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Unread 09-25-2021, 04:48 PM
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Saturn Timelord and Retrograde

Iím in my 7th Profection year in Aquarius, making Saturn my timlord for that, and with Saturn in retrograde does it impact that?

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Unread 09-26-2021, 11:59 PM
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Re: Saturn Timelord and Retrograde

To assess a time lord's strength, you look to its condition in the solar return chart as compared to its condition in your natal chart. While being retrograde is a type of debility, this is still a strong Saturn because it's in domicile. Other ways Saturn could be strong in your solar return chart are if it's angular, if it sees your natal Saturn - in a by sign, but not necessarily by degree, Ptolemaic aspect (trine, square, opposition, sextile, or cohabitation in the same sign).

Seeing Venus and/or Jupiter (natal, solar return, or both), the same way, also strengthens it. An aspect to natal and/or solar return Mars, meanwhile, would indicate Mars kinds of problems being up for you this year.

And this is all compared to your natal Saturn. Unless your natal Saturn is in Aquarius or Capricorn, your solar return Saturn is probably stronger, because it's in domicile. That gives it more power to help you, as your time lord. Saturn sorts of things will probably go better than usual for you this year.

All the retrograde might mean is that those things have a more personal, internal meaning for you than an external one, or that they take longer to manifest in a positive way. If your natal Saturn is also retrograde, that would be no change from the usual. If it's not, then you might see a more inward turn and/or more delay than usual. But then, Saturn delays anyway, and calls for inwardness anyway, so it might just be a more Saturnian Saturn.
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Unread 09-27-2021, 12:13 PM
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Re: Saturn Timelord and Retrograde

Originally Posted by ccb2879 View Post

I’m in my 7th Profection year in Aquarius, making Saturn my timelord
for that, and with Saturn in retrograde does it impact that?

One of the fundamental concepts
common to the many Hellenistic timing techniques
is that of TIME LORD.
The Greek word is CHRONOCRATOR
and this literally means a ruler of time

When a planet becomes a time lord in an individual’s chart,
it becomes activated
and that planet then rules over the affairs of the person’s life
for a given period of time.

Whatever events that planet signifies in the natal chart
are likely to occur when it is the time lord;
according to its placement
and configurations with other planets

those events will be more or less dramatic and more or less beneficial to the life

TIME LORD is a term for the planetary influence that is most dominant
for the times of a specific technique
- time lords aren't only restricted to profections.
There is a different time lord for firdaria, cirmumambulations,
zodiacal releasing, solar/lunar returns etc.

what we mean by good/fortunate/beneficial
bad/unfortunate/ detrimental.

Good = conditions that result in vital health and long life
prosperity, happiness,

success in ones endeavors.

Bad = conditions that result in poor health and short life
poverty, suffering,

failure in ones endeavors.

While it is true that seeming misfortune

sometimes turns out for the best
we are evaluating the final outcomes of events.
And given the choice it is unlikely
that most people would voluntarily choose
illness, poverty, suffering and failure as their lot in life.

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retrograde, saturn, timelord

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