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Unread 12-15-2011, 08:31 AM
ABHI84 ABHI84 is offline
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My life is suck help me out,i m so tensed

Hello all
i m actually very frustarted careerwise.i am trying hard to get a good govt. Job, but dont know when i will get .it is getting too late plz help me sir.any one...................
I gave 2 atempts of indian civil services exam but did nt clear,have 2 attemots left...dont know wheather i will clear or not.i want to join a good bureaucratic and simultaneously trying 2 get an alternate as lectureship career.
Can any one tell me which career will suit me and in which field i should try to get sucess in life
time-11:15 am ist
place -lucknow-india
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Unread 12-16-2011, 12:52 AM
R.J. R.J. is offline
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Location: West Kelowna, B.C., Canada
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Re: My life is suck help me out,i m so tensed

Good evening, Mister Shukla:

Greetings from Canada, sir ! How are you doing, today... Thank you, kindly, for your private email and natal chart information...I only received it, today ?

First of all, I am not a vedic astrologer, but a western astrologer. I posted here because you gave both versions of your natal chart.

I am very concerned about your current mental state and also, your thoughts about committing suicide.

Please remember, I am here to help you, but you must also promise me that, after this career analysis, you will go find some trusted member of your family, (maybe your Mom or Dad, or an uncle?) whom you can talk with, and help you get some counselling !

You need to find, asap, someone YOU trust in your local city to help you ? Perhaps your family Doctor can help you, but if you have no family Doctor, maybe your priest or minister of your church can also help you ?

You need to talk to your family, right away, about your depression and also, about your problems with finding work, which I believe is quite prolonged ?

If you cannot get a sympathetic response, then please email me, back, and I will try to find you someone who can help you...

Regarding your natal chart, you have natal Sun in Aries, Moon in Sagittarius, and Cancer rising.

Moon, the ruler of this whole chart, is found in the 5th house of love, sports, recreation and creativity.

The Moon makes an interesting conjunction with the VERTEX, and Mars in Scorpio, also in the 5th house. Moon conjunct the natal vertex FREQUENTLY suggests someone who works with the public or who works in fields associated with Cancer, such as the food and beverage industry, restaurant work, real estate, hotels, etc.

Your MOTHER may also play a very important role in your career or life, as well ! Your MOM is also a very religious/pious woman who is very strict with you and can also be annoying ? (natal Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mars !) HAVING SAID THAT....With Mercury in your natal 10th house, opposite Pluto in Scorpio, you have previously been the target of unfair criticism by your own parents and family, isn't it true ?

Since Mars also rules your Aries midheaven or career, what this means is that, you MUST take RISKS, in order to advance your social standing or career standing.

Doing the 'same old, same old,' as everyone else, is not likely gonna get the desired friend... During certain periods of your life, you MUST take risks and roll the they say...

Or else, your life will not get better...

The 5th house rules sports, are you good at sports or play sports ? If so, you can make a career out of the area of professional or amateur sports, if not professional athlete, then coach or trainer of athletes, even SPORTS journalist, sports writer/broadcaster is very good !

You are also very creative, and have much musical or artistic abilities ?

When the career marker is found in the 5th house, a career in the entertainment business is very possible.

I have found that many self-employed people or small business people have an active natal 5th house ?

Or else, a career springs from some hobby that you like ?

What are your hobbies ? That could tell you a lot about what future career to choose from ?

Regarding a career in the government, the government is 'ruled' by Saturn and you have natal Jupiter in sextile aspect with Saturn, so you CAN find work in that field.

The reason is that Jupiter rules your natal 6th house of work ?

However, if you took the entrance exam, twice, and failed twice, maybe the universe is trying to tell you SOMETHING ? Maybe the civil service or government work is NOT meant for YOU ?

You will need to determine for yourself whether that is a good choice for you or not ?

If I were you, I would not put all of your 'eggs' in one basket, a typical Sun in Aries philosophy ? I would apply for work with different employers, not just one employer.

I think you should try to get into the workforce, as soon as possible ! Not doing government work, but ANY type of work !

You have the natal SUN in the 10th house...That means that WORK or career is part of your inner core of being ? You NEED to work !

I also believe that, once you find a job, that all this talk of suicide and depression with be dealt with, but you STILL NEED COUNSELLING !

You must see your Doctor to help you with your depression...

Right now, you have two very difficult transits in your life ? Saturn, by transit in 27 Libra, opposite your natal SUN in Aries. Also, SOLAR ARC NEPTUNE SQUARE natal Sun in Aries.

Thoughts of depression, inadequacy, and despair are VERY COMMON with those transits...

However, those are transits..they do not last forever, things are GONNA GET BETTER for you, IF you change your thinking...

Jupiter by transit is currently in Taurus. When it eventually goes direct later this month and conjoins your natal Mercury in Taurus in late January, early February, 2012, that is when I see you returning to the work force...

Until then, keep smiling and keep busy...Keep looking...

I firmly believe that EMPTY HANDS are the tools of the devil...

Finally, you have Natal Venus Square jupiter in you natal chart... That aspect can generate an unhealthy sense of entitlement and also, some degree of laziness or slothfulness ?

Essentially, what that aspect suggests is that you have basically GIVEN UP finding work, true ?

You are not a lazy person, in my opinion, but you need to stay focused on realistic goals, (broaden your work search?) versus focusing on ONE EMPLOYER ONLY ? (ie. Indian government ?)

Finally, with all of your 5th house energy, I wonder whether the reason you are depressed is also because you have no romantic ties in your life.

Your Solar ARC Neptune is currently in the 7th house of love partners, (square natal Sun). I wonder if you got ripped off or cheated by a female partner or spouse, previously.

On the other hand, you have natal Mercury in Taurus opposite Pluto in Scorpio, so you could do the SAME THING !

So maybe, it's not just ONE THING going on with you (ie lack of work), it could be that you have no 'woman' in your life, or 'female' problems, as they say, as well, in addition to employment problems and mental health issues...

However, you can rebuild your life, one brick at a time...but please... do not be in a hurry for instant results...

Comments, please !

take care, let us know how things are going...

all the best,

R.J. Smith

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life, suck, tensed

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