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Houses & cusps For discussions on houses and house cusps (i.e. planets on angles, house stelliums and so on)

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Unread 04-06-2017, 02:32 AM
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Re: Whole sign or Equal House?

In whole sign, the sensitive degree, which is the degree of the ascendant, is projected into all the following 11 houses-this is the "cusp" of each house, cusp originally meaning "a point", and it is the sensitive degree (cusp) of each house; example: the ascending degree is, say 10 Aries; this is the "cusp" of the first house, and aspects can be made to it; the "cusp" of the second house (its sensitive degree) is 10 Taurus; the third house 10 Gemini is the "cusp", and so on around the circle of the zodiac, the 12th house "cusp" being 10 Pisces in this example; aspects to, and progressions of, these sensitive degrees (cusps) can thus be made just as in Equal house or quadrant format "cusps".

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Unread 04-06-2017, 10:27 PM
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Re: Whole sign or Equal House?

Thanks Dr Farr for your comments and clarity.

I want to go a step further with this concept of cusp houses. The Greeks call the cusp the 'pivot' and in Medieval square charts were drawn with triangular houses. The Apex of the triangle was the cusp. Note that the cusp apex degree was always in the center of the house in Medieval charts.

When we started drawing round charts, the cusp became the line to mark the beginning of the house in Equal House. Whole Sign just puts the Asc into the first house like a planet (which creates its own problems.)

Even back to Ptolemy, the Greeks recognized that the First house extended into the 12th by 5 degrees. The modern Gauquelin sectors put important planets in prominent people into the 12th house and 9th house. I'll post both images below. The point being that the Equal House Cusp degree marks the CENTER of the house, not the beginning. The pivot or sensitive degree of the house is the center of the house whether we are talking Equal or Whole Sign. The Gauquelin studies prove the point when prominence falls into the 12th and 9th, i.e. part of the Equal first house extends into the 12th and part of the Equal 10th extends into the 9th. Cusp lines mark the sensitive pivot point of a house, its center.

The problem in Whole Sign is when the cusp point is at 1 degree or 28 degrees. 28 degrees marks the sensitive pivot point, the center of the house, not the end of the Whole Sign house. A 1deg Asc marks the center of the house, not the beginning, even for Whole Sign. Food for thought.

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Re: Whole sign or Equal House?

If you consider the equal house cusps as the centers of their houses rather than the beginning, you are actually describing the Vehlow house system. In Vehlow, the first house extends 15 degrees on either side of the Ascendant degree which is the center of that house, and so on through the remaining houses. If you don't have software that offers Vehlow, you can cast charts with it on . This system is also used in India, but it goes by such names as Indian or Vedic Equal Houses in English.

So, there are actually 3 house systems that consider the equal house cusps as the important points of houses: Equal (where the cusp is the beginning), Vehlow (where the cusp is the center), and Whole Sign (where the cusp is a sensitive point that can be anywhere within the house/sign).
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Re: Whole sign or Equal House?

Another extension of this issue of houses is how the 10th cusp is measured and drawn. In essence, Whole Sign doesn't use the 10th cusp, they place the MC in the chart as a point. Equal House puts the MC in the chart as a point too since the Equal Houses used the Nonagesimal.

The other house systems used the MC as the 10th cusp which is measured from the Geographic North Pole. But the Nonagesimal is measured from the Ecliptic North Pole. Remember that the ASC/DSC is measured from the Ecliptic. This creates equal 30deg houses. Everything is measured in ecliptic directions.

Where is the Ecliptic North Pole???? It is the Arctic Circle!!! This is also the eternal 0deg Cancer. Why is this important?? Because there are two North Poles and astrologers don't know the difference!

If I am standing on the Geographic North Pole then when I walk away from it, I'm walking geographically south toward the Arctic Circle. At the same time I'm walking ecliptically north to the Ecliptic North Pole (the Arctic Circle). How can I be walking geographically north while I"m walking ecliptically north at the same time??? This is the cause of all the other house systems. Below is the image of the distorted houses in Placidus above the Arctic Circle. The second image is the two north poles and why there is such a problem when the 10th House is measured from the MC instead of the Nonagesimal.

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