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Unread 06-17-2013, 12:10 PM
elise78france elise78france is offline
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Leo in Jupiter problem

Hello everyone !! I'm a newbie here and this is my first post so I hope I'm doing this right.

I've been in astrology for about a year now and I'm no expert but I understand more and more (thanks to that great site). But I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer anywhere so I hope you will be able to help me.

The thing is in my natal chart I have Leo in Jupiter ( I know that it's supposed to be good for luck ...) but it's my only fire planet/sign, it is retrograde and it's on the opposite of all my other signs. I'm a very ambitious person but I tend to get very lazy sometimes but once I start something nothing can't stop me. My question: is that planet, Jupiter in Leo will be enough to help me carry through my ambitions or not ?

thank you in advance I hope I made myself clear !lol
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Unread 06-17-2013, 04:51 PM
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Marinka Marinka is offline
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Re: Leo in Jupiter problem

Does look like your Jupiter is "less able to do good things" from the natal position in your chart (retrograde and very loose aspects). But, it does have a relatively tight inc aspect that will likely prove to be an aspect that you can use in life.

Check your progressions and see when Jupiter goes direct, it may be in your lifetime or past but, that would be a time to watch if it is in your lifetime.

Also, powerful 8th house with mer, ura, and nep and all in cap -- you should be able to use this but as you yourself said, sometimes a little slow to start since neptune is involved in this conjunction with it's confusion or indecision.

With Jupiter retrograde, maybe a little less luck in some part of your early life but the mercury and uranus capricorn conjunction can make up for that by hard work.

Watch when transists are occurring to the Jup - one coming up next year with Jup cj Jup and that should get some action and at the same time, pluto looks like it will be hitting the merc, ura, nep configuration.

edited to add -- your question was "My question: is that planet, Jupiter in Leo will be enough to help me carry through my ambitions or not ?"

Jupiter will be able help but, use other parts of your chart to carry out plans for your ambitions.

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Unread 06-17-2013, 06:09 PM
elise78france elise78france is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2013
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Re: Leo in Jupiter problem

Thanks for your answer . That's what I thought. My jupiter is less powerful than the average. And it's my only fire planet ...

I had read somewhere that when someone has only on sign in on element ( for example only a water sign pluto in any sign or in my case leo) that sign's or planet's influence would be more important than usual... but it sounded suspicious.
The thing is although I totally agree that I'm definetely not fiery like my chart ( would rather do nothing than actions...) I do have what seems to be fire caracteristics: I'm a big risk-taker, quite bossy, passionate, very stubborn, and when I do something I do it at 100%...
Now maybe those came from different aspects ...

I will try to look the transits just to boost my echo and help me beleive that I can do it !!
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Unread 06-17-2013, 08:14 PM
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Re: Leo in Jupiter problem

June 14; for sure, the afflictions of Jupiter do present a large degree of challenge in terms of making your wishes come true. The qualities you note [ big risk-taker, quite bossy, passionate, very stubborn]
do go more hand in hand with an afflicted Leo; still Jupiter is about many other things as well, not just the ego. The square aspect with the Moon needs consideration, as does the aspect with Uranus.
Being the singleton planet in fire suggests you can be prone to impulsiveness, recklessness and bad decision making; you can be lacking in the creative stimulation and inspiration needed to press forward
and to be self-directed in seeking your goals. Jupiter also deals with good judgment in decision making; expansion of perspectives [to see the bigger picture rather than just what stands right in front of you]; it also has to do with ethics, philosophy, awareness and spirituality. You may be rather narrow minded in your attitudes and belief systems, and fail to learn from your personal lessons in life. Religious dogma from past conditioning could also interfere with your ability to really motivate yourself to achieve as an individual [Venus tsquare Moon/Pluto] ...that is the primary challenge needing to be addressed in your life. Sun/Saturn in opposition to Jupiter: Identity crisis that holds you back from the pursuit of achievement; oppressive influences from the past interfering with your sense of self-esteem; feelings of restriction and limitation; issues with the law; subject to being prejudicial; pessimism; lack
of enthusiasm; lack of creativity and vision; loss of faith or trust. There is a great deal of polarization between the urge to expand [Jupiter], and knowing when to conserve the energies [Saturn] and this often relates to poor timing in your actions...inability to see opportunity; in the end any of these things could interfere with your forward momentum, which is largely under the domain of Mars in the chart. Mars sequestered in the 12th: activity and vitality can be lacking; retreatist tendencies. In this chart Jupiter is unlikely to provide the luck and opportunity you might hope for and expect in life; it must be worked for through devotion and hard work. Integrity counts, as does morality, in all you do.
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