shore drilling platforms inc in 1966.
it was published by the main stream media that bush did not sell his interest in Zapata until late 1992. I read this in the Denver post.the platform used used to offload cia drugs from asia as is chronicled below.rahu)

Here’s the real reason the CIA loved George H.W.

Last month, 19 senior CIA officials, current and former, signed a statement lauding the late president George H.W. Bush, who served as CIA director for one year. The agency put out a complimentary “unclassified” video about his service to the agency. Langley’s Twitter feed featured 11 straight days of photos and anecdotes about Bush’s warm relationship with America’s $15 billion a year spy service.

After his death, Bush was memorialized as a consequential one-term president. He presided over the peaceful end of the Cold War and waged two other wars (in Kuwait and Panama). He was praised for his civility even while he played hardball racial politics. But why he was so beloved by the CIA was curious.

Bush’s time as director was brief. He never served in the CIA as operations officer or analyst. As far as we know, he never ran an operation or an agent. He never wrote a situation report or an after-action memo or a National Intelligence Estimate. He didn’t hire or cultivate exceptional intelligence officers. As director, Bush oversaw no known operations regarded as a huge success.

CIA director Richard Helms, who died in 2002, had a much longer and more consequential CIA career than Bush, and he was not so honored. Why the outpouring of affection for Bush?
That question prompted me to file a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit with the James Madison Project in Washington, D.C., seeking records on a possible connection between the late president and the CIA in the 1950s and 1960s before he became CIA director and U.S. president.

The complaint, filed in Washington federal court, seeks records of Bush and Zapata Offshore, the oil drilling business that he ran before he went into politics. On December 31, the CIA rejected my request for expedited handling of the FOIA request. I am pursuing the lawsuit with an amended complaint.

Bush’s Service

From the public record, it seem Bush’s service to the CIA was political, not operational.

Bush became director in November 1975 after President Ford fired his predecessor William Colby. He assumed the position when morale was terrible. Congressional investigators and the Washington press corps clamored to investigate the agency. An assassin, never identified, had just gunned down Richard Welch, station chief in Athens.

Bush and the agency’s defenders decried Welsh’s death as a consequence of public exposure of the agency’s illegal operations. That insinuation was false. Welch’s identity and address were already known in Athens, but the claim put the agency’s critics on the defensive.

Bush did not flinch from the task of putting the best face on the agency’s dirty work.

In September 1976, the CIA’s liaison partners in the Chilean intelligence service assassinated a former defense minister on Massachusetts Avenue in the heart of Washington. It was the most significant terror attack in Washington until 9/11. Not only had the CIA failed to prevent it, but warm relations with Chile had practically condoned it.

In October 1976, Luis Posada Carriles, a CIA-trained anti-Castro operative (code-named AMCLEVE-15), helped plant a bomb on a Cuban airliner, killing 73 people. It was the most significant aerial terror attack in the Western Hemisphere until September 11. The agency’s role in the attack wouldn’t be learned for years.

It was a decisive year for the agency. In the words of the agency’s online biography, Bush “established himself as a leader who restored the morale and reputation of the CIA.”

In the White House

Bush was elected vice president in 1980. He put his intelligence experience to use when President Reagan’s plans to intervene in the civil wars of Central America were blocked by a Democratic Congress. The White House mobilized to evade the ban on CIA support for Nicaraguan counterrevolutionaries by selling arms to Iran.

When the scheme was exposed in 1986, the Iran-Contra scandal engulfed Washington. Reagan’s popularity cratered. Congress and the media again launched wide-ranging investigations of the agency.

Bush managed to stay above the fray and won the presidency himself in 1988. in December 1992, in one of his last acts as president, he pardoned three top CIA officials facing criminal charges for their role in the Iran-Contra conspiracy.
The patrician president had saved the agency a second time. If Reagan-era operations chief Clair George and division chief Dewey Clarridge had gone on trial for conspiracy and obstruction of justice, as charged by Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, the public would have learned of a plot against America: how senior undercover officers conspired to thwart the will of Congress in violation of the agency’s charter and the U.S. Constitution.

Without the pardons, Bush himself would have faced further investigation for his shadowy role in the conspiracy, and the agency would have faced renewed scrutiny. Support might have grown from the agency’s abolition, as proposed in 1991 and 1995, by Sen. Pat Moynihan, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The clandestine service survived. In 1999, the CIA named a building after Bush, an extraordinary honor for an outsider.

Or was he an outsider?

‘Cleared and Witting Asset’

A handful of declassified records suggest that Bush’s relationship to the agency might have run deeper than his overt roles as director, vice president, and president. The records, which I believe were first reported in Russ Baker’s 2009 book, Family of Secrets, went unmentioned in the recent media coverage of Bush’s death.

From 1954 to 1966, Bush ran Zapata Offshore, a Houston-based oil drilling business that supported petroleum exploration in the Caribbean. His business partner was an engineer from MIT named Thomas J. Devine.
According to a 1968 memo, Devine was a “cleared and witting commercial asset” for the agency from 1954 to 1966. Bush left Zapata Offshore when he went into politics in 1966.(this is incorrect, as bush sold his interest in zxapata off shore drilling platforms in 1992 as was reported by the mainstream media.i'm not sure if this is just a mistake or part of a cover-up of the real nature of he activity on zapata off shore drilling INC,as thearticle doesnnot mention the drug cia smuggling rahu) In the memo, a senior agency official describes Devine as “a personal friend and unofficial foreign affairs advisor to Representative George Bush of Texas.”

In a 1964 report, Devine is identified by the cryptonym WUBRINY/1. The memo states he took a meeting in the offices of a company identified only by the code name WUSALINE.

(CIA code names in those days consisted of a digraph referring to a country and a randomly selected word. WU signified operations in Haiti, where Zapata Offshore did business.)

The authenticated records are available from the Mary Ferrell Foundation online archive. The foundation’s cryptonym database compiles the true identities of code-named CIA assets. The database is run by Bill Simpich, a retired civil rights litigation in the Bay Area, who reminded me about the records after Bush’s death.

The documents raise the questions: Was Bush also a “cleared and witting asset”? Does WUSALINE refer to Zapata Offshore?

‘We Never Talked About It’
I spoke with Tom Devine, now 92 years old, by telephone after Bush’s passing. I asked him if the late president was also a witting asset of the CIA.
“I don’t know,” he said. “We never talked about it.”

Asked to characterize Bush’s relationship with the agency, Devine said he did not know how to answer the question.
Asked if Zapata Offshore was a CIA proprietary, Devine said flatly, “no.”
Devine rejected the charge, made in an online publication, that he used CIA money to start Zapata Offshore. Devine said he worked for CIA briefly and decided to pursue a different career with his MIT engineering degree. He joined Zapata in 1954, when Bush was already a vice president of the company.

“Zapata existed when I was hired,” he said. “So I couldn’t have used CIA money to start it.”
Devine’s comments indicate that if Bush had a formal relationship with the CIA before he became director, he held that information closely.

The Larger Issue

“WUSALINE could refer to Zapata,” Simpich, the cryptonym expert, commented. “It could refer to a CIA holding company that encompassed Zapata and other proprietaries. We don’t have enough records to figure it out.”
The larger issue concerns the CIA and the presidencyDid the agency recruit and use Bush as an intelligence asset without disclosing the fact to voters when he was confirmed as director in 1976 or when he was running for president in 1980, 1988, and 1992?
That’s the question the lawsuit seeks to answer.
This article was produced by the Deep State, a project of the Independent Media Institute.

on this thread that shows the involvement of president bush the elder in drug dealing going back 30 years. these are the experiences of colonel david hackworth,deceased,the most decorated marine in the Vietnam war

in feb. 1991 , i read a report, in a quarterly newsletter by the mountain astrolger, about a northern california equinox gathering.
the usual holistic and new age speaker etc. were described.
but in the midst of this new age enclave, warrior david hackworth gave a speech.

he explained that he had been to the golden triangle and spoke with the "lord" of the golden triangle,general khun sa.

khun sa said he would end the opium/heroin trade if the u.s. government would give him $56 million to retrain his farmers away from opium.
he also said he would give the government the names of all American officials who are part of the drugs trade. khun sa said the corruption went to the top.
the drugs were off loading drugs to an off shore rig owned in part by president bush.he named the rigs as the zapata off shore drilling co. from the rigs the drugs were transported to the mainland by scuba personnel.

when hackworth brought back this information, the army tried to arrested him and the media totally blocked this out.

so colonel david hackworth was touring the u.s. and speaking to American citizens where ever they gathered. rotary clubs ,kwanis club ,moose lodges.pto/pta meetings. anywhere.. so he he was telling his story to the gathering at the equinox in northern california.

it worked to a degree as a month or 2 later there was a article in the paper about the $56 million offer of khun sa.the official response was that the government doesn't parley with terrorist.but there was no mention in the article about hackworth or the american officials complicity.

then about 2 months later ,in the financial section, it was reported that bush had sold his holdings in zapata offshore drilling.
coincidence.. whio know?

but when hackworth mentioned scuba divers, a light when off because beginning in the early seventies, the santa cruz campus of U. of california was inundated with industrial amounts cocaine. the cocaine was brought up from the beach. this so corrupted the academic,social milieu that by 1978 the regents warned UCSC that if enrollment was not raised they would shut down santa cruz. no one wanted to enroll at Santa cruz because drugs ruled both the faculty and the student body.;

i mean residence halls were using student funds to dip into the flow of ocaine for dealing.
the merchandising was througg the faculty.
in one lecture on law, a strudent looked at the professor abd said,"you and i know we could go to jail for many years for some of our actions".....
the 100 odd in the lecture nodded or shrugged as the pervasiveness of the coke was broadly accepted.
word had got out and no serious students wanted to go to UCSC,
every campus except UCSC had long waiting lists.

the influx of cocaine was being brought up from the beach ,where.... scuba divers.... were delivering it.
in those days everybody did it and talked about it.
(the following addition has been deleted from the oringinal post)
the cocaine was transported from santa cruz to south LA where I fueled the first crack cocaine epidemic. black panther Huey newton
transported the cocaine to LA.
at the time of the crack epidemic, no one, neither the drug cartels or the corrupt LA police knew where the new source of the cocaine was from.

the only change now is the silence around coke's grip on the establishment.

here the writers of history simply erased hackworths story.


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Re: CIA Drug Dealing

Richard M. Nixon, while on a private trip to Vietnam in 1964, met secretly with the Vietcong and ransomed five American prisoners of war for bars of gold, according to an account ascribed to one of his Army bodyguards on the top-secret mission.
The account portrays Mr. Nixon, clad in Army fatigues with no identification, being flown by helicopter to a jungle meeting with a Vietcong lieutenant to ''establish a price'' for the captives' freedom.
The incident is recounted in the catalogue of a Massachusetts autograph dealer describing a note of thanks said to have been been written by Mr. Nixon to the bodyguard after the mission, which was successful. Several other dealers said the note appeared to be authentic.
An employee in Mr. Nixon's office in New York said Friday that the former President was away and could not be reached to verify the account. There was no answer at the office yesterday. A spokesman for the former President, John Taylor, was also said to be unavailable.
A Defense Department spokesman in Washington, William Caldwell, said yesterday that the Army was not familiar with the story. War records are in the National Archives, he said, adding that he had no immediate way of checking the account.
Vietnam Stop on Asia Tour
At the time of the reported events, which were said to have taken place in late March and early April 1964, Mr. Nixon was touring Asia and had stopped in South Vietnam for talks with officials, including Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, who ran for Vice President when he ran for President on the Republican ticket in 1960.
The officer identified as the bodyguard, Sgt. Hollis Kimmons, is listed in Army personnel records. An Army spokesman said he could not be located without extensive further research. Two autograph dealers who have sold the Nixon note said they had spoken with Mr. Kimmons since last year, when the autograph was first sold, but his current place of residence was not disclosed.
The prisoners who were reportedly freed in the exchange were not identified. Nor was it made clear who may have put up the gold and on whose behalf Mr. Nixon may have been acting. It was also not known at what level the mission may have been approved and whether it was unique or one of several such rescue operations.
The account appeared first in a recent catalogue of Paul C. Richards, an autograph dealer in Templeton, Mass. The catalogue offered for sale a note handwritten on a small lined memo sheet. The undated note said, ''To Hollis Kimmons with appreciation for his protection of my helicopter ride in Vietnam, from Richard Nixon.''
The note and accompanying material were recently sold to a private collector for a figure reported to be around $2,500.
Meeting With Go-Between
The catalogue contained this account, which Mr. Richards said he had obtained from Mr. Kimmons, who has retired from the Army:
''When Nixon arrived at Ton Son Nhut Airport in Saigon, Sergeant Kimmons was assigned to security detail and was accompanying Nixon on all excursions away from the 145th Aviation Battalion where Nixon was staying. On the second day, Nixon dressed in Army fatigues with no identification and climbed aboard a helicopter with Sergeant Kimmons and a crew of four.
''They proceeded to Phuoc Binh, a village northwest of Saigon, where they met with Father Wa, a go-between that arranged the exchange of the gold for U.S. prisoners. The following day, Nixon and his party departed for An Loc, a village south of Phuoc Binh, where in a clearing somewhere in this area Nixon met with a Vietcong lieutenant who established a price for the return of five U.S. prisoners.
''A location for the exchange was arranged and the crew departed for Saigon. Later the same day, the crew, this time without Nixon because of the extreme danger, departed for Phumi Kriek, a village across the border in Cambodia. A box loaded with gold bars so heavy it took three men to lift it on the helicopter accompanied the crew.
''At the exchange point, five U.S servicemen were rustled out of the jungle accompanied by several armed soldiers. The box of gold was unloaded and checked by the Vietcong lieutenant and the exchange was made without incident. The crew and rescued prisoners immediately departed for Saigon, and they were sent to the hospital upon their arrival.
''Sergeant Kimmons's mission was secret, and there were no written orders for his duty during this period. His clothes were destroyed as well as the film in his camera, and he signed an agreement not to reveal this incident for 20 years. Nixon's note to him was hurriedly written at the conclusion of his assignment to guard Nixon on the following day.''
Speculation on Mission
Mr. Richards speculated in the catalogue, without further explanation, that Mr. Nixon may have taken part in the mission because one of the prisoners could have been the son of a general. He also said the note was being offered along with ''copies of U.S. Army files of letters and orders pertaining to Kimmons's outfit at the time of Nixon's mission.''
The catalogue's account was recently retold in a story in The Pen and Quill, a publication of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club, edited by Herman Darvick, a teacher in Rockville Center, N.Y.
Mr. Darvick said he had examined the note and other material of Mr. Richards and found them authentic. He said Mr. Nixon's signature alone was worth about $50 and with the note about $100. But the circumstances, he said, would increase the note's value.
Another autograph dealer, Mark Vardakis, of Coventry, R.I., said that he bought the note early last year from Mr. Kimmons, who was then living in Oregon, for about $600, and that he later sold it to Mr. Richards for about $1,000. Mr. Vardakis said that he had reached Mr. Kimmons at a location he did not disclose and that the former sergeant did not want to be interviewed.

I first heardof Nixon's mysterious trip to Vietnam along with a
photo in penthouse magazine in 1975 or 1976.

the new York times story on this mysterious mission by then president nixon written 20 years after the fact. note there was no mention of ransomed GIs. there was not establishing a price with a viet cong lieutenant. 70 lbs of gold were already loaded on the huey.
the article does add...."''Sergeant Kimmons's mission was secret, and there were no written orders for his duty during this period. His clothes were destroyed as well as the film in his camera, and he signed an agreement not to reveal this incident for 20 years. Nixon's note to him was hurriedly written at the conclusion of his assignment to guard Nixon on the following day.''
this report says the note Nixon wrote to kimmons was on the following day . but in the 1976 penthouse article, kimmons got the note after they off loaded the gold. again the article says nothing about ransomed soldier or viet cong soldiers present. the 1976 article simply said the gold was off loaded into the jungle. clearly a coverup story...for the continue drug dealing at the highest levels of our government stretching back 50 years

the photo showed Nixon with his arms around sgt kimmons, both in front of a huey helicopter in the jungle. the photo was signed by Nixon and authentic, the huey was authentic, sgt kimmon's uniform was authentic.
the accompanying letter said sgt kimmons had taken Nixon far into the jungle and off added 70lbs of gold. there was no mention of ransomed G.I.s in the original letter. and the ransomed G.I.s were never identified and there was not record of the entire operation.the orinigal letter to the editor did not mention it was a 2 day operation and the picture showed Nixon in civilian clothes and not in army fatigues as the article claims.
of course not , the gold was a payment for drugs In the golden triangle.
keeping in mind the above article describing joe McCarthy's heroin addiction which was supplied by the federal bureau of narcotics and keeping in mind that Nixon rose from obscurity as a member of the house of un-American activities committee which worked hand in hand with joseph McCarthy, it becomes clear that Nixon knew of joe's addiction.


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Re: CIA Drug Dealing

It would make a great meme…”That moment when you realize that the very government that fines and cages you for drug possession is the VERY one that made it possible for you to POSSESS those drugs.”

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Re: CIA Drug Dealing

(this author makes many points that have been known for decades, but somehow he still comes off as believing that trump is part of the solution, when trump is part of the problem .there is not right or left, it is the rothchild's monolith control of the economic systems of the world rahu)

CIA Drug Running, Opium Crisis, Trump Gives Control of Afghan Opium Back to the Taliban: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos

Friends and Associates:
The “Opium Crisis” in America is destroying every corner of our society, but while the Democrat Communist Party are focused on Trump as the bad guy, Trump himself is going after the opium crisis by pulling all troops out of Afghanistan, the core of the opium / heroin distribution point that controls 90% of the world’s heroin.

What??? He’s leaving the opium infested region to the Taliban???
Before 9/11, the CIA took control of the opium trade in Afghanistan to help pay, train, and arm the Afghan rebels a.k.a. al Qaida / Mujahideen to push the Soviets out of the country, a war that began December 1979 to February 1989.
Besides other factors of why the Soviets wanted control of Afghanistan, they (also) wanted to control the opium distribution routes into Europe and around the world.
The CIA, along with support from 34 Islamic Nations, created the Mujahideen into a well armed fighting force on behalf of the United States as a result of Afghanistan’s communist party taking power after a 1978 coup, installing Nur Mohammad Taraki as president.
Taraki was assassinated by orders from his own Foreign Minister of Affairs Hafizullah Amin, a CIA paid puppet of whom became the president of Afghanistan hence….asked for U.S. involvement to oust the Soviets from the country.
“The Soviet Union’s primary motivation to invade Afghanistan was to balance against a perceived growing U.S. interest in Afghanistan in the late 1970s,” said Seth Jones, a political scientist at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “It was about cold, calculating balance-of-power politics.”
During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban was a small faction and did not gain control until 1996, at which time Sharia Law became the norm and poppy fields were destroyed, but it is alleged the Taliban maintained their own network for drug distribution.
After 9/11…..the fake reason to go after Osama bin Laden (a former CIA operative-Code Name Tim Osman), conducting operations from a cave in Afghanistan….Bush Jr. took control of opium from the Taliban and distribution went from single digit numbers to over 90% by using (our) U.S. Military to protect the opium fields from the Taliban.
That’s what Bush Jr. called “bringing democracy and freedom to Afghanistan,” a legacy of his father (GHWB) the CIA Director injected as president of the United States later.
“John F. Abbotsford, a 38-year old Afghan war veteran, that has also served his country as a CIA analyst, has recently been convicted of possession of child pornography, accusations he claims “have been made up” by the US government to stop the publication of his upcoming book, the CIA in Afghanistan: 30 years of drug smuggling.”
“I’m ashamed to say that I have participated in these drug smuggling operations on many occasions. For a long time, I tried to convince myself that we were doing it for the right cause, but this burden is destroying me inside and I just can’t stand it anymore” he admitted before the court audience.”
“The CIA has been dealing drugs since its creation. They’ve been smuggling drugs everywhere in the world for the past 60 years, in Taiwan in 1949 to support General Chiang Kai-shek against the Chinese commies, in Vietnam, in Nicaragua, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg” he launched out during the court trial.
The CIA (shadow government) and the Deep State are furious with President Trump for allowing the Taliban government control of Afghanistan….for obvious reasons stated above.
Sharia Law is their problem over there, but the opium crisis is OUR problem here.

Trump is up against a Deep State of drug trafficking corruption going back decades. America’s “war on drugs” is a joke that most people are aware of, and that awakening began with the ‘Air America’ movie that exposed the Golden Triangle corruption of helping distribute opium for the Drug Lords in Cambodia in exchange for CIA controlled access to certain areas for the U.S. military.
The opium didn’t just end with Air America getting the opium out of the Golden Triangle to Saigon, but much of those drugs were placed in body bags and shipped to the United States on U.S. military planes.
“I am Bob Kirkconnell, a retired Air Force chief master sergeant. I spent 27 years on active duty, and now teach high school. I was involved in an investigation of heroin smuggling into the US using killed-in-action human remains out of Vietnam.”
“I was an Air Transportation Supervisor in those days stationed at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan. One day we had an Air Force C-5 come in that was only scheduled for a few hours servicing (intransit), and then to continue on to Travis Air Force Base, California. This plane contained between 80 and 90 transfer cases (87 is the number I recall) containing human remains, killed-in-action, out of Vietnam. When it arrived, the plane broke, went into maintenance, and we had to order parts that would take over 24 hours to receive. ” [Huge amount of heroin was discovered in the dead bodies of soldiers]
Myself, as a former captain with a few known CIA contract cargo carriers, including a few captains from Air America, of which one I knew (John Lear) flew State Department contract flights all over the world, but one that needs to be mentioned as relative to this report, is when I was a captain on the DC-8 for Arrow Air, a Military contractor / State Department / CIA operation, once in a while….but on at least 3 flights from Bogota Colombia to Miami, I was alerted by the Colombian Military….during their often search for cocaine inside the flower containers by using a long metal rod to poke holes in each box, discovered large amounts of cocaine.
The next “procedure” was to call my dispatcher in Miami and was given a “code number” with authorization to proceed. I gave that code number to the military official and off we went to Miami.
When in range for communicating with Miami, I gave the code number and had been instructed over the phone that U.S. Customs and DEA would be waiting for our arrival. Providing the code number was an indication the Colombian military (also) authorized our departure for Miami.
Personally….at the time, I was NOT privy to CIA involvement and could care less, but also thought that upon arrival in Miami, there would be a swarm of DEA and U.S. Customs officers all over the DC-8 jet. NOPE…NADA, NONE in sight.
I did ask why not…and was told, “the government wants to track the shipment.”
So….from Vietnam to Mena Arkansas, to Afghanistan to Colombia and Mexican drug cartel operations with the CIA, to killing Americans on a massive scale, is the Fentanyl crisis just another drug for destroying America?
When we connect the dots and see how the Shadow Government is protected by the Deep State of corruption at the highest levels and why… then becomes obvious as to why the Dems do not want a Wall, and why THEY hate Trump.
The ‘Trump Card’ about to be pulled soon, destroys the cash cow at every turn…..while at the same time, turns good Americans into zombies that can be controlled (and disarmed). It’s as simple as that……
—Dave Bertrand
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Re: CIA Drug Dealing

(same thing happened now. the site troll locked down the site I was copying and I could not get in again. Interesting the trolls did not want this article about the CIA posted. ihadto up another page and bring up the article. this happens everyday with this site now. things go along fine until I attempt yo post something they don't what posted, then everything locks up and I often have to shut the computer down.the troll sure make it easy to see their priorities rahu)

Spanish Security Authorities: CIA Has Attacked North Korean Embassy In Madrid (Video)

In February, the North Korean embassy in Madrid was attacked. The embassy staff were tied up, beaten and interrogated. Now the newspaper “El Pais” reports that Spanish security authorities assume that the CIA is the perpetrator.
Officials of the Spanish police and the Spanish secret service Centro Nacional de Inteligencia (CNI) assume that the US foreign intelligence agency Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in an attack on the North Korean embassy in Madrid on 22 February this year. This is what the Spanish newspaper El País reports.
The North Korean embassy in the Spanish capital was attacked by at least ten people on the afternoon of the day in question. The eight persons in the embassy were tied up and interrogated under blows.
The attack is described as extremely violent. A member of the embassy escaped and informed the police.
What’s more, unlike other intelligence activities – such as cyberattacks, which are characterized by their discretion, the attack on the North Korean embassy was especially violent. On February 22 at 3pm, 10 masked men carrying alleged imitation weapons broke into the embassy, located north of the capital in the residential area of Aravaca. They tied up the eight people inside and put bags on their heads. The victims were beaten and interrogated. A woman managed to escape from a window on the second floor and her screams for help were heard by a neighbor, who contacted the police.
When the police arrived, the attackers managed to escape in vehicles of the embassy. The members of the embassy were freed by the police, some had to be treated medically. They are said to have been in the hands of the attackers for a total of two hours.

The police and CNI assume that the robbery was not a normal crime. The operation had been planned militarily, the attackers had known exactly what they were looking for. No valuables or jewellery, but mobile phones and data storage devices.
Some of the attackers had been identified on the basis of pictures taken by the surveillance cameras and statements made by the victims. At least two of them have connections to US secret services.
Fox news reports:
The assailants, with a number of computers on hand, fled in two luxury vehicles that belonged to the diplomatic mission and were later abandoned in a nearby street.
At least two of the diplomatic workers required medical attention, El Pais reported.
Investigators have said the attack was not the work of common criminals.
The evidence would suggest that the attack was carried out by the CIA together with the South Korean secret service. The CIA had been asked by the Spanish authorities about a possible involvement. However, one of them rejected it ‘unconvincingly’.

According to El País, the case could lead to diplomatic tensions between Madrid and Washington. The newspaper quotes Spanish government circles as saying that if the CIA’s perpetration were confirmed, this would be an unacceptable course of action.
“Although most of the [attackers] were Korean, at least two of them have been identified by Spanish intelligence services as having links to the U.S. CIA,” the newspaper reported.
Not only would the services then have operated on Spanish territory without authorisation, they would also have violated international conventions that particularly protect diplomatic missions. However, the newspaper’s sources consider it “unlikely” that the CIA’s guilt can be determined legally.
The reason for the attack is believed to be that the attackers wanted to get information about Kim Hyok Chol, the former North Korean ambassador to Spain, who was declared an undesirable person by Madrid in September 2017 (Does Bible prophecy predict that North Korea will unleash World War III?).
Kim Hyok Chol is considered a close confidant of the North Korean head of state Kim Jong-un and led negotiations with the US special envoy Stephen Biegun on a possible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula in February.


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Re: CIA Drug Dealing


VT Exclusive: PKK-YPG Drug Smuggling Network Uncovered in US Occupied Syria

VT Editors -

June 27, 2019 3

By Dr. Abdullah Manaz for Veterans Today
Syria which was the most important center of drug trafficking in the past, extending from Asia to Africa and Europe, is now gaining the same characteristics again. During the Hafez and Bashar al-Assad periods, Syrian Drug and Smuggling Network directed by senior generals of Syrian Intelligence Service (Mahabarat) was reaching to the Europe via Beirut, Cyprus, Greece and Italy.
Narcotics produced in Afghanistan, in particular, were transporting to Central Iran by PJAK after where it was taken from Zahedan in the southeastern part of Iran (Sunni Region) and delivering to the PKK Terrorist Organization at the PKK Checkpoints on the Iran-Iraq border.
At least part of these drugs was carrying by PKK Terrorist Organization, via Turkey (Van, Hakkari etc cities). But the very important part of these drugs was carried by the terrorist organizations via Northern Iraq, Sinjar, Hasekeh cities to Syria. Here primarily Afrin, Latakia, Tartous and Greek Cypriots Corridor and the secondly Deir Ezzor, Damascus, Beirut, Cyprus, Greek and Italy Corridor was very important. (through Albania by ferry transport.)
Another corridor of drugs passing over Deyrozor was reaching to North Africa through Jordan, Egypt. During this period, large Kurdish families in close cooperation with the Assad regime were the most important intermediaries and they gave big shares to Muhaberat generals in exchange for the goods they carried.
There have been some changes in the Syrian corridor after the Arab Spring. After Turkey’s Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield Operations in Northern Syria, Drug smuggling corridor was completely closed.
With the entry Jarablus, Azez, Afrin and Idlib Corridor into the control of the Sunni opponents , smuggling from this region became impossible. Also, the last 10 years, The increasing of Turkey’ security measures in Iran, Iraq and Syria borders, the establishing Control Towers and Walls and the making effective fight against the PKK terrorist organization, almost brought completely broke the drug traffic up via Turkey.
Following the invasion of the East of the Euphrates by the PKK – PYD with the support of the United States, the Old Smuggling and Drug Corridor began to be built over Deir Ezzor.
The Rami Mahluf family, which was previously close to the Assad regime, is now working in collaboration with the PKK-PYD Commanders, according to regional news sources. The brothers Zechariah, Yahya, Nasr and Bassam Abdullah al-Muaz have formed a complete Drug Mafia. (Note: These names published by the Nida Syria News Agency (Arabic) has been removed from the Agency pages within an hour today).

  • This Smuggling Network by the Mafia-controlled is not limited to drugs. Oil and Historical artifacts looted by local forces during the Iraq-Syria invasions are also transported through this smuggling corridor.
    As it is known, the historical artifacts, which were kept in museums in Baghdad, Mosul and at Saddam Palaces spread throughout the country during the occupation of Iraq, were transported by the Pentagon Special Units firstly to the US bases by helicopters, then to USA with airplanes.
    Subsequently, during the occupation of Daish Terrorist Organization, the artifacts and gold bullion that were left behind were also seized by the US Special Forces. Rich smuggling and drug revenues in the region began now to enrich the PKK – PYD Commanders.
    The Smuggling and Drug Mafia, which cooperates with the PKK – PYD, also has important duties and privileges within the Regional and Local Assemblies. It is said that especially in the cities under the control of PKK-PYD, such as Kamishli and Kobane, laboratories for the production of pills and capsule forms of varied illegal drugs has been established.
    The Pentagon must somehow be aware of this Drug and Smuggling Network in the East of the occupied Euphrates, but the American People, which feeds the United States and the Army with their taxes, is probably unaware of these dirty relations.

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Re: CIA Drug Dealing

Rahu, I'd like to thank you for the time you devote to these threads. Please consider expanding to other platforms where you can reach larger audiences.
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Re: CIA Drug Dealing

Originally Posted by LiberatedLotus View Post
Rahu, I'd like to thank you for the time you devote to these threads. Please consider expanding to other platforms where you can reach larger audiences.
I am an astrologer . for years I stayed away from opinions threads but with the manifest evil descending on society , I felt there would soon be no free speech left, which is rapidity approaching.
most of the political postings are already on platforms larger than is one.

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