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Unread 09-02-2017, 05:15 PM
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Pluto Libra Generation

People are always talking about pluto in scorpio, but I want to know more about what people think about the pluto in libra generation. Specifically, their financial angle.

They seem like a real laid back generation, they were all born in the 70's. What are they all about collectively?

They seem to rely heavily upon other people's resources a lot, which is a serious problem for us pluto in scorpios imo. The reason I say this is because I've noticed it in my own family. The older generation that always took care of them is passing on and now their kids are taking care of them. This is very broad I realize and not in all cases, but some of you that know me will get it. What say you? Why are a lot of these people such a financial drain?

The money literally disappears into thin libra air!

If Steve Cohen can have his LSG, why can't I have mine. lmao.

(I said this over some KFC talking to a friend of mine during something super important..) - Publius

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Unread 09-02-2017, 06:24 PM
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Re: Pluto Libra Generation

I think this is an excellent description of pluto in Libra group:

Libra is about balance but itís trying to find a balance. So, it often swings back and forth to do so. This vacillating isnít wild or extreme, though, where Libra is generally concerned. Itís just thoughtful. That changes with Pluto in Libra. This is such an interesting energy because Pluto is so different from Libra. Pluto is extreme and quite all-or-nothing. Because of this, the effect of Pluto in Libra is going to extremes in order to try and find balance. But, the relationships these people can find themselves in end up becoming highly unbalanced, particularly in the exchange of power. These folks often become the one holding all the power or give a lot of the power to the other person. And this resorts in a fierce battle that gets far uglier than Libra would usually like to get.

Now, this will affect every Pluto in Libra person differently. If Pluto isnít a dominant influence in the personís chart, it wonít affect their actual personality. Instead, itís some sort of unconscious force that only comes out through socializing with friends or engaging in cultural trends and activities. The outer planets represent whatís bigger than us. And if an outer planet isnít strong in your chart or isnít in aspect to two or more of your inner planets, then you will just experience it in a transpersonal, outside-of-yourself way. Pluto in Libra folks who arenít especially Plutonian will feel this obsession coming out only when it concerns dating, relating, hooking up, etc.

These people made things like online dating, speed dating, and no-strings sexual arrangements (like friends with benefits) a big thing. Just about every Pluto in Libra person is obsessed with their relationship status. But, what happens is, if your Pluto isnít very active in your chart, you may be able to convince yourself, much of the time, that youíre quite ďsaneĒ when it comes to love. You may feel very light and easygoing about it. That is, until you get around your peers. Then, you all start dissecting matters of the heart together. You discuss just how much you love-hate your ex or your current partner, how obsessed you are with sleeping with this one object of your affection, how good the sex actually was and why, or why you really, really donít want a relationship. Did I mention that you really donít want a relationship and just want to do you right now?

In any case, relationships can feel like a death match for these people, as well as constantly on the verge of destruction. The obsessions of every Pluto generation stems from the transformative cultural movements and awareness of the time. For Pluto in Libra, it was the fact that divorce was emerging as a common thing. Before this transit, marriage was seen as forever, a cultural institution, and it was deeply shameful to get divorced. You stuck it out no matter what! Pluto in Libra changed that, causing the divorce rate to skyrocket and forever threatening the status of many relationships. During this period, people learned that you couldnít just chain your spouse to you for life, no matter what they had to suffer through. You both had to really compromise and work on things or else it could all be over.
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