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Relocation Astrology For discussions on relocation astrology techniques: astro*carto*graphy, relocated charts, local space directions etc.

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Unread 02-14-2012, 12:00 AM
concept09girl concept09girl is offline
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astrocartography experiences - sun/mc line

I have a general question about astrocartography, what would happen if I moved to a place where the sun/mc line ran across that town or country. Do anyone have any experienes of being under a sun/mc line or moving there. My runs through new york

Moreover, I have a VENUS sq MC line running over london where I been living since I was born, the interpreation for that has been the following:

Venus square MC
Your longing for love, beauty and an easy and relaxed lifestyle is hindered by the demands of reality. Personal desires may be in conflict with your professional obligations, a sense of duty and responsibility prevents lighthearted enjoyment.Sensuality and sexual longing are thwarted by tradition or social conventions. Your origins, your past and your family background are in the way of a freely unfolding intimate relationship.

Which has been so true! I am of indian descent and because of my culture, family, background, tradition etc etc has always been in the way of pursuing an intimate relationship.

Does anybody have an experiences of living under a disharmonious astro line or moved to a place where there was a harmonious aspect - especially sun/mc astro line.

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Unread 04-25-2012, 02:26 PM
Olga1983 Olga1983 is offline
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Re: astrocartography experiences - sun/mc line

I had find something on scribd that you may like to read, it's about astrocartography with interpretations of planets:

Personally, i have my pluto AC line at some distance from my birth country. It's in Germany (neighbouring country). I have pluto conjunct saturn in the first house. I would not say that i had an easy life. I also have been in South India more times. One of the times was between August 2007 and December 2008, so not very short. Not so far from the place where i lived, i have the lines of my venus-moon node conjunction there (DC). A little further i also have my Neptune AC line. It was not difficult for me to feel at home there and i did not feel like i wanted to go back to my birth country, but i was unable to stay. Financials were limited and the visa (or similar) possibilities as well. I was more sensitive for health problems there. It is also said that you should not only look at the lines if you would relocate, but to the whole chart.

It is also said that bad transits can make even a favourable location less good. I did have something with Transit pluto conjunct AC or something (my mother told) in 2007. And there did happen things that were not nice, but generally it was my home. It was in Puttaparthy, Sai Baba's town. In my natal chart i have venus-moon node in 9 (guru, foreign countries), also involved in a grand trine and an opposition with Neptune. I also have AC libra (related to venus) in my natal chart. And my sun is in taurus (venus). Maybe that relates a bit.
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Unread 04-16-2013, 05:27 AM
summerwind1000 summerwind1000 is offline
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Re: astrocartography experiences - sun/mc line

I have the sun MC in my natal chart, in my experience, people will load expect on you, like that they hope you can get sucess in career, and they think you just should be sucess as nature, people tends to listen to you, it is not a bad phase, it can enhance your power.
But if it has a negative angle with other difficukt planet, it will also bring the negtive aspect to you as well.
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Unread 05-25-2013, 11:43 AM
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Re: astrocartography experiences - sun/mc line

I live in the middle of where the lines Chiron IC and NN DS are about to cross (it meets in the ocean). I had moved back to Los Angeles after being away for so long because I wanted to recouperate and get my bearings. I felt like I could heal by going back to the one place I love. I've done a good deal of thinking and growing up since I came back. Soon, I'm looking to relocate. This move was never meant to be permanent.
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Unread 05-26-2013, 09:22 PM
gem1ni gem1ni is offline
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Re: astrocartography experiences - sun/mc line

I've lived for most of my life with Mars/Pluto angular - first on MC and now on IC. I think that I've been puled to these lines because my natal has Aries IC with Mars in 9th quincux the IC. Therefore, Mars is active in the natal with regard to travel and relocation.

The advantage is that Mars tries exactly my Moon and sextiles Mercury. Since my Moon and Mercury are in opposition, Mars provides relief form the tension. So, in all, Mars is well placed in my chart. However, it is Mars and I've had a very unsettled life, especially now that it's conjunct the IC.

Here are some observations about living with hard planets on the angles:

1/If the planet is well aspected, it will decrease the negative effects. Therefore don't ever read interpretations that are out of context.

2/ Things get better with time

3/ Pay close attention to transits and progressions to the angular planets. they are the most important tranists. If good planets transit the angular planets in a location, it will bring positive changes that will last even after the transit has passed.

I often wonder how free we are to choose where we relocate. I've been trying to move to my Venus line for a while now and it's been impossible.
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Re: astrocartography experiences - sun/mc line

Im living in area with Moon Ic line
family matters, concerns of home and property tend to take up all of your time and energy. There is a comfortable feeling of belonging, and a need to seekand insure security, but also a tendency to move constantly, due to a need to totally control environment, and to insure privacy. You want to feel at home andsecure, but things out of your control keep happening, especially West of this line, and people who need you seem to be always arriving. "Me and mine" ideas develop strongly here, and you are able to blend into any environment, seem to belong where you are, despite the constant change and emotionalism with which home and personal matters are charged
and I agree with that. when i was passing by, driving in France i never felt more beautiful (and im not pretty) No wonder. In France i have sextile to my MC Venus and MC Mars line
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astrocartography, experiences, line, sun or mc

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